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  2. Are there any "dud" years for Civics?

    Hold the phone, I took it for a spin at lunch and the light still didn't come on. So I did a fresh scan on the way back to work and the pending P0453 I got this morning wasn't there. EVAP and EGR systems are still "incomplete" in the overall system scan, so I still have to see those turn green and then I may be in the clear. To be continued....hopefully before the rest of the NEOW drama in February
  3. New gig

    "Family and Consumer Sciences"
  4. New gig

    My daughters middle school has "home Ec", it's called something different now. But they teach sewing, cooking, household finance and all the stuff I did when I was young.
  5. P0325 and p0400

    Bought a 2000 4 cyl XJ last year with a salvage title. With about $750 or so into it I just passed salvage inspection barely because of rust. I wanted to spend as little as possible until it passed. Passed on first try. Now that it did I’ll fix the rust on it and DD it.
  6. Today

    Bed at 830. Up at 11PM, 2AM, and 4AM. That's been the norm for a few months now.
  8. Baby Call Ducks

    pen raised anything tastes like pen raised everything. Roy, get rabbits... Actually get rabbits, chickens and ducks - Looney Toon Stew!

    This little machine is full of surprises.
  10. The OFFICIAL CraigsList Deals Thread

    I like the picture of steam rolling out of the engine compartment
  11. FRIDAY

    Took my tundra to get fluid filmed today, last night I crawled under to look at rust, frame is very clean but the rear axle is crusty, put a coat of por 15, probably shoukd have wire brushed it first. Was taking flakes of rust off with the paintbrush. Noticed it has a sticker that says "LSD oil only" soooooo my diff likes to party!
  12. The OFFICIAL CraigsList Deals Thread

    On f***book 3 point, pto driven, cordwood saw with 2 blades. 400 bucks
  13. P0325 and p0400

    ugh that sucks
  14. FRIDAY

    I'm sure open to any suggestions... We tried the coastal route which really was very nice, but the mall-ish areas on 13 in DE kinda sucked towing a boat. It does, however, cut out much of 95 in VA, Bal-Wash and Maryland. I'm not sold on the Western route in Feb towing a boat due to big hills and potential for WX.
  15. FRIDAY

    Gridlock, both government and traffic are a constant in that area.
  16. P0325 and p0400

    ALWAYS inspect the title too.
  17. Buggy Overheating Issue

    Glad you got it sorted out!
  18. FRIDAY

    your mammaries are plenty fresh. My rear end is not a topic you know about yet.
  19. FRIDAY

    If he knew he wouldn't have to come visit you... I'm taking a 1/2 day and going to see Blade Runner with a underemployed friend of mine... Just cause I want to get out. Also did a phone screen for a job in Nashua this morning. I really hope either that or the job here in town works out... Need to get out of this place.
  20. P0325 and p0400

    Went to pay and grab the paperwork for this car this morning. Broad brings me the title to sign and I flip it over to match the vin. Oh what's this, Reconstructed title/previo collision and miles marked as 999,999. She said it was a clean/clear title. Got the (I don't know what that means) from the broad. Needless to say I didn't buy it am pretty pissed off about it. Can't trust the miles on the dash for sure. This is the doo-dee I was talking about. No one is honest about things. Sick of wasting my time with these people.
  21. FRIDAY

    Target rich environment.
  22. FRIDAY

    too fluid to nail...
  23. FRIDAY

    you may have to refresh my mammary. what's wrong with your rear end?
  24. FRIDAY

    always... I'm having the WS replaced in the Mustang in Dunbarton this afternoon. If I get out of there early enough thought I might swing by, show you my rear end and leave $20 on your TPS dresser. But my schedule is too fluid right now to nail anything down.
  25. FRIDAY

    That's pure fawking gold right there!
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