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  1. Swampy Sunday

    Snowing here, 3-5" called for. We're heading for Jersey bum-crack tomorrow.
  2. RPPOTD: Random Photo Post dirty old bastid.
  3. RNSOTDFK Random News Story of the Day for Karl

    Jesus, look at his fawking pupils!

    70+ yesterday, snowin like a bastid today.
  5. So school shootings

    because tidepods.
  6. Wack Off Wenesday

    Bet it had to do with AlexDF
  7. Wack Off Wenesday

    HFS... Just because your home life sucks, does NOT mean you need to bring your drama bullshiit attitude to work. FFS, get over yourself.
  8. Tropical Tuesday

  9. Manic Monday

    Brought my boys up with the "That's somebody's daughter, so behave your damn self." One of them decided to run his freaking mouth horribly about the neighbor's daughter. So I dragged his sorry bum across the street and stood him in front of the father to tell him what he had done, and to apologize.
  10. Manic Monday

    somebody took my body's essence and dropped it off in a local opium den....then returned it to my abode. Holy outta body right now....cripes. The only constant is the hiccups. Sleeping pills are da debbil.
  11. Snowy Sunday

    You've met Lisa?
  12. Snowy Sunday

    i may be entertaining the idea of creating my own Chinese dish from local domestic animals. Just sayin.
  13. So school shootings

    The Clinton montra.
  14. So school shootings

    That is the slippery slope I mentioned, and the empowerment of failures. Had a spade been called a spade, he would not have had access to a firearm. However, the last thing I want is the fed govt in my back pocket, and over my shoulder. Like I said, I really have no idea..and there are people smarter than I.