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  1. Last Will and Testament

    Jerry's advice is spot on. Give your poop away to who you want it to go to before you start pushing up posies.
  2. D60 Trac Lok

    30 or 35 spline Tim?
  3. Used MSD AMC V8 (PN 8523) Dist & Coil Have a used MSD Pro-Billet Distributer & Master Blaster 2 Coil. $125 shipped or $100 picked up in Amherst. I also take PayPal. I do not have the plug wires that came with this kit & one plug holder is borken, but it doesn't affect operation. I just don’t have any future use for it. Link to for extra info:
  4. 89 2.5 engine.

    Would you known if this is FI, or carburated ?
  5. MVOTN Music Video of the Night

    Heard “Tide is High” by Blondie the other day, and remember seeing the video BITD and being complexity perplexed, as in “WTF is this mess of a music vid?”. So - can anyone explain what whomever put this together might have been thinking? Maybe produced on a bad cocaine trip? Is that suppose to be “Darth Vader?” d
  6. 2016 Subaru Crosstrek

    Quite a few articles out there on the subject (one more recent), never even noticed Subaru has been targeting the lesbian community for a while now. GLWS
  7. 2016 Subaru Crosstrek

    Eh - thought you guys were just tossing doo-dee about the “cars popular with the gay community” comments. But seems there’s some truth to it: Number 1 & 2 are Subaru’s, but number 3 is a Jeep Wrangler.
  8. HFB to Rooster and Rachel!

    Happy Birthday Rachel ! And Happy Birthday Rooster !

    Yikes ! Didn't realize you were out west. How's the dirtbike scene look in Oregon? Are there places to ride?
  10. FRIDAY

    And lastly, I do know a lot of racers/riders that swear by the Rekluse auto clutch, but after you ride a KTM with their hydraulic clutch (single finger operation), you will forget about dropping the $800+/- on a Rekluse. Some helmet cam for your enjoyment (can burp those 300's) And in the "tight woods"
  11. FRIDAY

    What TJ said - by the time the CR is setup how you like it, you'll have as much (or more) $$ into it & you could have just bought the KTM. Although I'm working on getting an '83 CR250 project together for the NETRA vintage harescrambles this season (I had one BITD, so some nostalgia factor going on there)
  12. FRIDAY

    Eh - I got back into racing on an '03 CR250R, which was the servo driven power valved motor, the '01's and earlier are the bikes to be setup for the woods. I highly recommend you just get a KTM and then you'll be done. The Honda is a great bike, don't get me wrong, but it's really a bike for the MX track. The KTM is just ready to go - get a plate on it, do some Turkey runs, etc & you'll get hooked.
  13. FRIDAY

    You read my mind - an older 300 2T is the way to go. Can lug all day long, or you get really get into the band if you feel like twisting it. Can easily tune them for a smooth transition from the bottom end to the top. I know the owner, but it might be sold (I can ping him if you like) What's nice about the 300's are you can ride them a season, and sell it for what you paid if it doesn't end up being the ride for you.
  14. HFB Steve

    1. sjsst41


      Thanks TJ !

  15. FRIDAY

    Thanks Tim ! Whats your budget look like?