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  1. Jerusalem

    Yes, good for some, bad for others.
  2. Jerusalem

    I sense a war a brewing, intentional or unintentional ? I do not know.
  3. Gomer Pyle WBDFB

    Well "Golly" ! That is a good run.
  4. Which caliber for home defense?

    ^This. Bought my wife a Remington Model 870 Junior Express 20 gauge. Perfect size for her, chamber a shell an 99+% of perps are gonzo.
  5. Kerosene Source Southern NH

    They also told me they add a red/pink dye to their kerosene - assume that will not have an effect on the torpedo heater? Wouldn't think it matters.
  6. Kerosene Source Southern NH

    All set - I called the heating oil folks we use (ciardelli in Milford) and they sell Kerosene by the gallon - its $3.50/gal, so not too expensive.
  7. Where do you guys get your kerosene (and don't pay $$$$/gal) in Southern NH - near Nashua. Need some for the torpedo heater. Thanks Steve
  8. Mangled Lyrics

    Decent analysis of Jimi's embellishment of Mr Zimmerman's prose
  9. Mangled Lyrics

    Lookin' for some hot sauce baby this evenin', I need some hot sauce baby tonight

    And that's the song that was playing in my head when I saw this thread. Now's its stuck there. Damn. Going to find some Led Zeppelin to listen to, see if I can get that stuck neuron un-stuck. Anyway - may he Rest in Peace.
  11. NH Restaurant Suggestions

    I can recommend Pig Tale in Nashua - Farm-to-table place, and I like the brews they cycle thru the taps (typical IPA micro-brew-stuff) I really like their BLT and wings, not a place to eat if you're "weight watching" Can get loud in there, small/open space that seems to pack up.
  12. Any Mathematicians here?

    Some Guidance: I like math, and when I have some time tonight, I'll take a shot at it. Doesn't look too bad to solve.
  13. neow 1st

    Rich, you'll want to contact a company well versed in failure analysis.
  14. Nason's finest

    Where do you go to get it painted? Need to do something for my CJ project as well.
  15. Nason's finest

    Looks awesome !