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  1. SCF

    Uh oh...

    Hey you laid your cawk out on NEOW....don't whine when it gets whack-a-moled.
  2. SCF

    Day of the Wed

    Go visit and bang em all
  3. SCF

    I think it's Tuesday

  4. SCF

    2020 presidential BS thread

    Interesting how HORRIFIC this president's visit and interaction with Putin is, compared to what each and every predecessor has done. Gimme a break. MSM sucks out loud, and I typically don't believe any MSM bullshiit, BBC is my news of choice any more.
  5. SCF

    Day of the Wed

  6. SCF

    Day of the Wed

    Permit? Wow, how sad. See, up here in Man's Land not only don't we need a "permit" if you want reciprocity it's a license.
  7. SCF

    NEOW helping NEOW

    Just can't leave shiit alone, can you!?!??!
  8. SCF

    NEOW helping NEOW

    Every time you get a hold of a perfectly good one, you take it apart and it doesn't run for 3-5 years.
  9. SCF

    Day of the Wed

    Well, if you're looking for sausage...
  10. SCF

    2020 presidential BS thread

    or if he'd shut his fargin mouth.
  11. SCF

    I think it's Tuesday

    There's a beer involved if I'm cooking, period. Two if the grill is involved.
  12. SCF

    NEOW helping NEOW

    How many drivers live in that house again?