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  1. Friday

    double the fun. double the fun. like karl with k's phone.

    around here??? yeah, no.
  3. Friday

    delicious apple, walnut, and chia seeds, mixed with cinnamon and ginger, sauted in coconut oil. it's what's for breakfast.

    KA-BOOOM! about 15 minutes ago, less than 1/4-mile away. shook the house, i could feel the shockwave. fire trucks showed up, but have already left, so i suspect someone lit off something explosive, as opposed to a building/structure. about 15 seconds after, i could see a pretty good-sized mushroom cloud, too. guy i was talking to on the phone heard it in the next town, about 6 miles away.
  5. Tuesday

    drove down to middletown and back. left at 6:40, back home at 1:50. picked up a brand new, in package bestop for my cj via c-list. more than $300 less than i could find one for sale anywhere else i looked. supper included green beans, zukes, and broccoli, all from my garden.
  6. SAT

    that's where i was thinking they were. just outside of charlemont. on my western trip last year, camping across the river (mississippi) from davenport, the warning sirens started blaring in the city at about 2 am. being travellers, we had no idea what the sirens were for, but we assumed "tornado". so, we abandoned the camper, hopped in our rigs, and headed south. some of the heavyest rain i've ever experienced. eventually, we parked in a self serve car wash, and waited. when things let up, we headed back, stopping at a mcdonalds for breakfast, at 5 am. turns out the sirens were for flash flooding. the mcds parking lot had over a foot of water in it. when we got back to the campground, the entrance road, and much of the interior road and campsites, had washed out pretty well. our campsite didn't, so we packed the camper, and were on our way by 6:30.
  7. SAT

    hiked with my boys on the lincoln trail up mt kearsarge. 10 miles up and back. a bit foggy from last night's rain, but still ok views.
  8. SAT

    correct, for now. may be able to add them later.
  9. My 87 Suzuki Samurai

    i like the wheels. are they cj renegades from the early 70s?
  10. The OFFICIAL CraigsList Deals Thread

    being a cynic, i don't give the seller the benefit of a doubt. probably has no idea that the words "eaton 2 speed" on the knob refer to the diff, not the transmission.
  11. SAT

    nice little rain last night. garden appreciates it. speaking of, been having green beans and zukes nearly every day for the last few weeks, lettuce every day, and kale every three days. turnips, too. tomatoes are so-so, not ripe. good chance at a big crop of butternut, as the vines are thick and loaded. been digging potatoes, too. sux that i cannot eat the potatoes or tomatoes (if any ripen), but ima pick them when they're ready. down to 158 from 185.
  12. The OFFICIAL CraigsList Deals Thread

    doesn't have any idea about the truck. an eaton 2-speed transmission? try a 2-speed rear differential.
  13. Threatening thursday

    not evident in the post, but evident later in the thread.
  14. Threatening thursday

    fawk that. i felt plenty good feeding .45 acp to the woodchuck in my garden, and dozens of gray and red squirrels. and i'll feel happy the next time i shoot one, too.