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  1. Another Wet Wednesday

    Updated my LinkedIn profile the other day and got an email from a headhunter today. There's some political doo-dee going on at work right now that I'm very unsure of so I just wanted to make sure I have my stuff up to date.
  2. Last Will and Testament

    I don't know the ins and outs of trusts either, but we have that along with a last will and testament along with a living will. Both of us have pull the plug and do not reccessitate. We also put our rental homes within an LLC and under a trust by themselves also. Not sure why, but we were told we are protected from all angles and have nothing to worry about should one or both of us die suddenly.
  3. Last Will and Testament

    I want to say ours was $1600-1800, something like that. It is tax deductible though.
  4. Another Wet Wednesday

    If I had time I would volunteer just so I can learn something. The retaining wall I built a couple years ago is holding straight, but doesn't have a professional look at all. I usually get sore in the spring doing stuff outside just because I haven't done much physical work during the winter. By the time I get to wood splitting and other stuff I'll be in better shape.
  5. Support your local NEOWers

    My property is full of trees and I have to basically wrap the trailer around a pair of them to get it into it's parking spot. If I have the trailer out after dark I park it in the road and back it in the next day. I have no chance of getting it backed in after dark currently. I've seen several youtube videos of people putting lights on their 5th wheel trailers, etc for backing into campgrounds when they arrive after dark and it seems like a good idea for my trailer.
  6. Last Will and Testament

    My wife and I had this done soon after we got married. What you need to search for is an Elder Attorney. Found this on our lawyer's website: "Elder law attorneys specialize in legal issues related to aging like retirement planning, Medicaid, guardianship, and estate planning." If you don't have one there could be government take over of the assets and it can years for family to get what is rightfully theirs to begin with. Like Karl said above you also want a power of attorney put in place, but a good lawyer will walk you through the steps.
  7. Another Wet Wednesday

    Staying dry in the office. Finished up the Montville rental last night around 7pm. The grass had grown so much already I had to mow before I could rake. I need the rain today. I've raked 4 days in a row and my body is shot. I'm getting old.
  8. 2zdey

    Off to do yardwork again. I see this as the never-ending saga of the summer. I'm not putting down any fertilizer or seed at the rentals this year. I don't want the grass to grow any faster than it will on its own.
  9. 2zdey

    I agree. Driving the back roads of Ledyard there are a lot of tight curves and the Miata goes through them twice as fast as any of my other vehicles. It's not fast, but it holds a corner like it's nobody's business.
  10. 2zdey

    My wife won't let me modify her 94 Miata. It is completely stock down to the stock radio and only has 58k miles on it. Just got an email from UPS that something is being delivered today. I've got several items coming between the truck and Jeep and have no idea which one is showing up first.
  11. Support your local NEOWers

    Seeing these lights again reminds me I need to look into wiring the trailer with back up lights.
  12. 2zdey

    Back of truck is repacked with yard tools to hit the other rental today. I added the lawnmower though since the grass at that yard is always the first to take off each year and I could be looking at 6+ inches of grass already in spots.
  13. NETFLIX Binge

    Finished episode 4 of Dare Devil and I’m starting to see how that Jessica Jones and Iron Fist are all tied together. So far I like Dare Devil better than the Jessica Jones series.
  14. 2004 Jeep LJ. For sale

    Great Jeep. I’ve always wanted an LJ. I’m going to show this to a friend who mentioned today that his girlfriend wants a Jeep.
  15. Mundee

    Time to get out of the office and do some manual work. I need it after sitting at my desk all day.