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  1. sjsst41

    IH Scout II Steering Box

    lol - mine too !
  2. sjsst41

    IH Scout II Steering Box

    Yes - and 1980 SII only, but I did talk to a guy, whom I believe, found one on a ‘79. I’ve owned/wheeled a few, they are stout transfer cases & I do have one left in my collection of parts.
  3. sjsst41

    IH Scout II Steering Box

    Thanks for the heads-up on the full scout, but not really looking for a runner for parts - I’ve had too many of them over the years, and it’s a bit of work to part out (I still have quite an extensive scout II parts collection) just don’t have any extra steering boxes. I’m kicking myself for selling the last spare I had.
  4. sjsst41

    IH Scout II Steering Box

    I installed one on my series land rover - planning an install on a friends & hope to just reproduce my setup.
  5. sjsst41

    IH Scout II Steering Box

    Hey Rich - the Scout boxes have a very long/tall output shaft - so they can be mounted outboard the frame.
  6. sjsst41

    IH Scout II Steering Box

    Just putting out some feelers - LMK if you have one you’d be willing to part with. Thanks ! Steve
  7. sjsst41


    Yeah - I would have also guessed he was way older. My mum would watch the show back in the day (I was 10 years old?), even at that time I was perplexed why anyone gave a poop about the lifestyles of the rich and famous? It still perplexes me to this day.
  8. sjsst41

    NEOW helping NEOW

    So what was the reason he gave why it "wasn't really covered under AAA"? jeep not being reg/insured?
  9. sjsst41

    Rover hard top

    It'll fit an 88" - standard 2 door rover. My friend commented about the going price: $200 - $400 with the door
  10. sjsst41

    Rover hard top

    IMHO, not a huge crowd of series rover owners looking for HT's, I have one sitting behind my barn I only used once (in the winter) and I have a friend with quite the collection of them. The "safari" tops are worth some $$ This guy is selling one for $1200, which seems excessive, but it's worth what someone will pay ! If you're wanting to get a pulse on what it's worth - let me know - I have some friends who are "in the know" and I can ask them.
  11. sjsst41

    Rover hard top

    lol - that's my name. Looks like a series 2 (or 2a, or 3) hard top. You should make a boat out of it :)
  12. sjsst41

    Honda 3 wheeler SOLD

    If I had to guess - was it a Kawasaki Tecate Karl? I had one BITD.
  13. sjsst41


    I can confirm it wasn't me !
  14. BAT tends to draw an audience, there’s an abundance of poopty series landrovers that fetch more than what’s reasonable. I’d expect this nice low mileage survivor to do well on there.
  15. sjsst41


    Sold ! Good catching up with you yesterday Roy !