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    So....the more I check t h e land of Guinness out, the more blown away I get.
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    Jon W


    You'll do that anyway.... make an occasion of it and do something else.
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    Natural Gasman

    2004 Jeep LJ. For sale

    Aoutomatic,cruise,ac. 58k miles. Black,grey. I’m third owner since 32kmiles and 6+Yrs. Garaged and haven’t driven much least couple yrs.In last 10k miles its had rotors,pads,and Cooper AT3-31’s. New front hubs last 3k. Replaced both upflow 02 sensors last month. New inspection sticker last month. I have had several tj’s over the years looking for a LJ when i found this. I had plans for it but it never happened. It has never been offroad previous owner was a woman in 50’s who never off roaded if. I’m a senior according to medicare and moving on to an antique or classic. Jeep is stock except for tube bumbers, cooper31’s and auto start/alarm. Softop only. No rust, solid frame, always maintained, mobil 1 oil changes every 5k.$14,900 Jim #774-245-1366 will take more pics if wanted. Fresh clean carfax in hand.
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    SOLD Good seeing you Dave! Next time bring the girls.
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    I see what you did there.
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    Got a date tonight. Me and daughter......Super Troopers II
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    The OFFICIAL Jobs thread

    1 out of 3 NEOWers can comprehend humor
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    Jon W

    Fridgid Friday

    Waiting for the end of the day to start vacation mode.... Definitely looking forward to it. The day I get back to work I'm submitting my resignation for the end of that week....
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    Jon W

    Fridgid Friday

    Buy your wine in a box that fits in the cooler.
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    I had Sig Sauer in yesterday to interview some students, sounds like a great place to work. One scenario is that you work Friday-Sunday 12 hour days and they give you 4 hours to make it 40. You get your wage plus a 20% weekend and a 10% 2nd shift differential for a whopping 30% extra pay. Not to mention Monday thru Friday off. So my student could start at around $15-$20/hr plus 30% at 18-19 years old. We go in for a tour on May 17th. They are working hard on the M17 and want to show us that line in particular.
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    afraid to tell you that you are going to jail
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    RPPOTD: Random Photo Post

    While my motto has always been- bring your mouth to the banana, not banana to your mouth. This is funny.
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    Saw space x lift off yesterday. From the top of a parking garage, ten miles away. Going to cape Canaveral today.
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    Dave and I have been together 10 years today.. Sooo, anniversary things later maybe
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    Voodoo Chile

    Tax Deadline Tuesday

    I just love the image of Rachel and Dave being one person posting from two accounts... especially after the above exchange...
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    rich s

    Moist Monday

    That’s nothing Earlier this year I had 3’ of salt water in my yard
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    I would be willing to pull it myself sometime in the next few weeks. Also would like to talk about an axle for the front of my MJ
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    The OFFICIAL CraigsList Deals Thread

    That's a pretty sad project for $2500. How about $250....or $25?
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    That movie couldnt have been more accurate
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    Thats what ive been thinking.. Thats the literature they should be putting in sales pamphlets ! Ive been eyeing the 45xp
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    Fresh snow on the ground again this morning. damn that noise. Pump in the washer sucked up a sock, davey pulled it apart and fixed it. Work, gym, horses, need to grab grain, do dave. Haha I wish it was Friday afternoon.
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    And 46” military tires.
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    what material for tie rods linkage?

    yup, and that's what I use for lower links. I would normally say it is ridiculously overkill for steering....until the word Rockwell appeared in the thread.
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    Roadkill it there!
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    I don't know how to drive grendels truck, but I'll do it!!! Haha
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    In other news, we went to the Museum of the American Revolution before we headed back. That was pretty cool. They have George Washington's actual War Tent...pretty epic to think of where that thing has been.
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    #1 Son decided on Temple University. Business school presentation was the clincher for him I guess. And UVM was too snowflake-y for him. I'm proud of him for making that all happen and making that decision...without letting other things (the girlfriend and skiing) sway him from his end goal. Dude has a pretty good head on his shoulders.
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    Nope, sold it for the NEOW price which got my money back to a very nice young man that was headed to NH Fish and Game. He said "I have 2800 here that I worked really hard for, take it or leave it". I said, unfortunately I can't take that, it's less than I paid 2 months ago, but I can take 2900. Good thing he had the "bank of Dad" with him. He was the FIRST CL guy to look at it. That's the kind of CL sale I like!!! One and done!
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    The reason grandparents and grandchildren get along so well is that they have a common enemy. - Sam Levenson
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    Tiling Tuesday

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    Tiling Tuesday

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    Tiling Tuesday

    I’d bring her there now and take the rest of the week off.
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    It's just me. Owner/Operator. Decided to self employee myself in my free time.
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    TJ/ Rubicon D44's

    15 years on the shafts and u-joints... I have a better price tag than you see. It really is a good price. Plus 1350 series u-joints can be had...
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    TJ/ Rubicon D44's

    It's that 4k price tag. I suppose once you add the locker, regear, shafts and a 10 year warranty to it though it really isn't to bad.
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    More news on the mom front. Just had a ct scan to see the tumors location relative to the route of where they have to put in the drain. Tumor has shrunken dramatically, and has not spread anywhere. Where he was looking at months to live(july), he says past Christmas is more than likely.
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    Mom's prognosis improved. Chemo has been more effective than they had hoped. So that's good news. Has to go in tomorrow for a new drain from the liver. Hope that goes well. Went RV shopping yesterday. There isn't much around new england. One showed up on craigslist that I responded to within 3 hours of it being posted. It sold in less than 24 hours, before I could look at it. Saw one like the kodiak one posted in the neow classifieds, impressive thing....but definitely too big for our needs. Seems to be a ton out there bigger than 26ft.
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    SUNDAY Day Of The Bunny

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    Saturday 3/31/18

    It's not cryptic - But then I've known Fred a long time. Allow me to translate: Father In Law (FIL) is medically exciting - Like a roller-coaster exciting - Tickets are purchased but nobody is ready for the ride to start... The ride may have started just now...If you don't understand how roller-coasters work, it's all down hill from the first climb. I don't think I'm out of bounds by saying this so I will either get a spanking tomorrow or a leg hump - I'm good either way.
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    Saturday 3/31/18

    Picked up my new best friend today.
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    Jeepers Peepers It's Friday

    You should have told your wife that she should try to run her damn buisiness being single.
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    Honestly, FB is just a cesspool of bad behavior and insults. I wish it wasn't so critical to doing business.
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    88-98 gm short bed.

    I might have a decent one soon. It was cut for a second fuel filler though.
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    Some pussay at Dunkin Donuts

    Now, if he had positioned so it was staring out at the next driver through.......illegal? Maybe, awesome prank YES!
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    Take tailgate off, run wire, put tailgate back on.
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    I was a little taken aback and resisted (with difficulty) retorting. However, it did confirm my initial impression. ;-)
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    I saw that and cringed. I’ve made a big stink about racism on here lately and was hoping that comment wouldn’t slide by without incident.
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    yeah it's past bad going to give them a CO treatment in their holes too
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    Thursday 3/22/18

    I believe the more common term is MILF.