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  2. Swampy Sunday

    I had that on my cruise. That was so bad. I'm living proof you can turd and puke at the same time.
  3. Swampy Sunday

    Our plans to go play at Foxwoods today got cancelled when norovirus (probably) paid Kari a visit last night an hour after she went to bed. She’s had a rough night/day. I’ve been doing my best to take care of her from a “safe” distance hoping to dodge that bullet.
  4. Swampy Sunday

    After dubbing the garage today, I am in need of some decent tools here. One of the downsides to not living next door to your folks where the "shop" is. When I sell my 2nd bike, I'll probably order up the six piece set. Amazon has it for $800.
  5. Swampy Sunday

    Makita would get my vote over Dewalt, but they don't have the same selection as Milwaukee.
  6. Swampy Sunday

    Another vote for Milwaukee. Dewalt used to be the leader in cordless tools about 20 years ago, but they didn't continually develop their product and they got passed by a few companies. No one has the tool selectioon Milwaukee does. There are a few different grades of tools they sell, they have standard brushed sets, brushless sets, and the top of the line brushless fuel sets. I have some tools from each and the fuel ones have noticeably more power and longer run time. Today was a good day. Church this morning then to a Maine Redclaws basketball game with the family. A friend of mine that's a season ticket holder won $1500 on a 3 point shot.
  7. Swampy Sunday

    Just being a dick. But I'm on my second cordless set in 20 years. I' happy with a decade for a cordless tool. ...and masonry is one of the toughest environments for tools. Steel work is probably 2nd.
  8. Swampy Sunday,default,pd.html mmmmmm. Now to just sell my body to a bunch of fat chicks.
  9. Swampy Sunday

  10. Leveling Kits: School Me

  11. Leveling Kits: School Me

    Wouldn't the 2" up in the front make it level with no lift? Why touch the rear? My leveling kit is just keys up front,( 02 sierra) nothing for the back
  12. Swampy Sunday

  13. Swampy Sunday

  14. Today
  15. Swampy Sunday

  16. RPPOTD: Random Photo Post

    oh yeah, read that wrong.. Was I conscious for the rest? I don't remember any of this. haha
  17. RPPOTD: Random Photo Post

    P R I N T not pink the jean fit but you didn't have to jump off the headboard feet first to get in them. and the kid was clinging but you put her down when we went to load the tire machine. You also had a short temper for the bouncy dog that day. and it might have been a zip up hoody.
  18. Swampy Sunday

    Looking at cordless tool combos now. Dewalt or Milwaukee?
  19. Swampy Sunday

    It will be in the morning, I did the same thing when I was sick and douched out, bent over to throw wood in the boiler and I spun a leak. You learn after a couple times how much pressure to use and I always do it in the shower.
  20. Yesterday
  21. Leveling Kits: School Me

    I would think blocks would give you more axle wrap and kill your springs quicker, at least that is what’s happened in the past to my xj’s. I vote for shackles.
  22. Swampy Sunday

    We have an upstairs and downstairs pantry. When I first got married I went through the one downstairs and found cans of vegetables more than 2 yearspast expiry. I opened them and they weren’t even the correct color anymore and the smell was awful. Also found out a 2 liter Diet Coke that is 4 years past it’s expiration will be completely distorted and will explode when you try to move it.
  23. Leveling Kits: School Me

    I’m thinking about addind a leveling kit to my Frontier. The front is 2” coil spring spacers but I have an option of shackles or blocks for the rear. I’ve never been a fan of blocks but I’ve heard that shackles will flatten the springs over time. What’s the better option? This is a daily driver, not a trail rig.
  24. Bike computer recommendation

    Ordered, thanks for playing.
  25. Bike computer recommendation

    Getting serious about this one. Only problem is can't display HR and speed on the same screen. Guess I can live with that. Next level up is $250. I don't need one that bad.
  26. Swampy Sunday

    Toss some chicken sausage in the lower salt Zaterains and it's not too deadly.
  27. Swampy Sunday

    Right, give it a sniff. Smells ok drink it.
  28. Swampy Sunday

    Dates are sell by dates for product rotation - it's not magically no good. I've dumped milk because it goes before the date...
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