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  1. Left axle shaft for a TJ D35 WANTED

    I think I has one. Length?
  2. Another NAVY SHip Collision?

    ADSB is in less that 3% of aircraft as of yet.
  3. Wet Wednesday I do not sucketh..well, I do, but only for select clientele. Anyway... Mr Stonehengery Freak was complaining about not having a sheath for his geigh leatherman, and to have his leather buddy make one. When in fact he has already done so, was supposed to be pictures and shiit, but well photosucket intervened.
  4. Eclipse viewing

    I've got a astronomy geek friend I could hook you up with. He's a gazer, just not of meat.
  5. Eclipse viewing

    I wub you man.
  6. Eclipse viewing

    Sill have my harbor freight screaming eagle autodim helmet
  7. Wet Wednesday


  9. Leatherman disscussion

    Didn't you just have him make you one? Yup, you did. Check the threads I marked in off topic.
  10. Pots/Pans/Utensils

    Dude, I sent noods...hasn't been the same since
  11. Friday

    Looks frigging huge to me
  12. Friday

    lol, as often as Bill needs it. Ok, resized it.