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  1. 2016 Subaru Crosstrek

    No that is silly they did come from the factory with a Obama bumper sticker though

    We are in Portsmouth as well day 1 of soccer tournament 1st game is at 1:30
  3. Thursday 3/22/18

    For a second I thought this was the word association thread

    One thing that has helped me is reading the book How to make friends and Influence People written by Dale Carnegie It shows you how to deal with human nature , because we all such. If I went to juiceman with bad brakes and a borken a.c. system and he fixed the a.c. but the brakes were still squeeking and i went in complaining that he charged me all this money and hazmat fees and the brakes still such he would automatically go on the defensive get a attitude and tell me to go pound sand. But if I went in and said the a.c. is the best it's ever been and thank you so much for fixing it, he would feel good that he was able to help. But there might still be a issue with the brakes still. He would be inclined to give them a second look and fix the problem. It's amazing how much tact can get results

    My 2 cents If your jeep was starting to show signs of something that needed attention you would fix it. If it was something that was above your skill level you would find someone that could fix it It sounds like your marrige is something that needs attention and you need to fix it. If needed seek outside help to fix it Of course this is none of my business and should probably just keep to myself but hey it's neow
  6. Thursday 3/22/18

    Rich or the college kid?

    I would The young one too!!!!
  8. WTB TH400

    Jeep or Chevy flavor
  9. St Patty's Day

    I call b.s.
  10. St Patty's Day

    Going to the scrap yard then to dpw to drop of some old tv’s i might try to work on my basement
  11. White Wendesday

    That is one of my favorite movies
  12. RNSOTDFK Random News Story of the Day for Karl

    This She's 56 I would, not that that is saying much
  13. Threatening Tuesday

    Basically the same thing St Bernard has slightly less fur
  14. 99/2000 4.0 grand cherokee motor

    For those that do not know Jp = Jamaica plain boston