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  1. Manic Monday

    single digit temps this morning, to be followed by 50s and 60s the next few days. coffee is ready.
  2. Snowy Sunday

    i tell this to a few prospective maplers every year. start with a 2x5 rig and learn. maybe you hate it, maybe you enjoy it, maybe you want to go commercial with a 3x12 or 4x15. point you made is valid: i've run a 2x5 for 30 years; i only need about 150 gallons of sap on hand to boil each time. even a 2.5x8 you really need 500+ gallons to boil.
  3. Snowy Sunday

    CD enjoyed it, as a precedent.
  4. Snowy Sunday

    .....and, about 5" of snow here. up to 34* now, too.
  5. Snowy Sunday

    it's sunday. most towns don't get on it right away on sunday.

    coffee on. meeting contractor at jobsite at 7.
  7. Toyo vs Pro Comp

    i've had good luck with hankook snows, but haven't tried an AT. haven't run procomps or toyos either. happy with my cooper m/s and cooper discoverers, though.
  8. So school shootings

    was he one that ended up dead already?
  9. Sad day coming, probably Friday.

    if it ever gets easy to say goodbye to a dog, it's time to stop having a dog. you're in the right place, jimmie. i'll be in the same place not too long from now, as well. and i'll start all over again.
  10. NPR says Dill is in a sticky situation

    meh, our records show at least three years in the 80s where we tapped in january. and, two out of the last three years, my first boil happened in april.
  11. 1988 Toyota pickup parts.

    wheels https://providence.craigslist.org/cto/d/1989-toyota-pickup/6466128491.html
  12. eh, there's enough turbo trucks out there. so, while rare, they aren't gold.

    down to -9* so far, probably drop another degree or two.
  14. Gobblers Knob-Day of the rodent

    i was just curious if there was one in hillsboro.
  15. Gobblers Knob-Day of the rodent

    where's a five guys near you?