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  1. Cookin' with cast iron

  2. Pots/Pans/Utensils

    Dude, I sent noods...hasn't been the same since
  3. Friday

    Looks frigging huge to me
  4. Friday

    lol, as often as Bill needs it. Ok, resized it.
  5. Cookin' with cast iron

    That sounds sexay! Lol, actually wifey and I were talking, and this thread motivated me to push to get rid of Teflon pans, and go to mostly iron. She brought this home yesterday.
  6. The OFFICIAL CraigsList Deals Thread

    For sale in NH Real Man's Garage Sale FB page.
  7. Friday

    This is how it starts.
  8. Cookin' with cast iron

    TJ Maxx ha's Lodge skillets, looks like 10" diameter, $10
  9. Friday

    And THAT is how it should be...
  10. Phone scam/class action

    Ayup, but I'm paranoid. Idjits.
  11. Phone scam/class action

    Hmmmmmmmmm...I wonder if that webpage is calling mother russia, and depositing a wealth of phone numbers.