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  1. Jerry Lewis WBDFB

    RIP Jerry
  2. Eclipse viewing

    My daughter and her husband left for Tennessee from Michigan yesterday to see the eclipse from his sister's house in TN
  3. Sunday

    Not sure what the plans are today. Have things I want to get done in the barn, but that depends if the wife has plans I have to do
  4. Shaturday

    Got the lawn mowed and weed eating done. Also cleared a trail through the woods behind the barn to get the tractor, splitter and trailer to the wood pile back there. Hot and muggy today. wedding went well. Never seen a burger bar for a reception before. Could choose from angus or buffalo burgers and then every fixin imaginable to put on them.
  5. Shaturday

    My life in a nutshell. Yardwork, dragging wood from behind the barn and a wedding this afternoon
  6. Damn Kids Thread

    I got stitches when my bother clocked me in the forehead with a shovel we were digging holes with. We both remember it, but don't remember what the fight was about.
  7. Friday

    Rainy day today. Got to work and there is a firetruck outside the entrance door. Had a power outage that killed the air handlers and the didn't come back on correctly so steam got dumped into the pipes and sensors thought it was smoke. Dinner and play in Westerly tonight after work.

    I used that ceiling paint when I had to paint the ceilings in the rental. So nice to see where you've covered when you are painting white over white.

    Don't know if I didn't sleep well last night or what, but I feel exhausted this morning. Crazy busy today with lots of meetings. Plan to mow both rental house yards after work this afternoon/evening so I only have mine to do on Saturday.
  10. Looking for a pair of good RE1444 or RE1445 leaf springs

    I may take you upon that. That's at least a few dollars cheaper than I've been seeing. I'm going to call one of the spring places about re-arching and see what kind of price I'm looking at.
  11. WED

    Another busy day in the office. Not a lot of meetings, but a lot of stuff I need to get done. I need to carve some time out for parts searching. I broke the ears off the 8.8 1330 flange and the rear driveshaft ujoint when I pretzeled the rear leaf spring. I also want to completely re-work my steering set up before Rausch in October.
  12. Looking for a pair of good RE1444 or RE1445 leaf springs

    I just checked the BDS website. They don't make anything less than 2" lift and I don't want to go any higher. I'll have to look around and see if somebody around here does leaf straightening.
  13. Wheeling buddy of mine died today.

    Wow, that is chilling to know he knew his time was up and to be able to say his goodbyes.
  14. Looking for a pair of good RE1444 or RE1445 leaf springs

    I'll have to look into those. I like the REs though with the reverse wrap made specifically for SOA application. They flex really good