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    We drove right by the Pentagon Thursday night on our way to VA Beach. I've stopped and did sight seeing in DC once, but that was about 20 years ago. Not sure what the plans are today. The son is a big Packer fan so we may go to a sports bar to watch the game today. Yesterday we went to a car sale outside the base. They had 12 dealers with 50-75 cars each in a large field with pretty good prices. Basically Navy Federal told the dealers the prices they would advertise the cars for. Mostly used cars out there, but I did look at a new 2017 Ram 1500 Laramie with a sticker of $51k price tagged at $39k.

    Good day, sitting around watching the baseball game now. Did some wondering around Fort Story and the light houses today. A lot of history here.

    I wish I had. It's not very often I'll ever get to hear those words out of her mouth.

    Wife admitted several times on the way here that it was her fault. She could get us into Baltimore for $49 each way so $200 for round trip for the two of us. Couldn't get into any of the Norfolk, Richmond and a couple other smaller airports for less than $300 each. She went for the price, but I told her if she flew into Norfolk the kids could pick her up and no rental car costs, which evens out the cost of the flight difference some if it is only her coming down. She's changing per plans and doing that for her spring trip down here, but I'm not coming on that trip.

    My wife commented several times that "it's midnight and still bumper to bumper traffic".

    Traffic was not fun flying into Baltimore last night. Made it to the son's house at 2:30am this morning. 4.5 hour drive to end a day that started with the alarm at 5:15am on Thursday morning. Long day. Son is off to work and daughter-in-law is sleeping. We haven't seen either one yet.
  7. Thirstday

    At PVD waiting to board at around 7:20. I told my wife that I was going to miss my flight and challenge her to a race. Me driving from home to VA Beach and her with her plans to see who would get there first. As you can see I lost and didn't even get to try
  8. Thirstday

    I agree, with both of us going it could be a driving thing at about a 9 hour drive. She tried driving it herself one time with a stop at her sister's to spend the night in Milford, NJ and says the drive is too long for her so I think she automatically went for flights even though both of us are going this time. Flight is at 8:05 so we leave the house around 5pm to deal with traffic and get checked in at airport. By the time we finish the drive from Baltimore to VA Beach it will be about 1am before we pull in so we saved about an hour in total travel time, but should be better rested for Friday.
  9. Thirstday

    PVD to Baltimore is $49 each way so the two of us can fly round trip for $200 total. There are no larger airports closer to Virginia Beach where the price doesn't multiple 3x-4x.

    My kids flew into Tweed once when they came out to visit. That is a little airport with very few commercial flights.
  11. Thirstday

    Today is my Friday. In the office about 1/2 an hour early to leave a few minutes early this afternoon. Wife wants to stop by Cracker Barrel for dinner on our way to our flight at PVD. Going to be a long night. Flight doesn't get into Baltimore until around 10pm and then we have to drive to Virginia Beach.
  12. Tree - Splitting Bark on backside

    That's a good question. Maybe I'll buy a case of ant killer to be spraying while he's cutting and they are running for a safe space. Lol. It is a really big tree and I'd much rather have them take it down in pieces than me doing clean up after it falls whenever it wants to
  13. Tree - Splitting Bark on backside

    He stuck his screwdriver in the side of the tree about 3" deep without much effort so I believe him when he says there's bugs in it. He gave me a great price for all the work and I'd rather not have it wipe out half a dozen trees or the corner of the barn when it does decide to drop. Just an FYI, but I'm not parking my truck next to it anymore.
  14. Tree - Splitting Bark on backside

    So I had the tree cutter at the house last week for an estimate. He identified what I knew needed to come down, but also told me the 120 foot tulip needed to come down and that it was dangerous. Here are a couple phone pics I took of the horizontal splits in the bark. They are on the backside of where the tree is slightly leaning. He said the tree is in distress and those are stress tears. Is that the correct diagnosis by you tree guys?
  15. Happy Hump Day

    Trying to get ahead a little bit since I'm out of the office on Friday and Monday. May make a parts run after work tonight.