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  2. T176

    Sbc to ax15 adapter, ax15 to Dana 300 adapter or cash.
  3. Left axle shaft for a TJ D35 WANTED

    One is like a 1/2" -3/4" longer then the other.
  4. Left axle shaft for a TJ D35 WANTED

    I think I has one. Length?
  5. Another NAVY SHip Collision?

    ADSB is in less that 3% of aircraft as of yet.
  6. 3rd function hydraulic question

    I do have hardline...haha..I'll go measure. I'm guessing 1/2"? did find one hose that said ID was .625 CAT Some says -8 and other -10
  7. LJ "Rubiclone" Build

    Looks like it gets around pretty good.
  8. 3rd function hydraulic question

    Not really.. Could be 2 wire or 4 wire which just about doubles the wall thickness. A section of hardpipe is a lot more accurate .. The wall thickness is typically .070 to .090" on seamless hydraulic tubing(oem stuff, not black iron)
  9. AMC/ Jeep 304, 360, 401 stuff

    Still have these parts except for the intake and engine, I'll trade them
  10. T176

    Trade you for it?
  11. Eclipse viewing

    Yeah but those happen every 30 minutes, not years.
  12. Eclipse viewing

  13. Sunday

    Asian Wasp ?
  14. '78/79 F250 HP44 Housing

    If TJ passes on it, I'll take it.
  15. Another NAVY SHip Collision?

    I expect the senior officers careers are all collectively over at this point.
  16. 3rd function hydraulic question

    They look like 3/4"....they're old. Any way to tell by outer diameter? The writing is long worn off.
  17. Eclipse viewing

    I saw a totaled eclipse today
  18. Yesterday
  19. Eclipse viewing

    Got sketchy cardboard glasses for free. They worked better than the welding helmet at work.
  20. But can you blow a pugg?
  21. Eclipse viewing

    The problem with that is you may also wreck the photo sensor in your phone
  22. Eclipse viewing

    Pretty sure the cows didn't stare at the sun anymore then usual. My favorite meme was one that you should hide your houseplants in the cellar yesterday so they could acclimate to the dark.
  23. Eclipse viewing

    My wife said to keep the dogs inside so they don't look at the sun. She heard that on the TV. I told her that the dogs weren't as stupid as people and they couldn't care less about what the sun is doing today. So leave them outside!
  24. 3rd function hydraulic question

    What size are the lines going from your A/B ports to curl cylinders?
  25. 3rd function hydraulic question

    One more thing to fail. The spool will always work.
  26. Another NAVY SHip Collision?

    Leadership competence and troop morale are critical components of battle readiness. This is another chip in the paint.
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