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  1. Tree - Splitting Bark on backside

    i can also see sapsucker holes (in horizontal rows). they don't feed on sap, they are digging for insects.
  2. Tree - Splitting Bark on backside

    those aren't stress cracks. they are manifestations of decaying wood, being borken down by fungi, microbes, and insects. he is correct about the tree being high risk to fall.
  3. Happy Hump Day

    a bridge reamer would do this. tapered end.
  4. Happy Hump Day

    bridge reamer.
  5. RPPOTD: Random Photo Post

    i believe you just did! was a very nice day of light wheeling and foliage viewing. only met a mtn biker on the trails; he was very friendly and helpful with road information. had the CEL pop on for a short time on a long uphill crawl; i checked the code and it was the o2 system. when i got home, noticed fluid flung on the rear ds wheel, tire, and quarter. gear oil, so ima pull all that apart. will need to replace the shoes, too.
  6. *free* hot tub tech talk

    usually, the heat pump problem is related to the small circulator pump for the heating circuit. the heating element itself is fine, but the impeller in the small pump "crystallizes" with the water salts if the hot tub is "off" for a few months. it can be as simple as rapping on the impeller housing while the heat is turned on. has to be brief, though, as the element will overheat without cooler water moving through it, and will trip the circuit. the jet pump is easy enough, and cheap enough, to replace. looking at $200 for the pump.
  7. U-joints

    right. like i said, i'm a dinosaur. i drive 30 year old vehicles as my DDs. or older. so i really dgaf about the latest and greatest. the greaseable u-joints have served me well for decades. ima keep going with that as long as they remain available. fwiw, i did try non-greaseable spicer u-joints in the rear d-shaft of my cj about 18 years ago. i got the least mileage i've ever gotten out of u-joints in the cj with those. ymmv, of course. i must be doing it wrong.
  8. U-joints

    i prefer the greaseable version, but ima dinosaur.
  9. no, neutral in the 5-speed. if you want to jump the starter, you won't be sitting in the driver seat. put the key in "run" and try it.
  10. put it in neutral and try it. if it works, perhaps the key switch is the problem. if not, at least you potentially eliminate the switch as the problem.
  11. lunchbox locker suggestions?

    ima with roy on this. back when the cj saw limited DD duty, i never ran into a problem running it in 2wd with the lock-right in the back. i just ran the swampers, too, either the 33x10.5 radials or the 34x10 ltbs.
  12. clay, did you try a scotch-brite pad on the block? that can get rid of a lot of gasket residue without gouging the block.
  13. FRIDAY

    pics from my trip to pick up the axle. really overloaded the truck's helper springs. gotta stop doing that.
  14. Saturday

    might go to an antique tractor and one-lunger show.