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  1. calvynandhobbs

    Sloppy Sunday

    They are pretty good about not barking. We have a puppy Aussie that is not stop play with a yellow lab. Blitz got tired of it and laid down in his kennel. I used to like dogs. Lol
  2. calvynandhobbs

    Sloppy Sunday

    Sitting in the basement with the crazy dogs. They just never stop. Have the Sharknado movie on. Completely mindless entertainment if that’s what you call it.
  3. calvynandhobbs

    Sloppy Sunday

    I need to go through the barn and clean out before the Miata has to get put away. Think I’m going to sell the 125cc moped and the Sahara hard top and matching YJ full doors.
  4. calvynandhobbs

    Sloppy Sunday

    Been running dogs out since 6:30. No idea what the plan is today. I know what i’d Like to get done, but with this many dogs I doubt any of my plans will happen. At least 5 go home this afternoon.
  5. calvynandhobbs

    Steamy Saturday

    Wasn’t nearly as much rain as they played it up to be, but I think the western part of the state got a good soakin
  6. calvynandhobbs

    Steamy Saturday

    Put some stuff away and just finished the 2nd round of walking dogs. It is nasty out there. Just rain already. I already look like I’ve been out in the rain anyway
  7. calvynandhobbs

    Steamy Saturday

    Busy already this morning. Have 11 dogs so we got them all walked and then I had to help a friend pick up an Eliptical machine. Commercial size beast with legs that bolt to the floor. All of about 7 feet long and heavy. Now to wash coolers from last weekend and put some things away before the rain comes in.
  8. calvynandhobbs

    ISO cj-5 back seat

    Paul probably has one, but it would be a hike for you. https://www.f*** Tons and tons of Jeep parts, TJ, YJ, CJ, 2 acres of parts... $1 East Hampton, CT NO pre 72 CJ parts, NO XJ OR JK, JKU PARTS.......That's means your 2007+ Wrangler ESPECIALLY, nothing here for you. AX5 5 speed 4cyl trans, several 250-300 YJ 2.5 engines running, complete 250-400 many YJ np231 t cases, both 4 and 6 cyl 200 20-30 axles, both front and rear, 250-300 a set, single axles 200, very few CJ axles left 4.10 axles 450 a set, 250 for single front or rear A FEW GOOD YJ and TJ TUBS, REST need some work! LOTS OF STEEL FULL AND HALF DOORS, MANY TOPS AVAILABLE 250-400 MANY NICE good hardtops, ALL YJ and hard doors 250-400 TONS OF FAMILY STYLE ROLLBARS,120, many sport style 60-80 Dashes, roll bar pads, lots of misc YJ and CJ7 parts LOTS OF 4.0 ENGINES UP TO 1999 CJ or YJ Tire carriers 40-80 TH400 with AMC bellhousing pattern, $300 Lots of YJ seats, both fixed and reclining, rears, roll and tumble, some brackets, brackets 20-40 ea, seats 80-100 each, several YJ brake boosters and master cylinders together, with proportioning valve, $60 each Good YJ grill, several to choose from, headlights etc.....$30-$50 YJ skid plates 80-100 TONS MORE, GET PERMISSION FROM WIFEY BEFORE YOU TRY TO MAKES DEALS WITH ME!!!!!!
  9. calvynandhobbs

    Wheel Spacer Tec

    I'm not a fan of the spacers myself, but I have a drum brake 8.8 in the rear of my YJ with 5x4.5 lug pattern and had to get it to 5x5.5 lug pattern to match the front. I plan to pick up a disc brake 8.8 this Fall and transfer my current gears and Detroit over to it and then put chromoly axle shafts in it with 5x5.5 wheel pattern already drilled. The Super 88 kits actually push each side out about 1" so I'll have the width I need also.
  10. calvynandhobbs

    Wheel Spacer Tec

    The studs should be pressed in, at least mine were when I put them on the YJ for the adaptor from 4.5 to 5.5 lug pattern. Depending on how loose it is you should be able to spin off the nut with an impact gun, but manually it might spin.
  11. calvynandhobbs

    Fishing Friday

    Making a run this afternoon to Paul's Jeep Emporium to pick up a soft top with full hardware. It would be nice to have the option to stay somewhat dry or at least keep the Jeep dry when it's on a trailer headed home from somewhere.
  12. calvynandhobbs

    Yup, It's Thrusday Already

    Got my yard mowed tonight so all 3 yards down. Starts all over again next week. With a bunch of schools around here going back next week everyone wants a last weekend vacation and we end up with 11 dogs this weekend.
  13. calvynandhobbs

    MVOTN Music Video of the Night

    I'll have to look up the dates for them. I need to pay more attention to who's playing out there. I really like it last time I went.
  14. calvynandhobbs

    Keep'in It Classy, New Haven

    This Just like I'm addicted to junk food. I admit I have a weak mind and can't control myself