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    Just got my picture taken for Popular Mechanic Magazine. Make sure to throw out your next copy...or use it to line your cat box.
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    I havent had issues but thx for keeping the show on the road russ.
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    Damn Kids Thread

    When they nonstep beg for food all day any time thats between meals, then wont eat exactly what they asked for when you give it to them. "Eat your food!" "Im tiiirrrredddd" 10 minutes after you throw it away... "Bedtime." "But im sooo hunnnngreeeee, i want fewwwwddd"
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    I used to get that all the time from wife unit. Nothing ever made her happy. I blame an easy life. She had no perspective to appreciate things. This adventure has completely changed it. Little hardship goes a long way.
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    Should have offered to go fawk. TOGETHER
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    Phone scam/class action

    I just dont put much thought into. If we are aware of the law that there is no free lunch in life.. 9 out of 10 unsolicited free lunch offers will be a sham. Its kinda like lottery. Whered the 200million jackpot come from? All 200 million people who lost it. Ill just keep my dollar.
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    Send me some pics of your box. I'll do free handling.
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    flying aardvark


    So that's why my noods request remains unanswered...
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    Pics of the niece's girlfriend?
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    Get BDS springs... full military wrap ends and they are lifetime warranty and they really honor it.
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    1965 Jeep J2000

    Oh the irony
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    MVOTN Music Video of the Night

    This guy's been up here before I'm pretty sure.
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    Threatening thursday

    Last time this happened to me I was told to show up at 1pm to a new office. The upper mgt arrived at noon. At 1pm I was the new new boss for that operation. Old one was gone. Poor bastard had been given countless coaching and help but he just didn't care enough. Was one of the easiest locations to manage in the whole company.
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    Yeah, living in mass compromised my happiness. Finally solved that.
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    Oh im sure its rolled over a time or two.
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    Its pouring rain here. Soph at school, wife at work. The boys team is holding down the fort. My 4yr old says "dad, we can drink beer and play candy land!" Not before noon son.
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    sunday thread

    $80 was for a kid sitter so I could go play lumber jack. Funny thing was, I had a stack of pancakes for breakfast.
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    sunday thread

    Buddy from mass called me last night. Its my 20yr HS reunion. How on earth can i be that old? He bought his parents 18 acre xmas tree farm to keep it in the family when they fell sick.. But the taxes and upkeep have killed him. Tried to sell it intact for years with no luck.. Faced with foreclosure he borrowed all he could to survey and perk it into lots. Sold one lot to pay off the costs.. Just some john smith buyer. Surprise, it was covertly purchased by HUD housing to construct a drug treatment group home.. In one of the last nice quiet doors unlocked neighborhoods left in our town.. It will totally devalue the rest of his property and make all the neighbors he spent his entire life next to hate him. He backs out of the sale and gets sued by HUD. Gets one lawyer then another at a cost of $6,000 in retainers to fight it. And they both tell him its hopeless.. HUD has bottomless pockets and connections in the court, theyll win and youll be paying for their attorney fees. Youll give them that lot and your retirement account. So add HUD to that list of crooks. This is why they gave us 2A. Powerless without it.
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    Thursday? I guess?

    I went to the wrong place with Sprinkler. haha I worked both horses yesterday. This was extra-curricular.
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    Damn Kids Thread

    We didn't have any poo painting either. I only had poo painting when I worked in jail...
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    Roger's 94 YJ

    Someday that might be the plan, but I don't plan to go bigger than the 37s I'm putting on now so I should be ok for a while. While I'm waiting for my pinion studs to show up so I can finish up the passenger side I went ahead and mounted up one of my tires on my DIY beadlocks last night.
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    Antique work bench

    S&M devise for sale. Hold things you really love
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    rich s

    Damn Kids Thread

    I would love to try your pickle Recipe
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    CDL-A roadtest next week. $325 with truck rental.
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    CNC Plasma Table 5'x4'

    Im really pleased this will not be rusting solid in my back yard.
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    Yeah, but you're already throwing it in his face. Wimmens.
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    Papa Ken

    The "un, err now authorized" MJ build...

    Alright, so my back is screwed up to the point where I have very minimal feeling in my left leg and I need a cane to walk around. I have had an MRI on Friday and unfortunately I don't go back to see the doc until August 14. I am on the cancellation list in hopes of getting in sooner. But, I need the XJ gone by then so I can bring home a pair of scramblers. Anyone up for a wrench fest day in the next week or two (it can even be during the week since I am unable to work)? I can't do much other than buy beer and pizza and heckle. I want to strip the XJ down and either get it hauled to the scrap yard or have it cut up into small enough pieces where I can take it to the dump. I am going to start cutting into it little by little when I feel up for it. I need the motor, tranny, tcase, front end, and dash/wiring out of it. I would also like the gas tank or at the least, the fuel pump.
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    Not me, I just sat there trying to log in every 5 minutes.
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    Almost had to sign up for f***book
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    NOt another freakin gaymeni. why don't you buy a real fawkin car?
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    2020 presidential BS thread

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    It works great for storage. Honestly if my new shop had a spot to stick it I would keep it. But as you can see in the pictures it's blocking 3/4 of the front of my shop.
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    Shane's Egg

    Hello guys long time been pretty busy here in rangeley opened up shop again . karl had told me there was a thread about egg so i figured i would let you know . The egg is in rangeley . friend of mine has it it changed hands a few times since my dad sold it . we have done some repairs here at the shop on it . It is well used and cared for. dom
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    It's only skin.