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    Waiting for a dog to get picked up, then I’m bringing the F250 in front of the garage to empty it. We’ve had this dog too long. Almost 10 days and it is really needy.

    I keep everything from ratchet straps to d-rings and recovery straps to a wireless back up camera and air compressor on the back floor of the truck. Also things like a coat, gloves, hat, etc just in case I should slide off the road somewhere. Wife says I can't junk up the new truck. Luckily, the guy that owned it before me must have had the same rule from his wife or he was just neater than me. The truck has an under seat storage box so things don't slide out and all over the floor. I will purge the junk, but many things will just go from one truck to the other. I looked up the underseat storage box made by Du-Ha and this is the one in it.

    Finally Friday. Lots of stuff to get done today at work and then cleaning up the F250 between tonight and tomorrow to put it up for sale. Hopefully I can at least get the inside done tonight and get all the doo-dee out of it.

    Try working for the largest pharmaceutical company in the world. We have effectively doubled our procedures this past year because we are a R&D facility and manufacture clinical trial materials, but in the spring of this year we will be launching a commercial product from this site. Over the past year and a half we have validated a new dedicated facility that is the first of its kind in the world. We actually brought in the FDA early on since they had never seen anything like it. Commercial is much more stringent than clinical and now we open ourselves to audits from FDA, DEA, MHRA etc.

    Realized I should have wiped down the door gaskets and stuff in the truck last night before it all froze. The door didn't want to open and then when I got to the security gate this morning I couldn't get the window to go down to get my badge scanned and had to open the door. Another Thursday. First meeting with my new manager after going back to QA and a couple other meetings for the new role. They are still allowing me 20% of my work week to finish up SOPs and one small project that I was working on. I do need to order some all weather floor mats for the new truck today though. I don't want to mess up the carpet ones in it. They look brand new so my guess is the previous owner had all weather mats in it and then took them out and put the carpet mats back in before he turned the truck in for a new one.
  6. Ok, I know it's after 8 pm. Bare with me.

    I don’t know where Green River is, but if you don’t mind driving we flew into Salt Lake City when we went to Idaho and Jackson Hole a couple summers ago. It was the best price and we knew we were going to be doing a lot of driving between Jackson Hole, Lava Hot Springs, Boise and the parks over a 10 day vacation
  7. Bella Belben

    My cousin has two boys with serious diabetes issues from birth. They have a service dog trained to detect when blood sugar is getting low and prompts them. It is an amazing dog and has saved those boys lives a few times when they were sleeping before they went into seizures or shock.
  8. Wednesday 1/17/2018

    A mix of snow and rain coming down currently with very little actually sticking to anything. We may be just a little too warm this morning at 34 Degrees. I guess I’ll go into the office.
  9. Snow plow back drag blade

    I've never thought about a back blade on my plow. It would be nice, but I only plow my driveway and I always shovel the snow off the apron in front of the garage onto the gravel and can plow forward from there just going across the front. I have wings on the plow I just put the new spring on, but the plow is too small for my tractor. It's only 36" wide with 5" wings on each side and the tractor is 45" wide. I do love the wings on the wide of mine. It doesn't take me nearly as many trips doing clean up of plow spillover up and down the driveway.
  10. Tuesday

    Busy day at work and then going to pick up the truck I bought yesterday. I've had great luck with Fords so I stuck with it. Bought a 2014 F150 XLT Crew Cab with rear park camera, trailer brake controller and 3.73 electronic locking rear differential. It does not have the max tow package on it, but with those gears it is rated to tow around 10.5k. It is in immaculate condition with only 24,922 miles. I was dead set against the Ecoboost until I started doing a bunch of reading on them and they seem to be a great motor. My 2003 F250 with the 5.4 is only rated for something like 8k pounds so I should be in great shape pulling the YJ around.
  11. Bella Belben

    Sorry to hear Mike. Dogs are part of the family and it hurts when they go.
  12. Random Video Of The Day

    My brother sent me this short video that CBS did about Wake Island. He is in the bar scene toward the end. Kind of a neat place for him to work.
  13. Saturated Saturday

    I don’t think so. I picked it up at TSC and it was hung next to a bunch of springs for different plows. I think it’s for small lawn tractor plows. I lowered it and let it run down the driveway and it stayed upright until I purposely hit a stump. It acted like it’s supposed to so we’ll see
  14. MONDAY

    Getting ready to bring some wood in. The wife works from 10-6 or something today so I’ve got a few trucks to look at this afternoon
  15. Sunday.

    That’s what I currently have in the F250. I’ve done reading on the integrated and they seem to offer better control since the truck is controlling it all. Putting an aftermarket one isn’t the end of the world, but I like the integrated into the dash look and if it functions a little better I’ll take it