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  2. Today is my FRIDAY

    I blame unions,,,,,and trump.... and the Russians
  3. Brought It Tuesday

    Worst thing I ever did was 1 ton my jeep I went from driving my jeep every day to a hand full of times a year
  4. Up too early for a Saturday

    Going fishing

    Providence....again. Taking off early to pick up my boat from the marina and hopefully fishing tonight
  6. HFB JFN

    May you get a lot of hazmat fee's
  7. Titillating Tuesday

    I had an incident the first time I put my boat in the water this year started up the engine let it warm up , nail it to get going on plane and the teleaflex broke just before it was about to get on plane . Boat took a hard right turn at full throttle . If that happened 4 seconds later the boat would have taken a 90* turn at 35mph. i said that was my warning and I’d never be under the gas engine without a life jacket teathered to the kill switch
  8. I dont think ten is out of the question I would not be at all surprised if it went higher Post that on the early cj5 forum
  9. Titillating Tuesday

  10. Munday

    Hee hee
  11. TUESDAY , I think

  12. TUESDAY , I think

    Remove Testing the waters ,thinking about selling my 83 cj7 The good. Hot dipped galvi frame Fiberglass tub Kevlar reinforced with a tailgate I was told when I got it the engine was rebuilt but have no proof Mopar fuel injection Dana 300 with 4 to 1 gears installed Front Currie Dana 44 cromo shafts Detroit locker 4:56 gears warm premium locking hubs tie rod and drag link flipped and sleeved Rear 86 cj7 Dana 44 lock rite 4:56’s Stainless steel brake lines Old man emu lift kit Brand new 34x9.5x15 swampers on factory renegade aluminum slot rims Mohave heater New windshield frame Brand new Luk clutch, pilot bushing and throw out bearing This has a 73 to 1 crawl ratio The bad T4 trans grinds going into 3rd and forth however if you do not use the clutch it slips right in without grinding Previous owner rhino lined the entire jeep Jeep is a total sleeper it looks like doo-dee but performs really well Asking $6000 Report to moderator 86cj7 83cj7
  13. I have 4 of them some dryrot but would work just fine in a mud bog