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  1. sjsst41

    Rover hard top

    It'll fit an 88" - standard 2 door rover. My friend commented about the going price: $200 - $400 with the door
  2. sjsst41

    Rover hard top

    IMHO, not a huge crowd of series rover owners looking for HT's, I have one sitting behind my barn I only used once (in the winter) and I have a friend with quite the collection of them. The "safari" tops are worth some $$ This guy is selling one for $1200, which seems excessive, but it's worth what someone will pay ! If you're wanting to get a pulse on what it's worth - let me know - I have some friends who are "in the know" and I can ask them.
  3. sjsst41

    Rover hard top

    lol - that's my name. Looks like a series 2 (or 2a, or 3) hard top. You should make a boat out of it :)
  4. sjsst41

    Honda 3 wheeler SOLD

    If I had to guess - was it a Kawasaki Tecate Karl? I had one BITD.
  5. sjsst41


    I can confirm it wasn't me !
  6. BAT tends to draw an audience, there’s an abundance of poopty series landrovers that fetch more than what’s reasonable. I’d expect this nice low mileage survivor to do well on there.
  7. sjsst41


    Sold ! Good catching up with you yesterday Roy !
  8. sjsst41

    Anthony know

    Very Bummed - I don't watch much TV, but very much enjoyed his show. Very talented man with ample personality, and had a keen ability to shine the light on many different cultures, and convey meaningful stories (the human/historical/social/cultural experience).
  9. sjsst41


    I can confirm #2 and #3, but you'll have trouble with #1
  10. sjsst41

    Mud Runs

    If you go “light” with the rig, don’t you want to run balloony tires to get as much float as possible?
  11. sjsst41


    Hey Roy, we just upgraded & am looking to unload the couch and loveseat we have. It’s free if you can use them. Not pretty, but functional. I can send some pics if interested.
  12. sjsst41

    Ken's Steakhouse

    Never been - now I never will.
  13. sjsst41

    Last Will and Testament

    Jerry's advice is spot on. Give your poop away to who you want it to go to before you start pushing up posies.
  14. sjsst41

    D60 Trac Lok

    30 or 35 spline Tim?
  15. Used MSD AMC V8 (PN 8523) Dist & Coil Have a used MSD Pro-Billet Distributer & Master Blaster 2 Coil. $125 shipped or $100 picked up in Amherst. I also take PayPal. I do not have the plug wires that came with this kit & one plug holder is borken, but it doesn't affect operation. I just don’t have any future use for it. Link to for extra info: