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    I've spent my fair share of time at 29 stumps. That is a place I don't plan to visit again.

    Drove the YJ to work this morning. Looks like it's going to be a warm one. I was planning on staining the deck and stairs tonight, but they mentioned rain tonight on the radio this morning so I may have to hold off.

    Grilling this afternoon. Haven’t decided if I want to start staining the deck and stairs or not. If not, it’s a relax day.

    Legs are sore tonight. On my feet working on stuff all day and then walked 18 holes of golf tonight. I played much better on my 2nd time out for the year. Had 2 pars and 1 birdie.

    Sorry about that Tom. Cancer sux and it isn’t a stickler for who it goes after.

    Washing the trailer, mowing lawn and final cleaning of the deck and stairs for staining today followed by a round of golf this afternoon.
  7. Today is my FRIDAY

    Home from work and it looks like the rain has stopped. Perfect evening for power washing the deck and stairs off the back of the barn to let them dry for a couple days before staining.
  8. RPPOTD: Random Photo Post

    He lives in Michigan and is taking this set up to the Silver Lake Sand Dunes for the week. That set up is legal in Michigan and you see a lot of them like this pulling into the campgrounds. I wouldn't try going into NY or other select states with that. It is also legal in Texas. My BIL pulls a 18 foot fishing boat behind his 5th wheel camper, behind his Ram 3500 truck. He did have to get an endorsement on his license for that set up and I believe you have to go through the same thing in Michigan.
  9. RPPOTD: Random Photo Post

    Not overloaded and completely legal, but my friend Pete has a lot behind the truck heading for wheeling this weekend. He's driving the truck and attachments while his wife is driving the other Jeep.
  10. MVOTN Music Video of the Night

    This is Abbie Gardner that opened for Martina McBride last night. I probably liked her music as well or better than the main show.
  11. Today is my FRIDAY

    Busy day in the office today and may need an extra cup of coffee after staying up past my bed time for the show last night. Looks like some rain during the day and then clearing out late afternoon/early evening so I think I'm going to pressure wash the stairs and deck on the back of the barn so I can stain them Sunday/Monday.

    Yep, at the Garde Arts Center in New London. She sang quite a bit of her new stuff, but threw in 4-5 of her #1 singles she's had over the years and then a few other songs toward the end that weren't even hers. She was hot for 51.

    Martina McBride puts on an excellent show and in a small venue in New London your’re right up close. This was the first stop on her National Tour. Surprised me when she ended the show with Hit Me With Your Best Shot
  14. Ice Cram Getter Wanted

    Guy in my club just bought an LJ a couple weeks ago and has the hard top for sale currently. Just about perfect condition. It’s advertised on the CT rednecks FB marketplace area. I can send you a link if he’s interested.

    Lawn mowed and shower taken. Onto the show after going out to dinner.