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  1. 2kxtra

    Sloppy Sunday

    Got a bit of yard work done, nowthe hammock is strung up. I’ll enjoy this while I can!
  2. 2kxtra

    Sloppy Sunday

    What a beautiful day out there! AC off, windows open, I kinda hate to waste the day doing yard work.
  3. 2kxtra

    Fishing Friday

    Finishing up the bathroom today. Then I’ll put it all back together tomorrow after the paint dries.
  4. 2kxtra

    Keep'in It Classy, New Haven

    That’s the weird part, they often don’t have anybody babysitting. Theyre also not normally that close to houses either.
  5. 2kxtra

    Yup, It's Thrusday Already

    4 hours locked away in the bathroom sanding, taping and painting. This all started because I wanted to touch up the cat scratches on the wall from him missing the window ledge. Little fawker. It’s a good thing he’s cute and has become a mouser. He’s the only fur-bearing animal in the house that actually contributing.
  6. 2kxtra

    Keep'in It Classy, New Haven

    Nothing to do with drugs, but down that way they do a lot of “prescribed burns” as part of their forest management. Though, usually there are signs indicating this around the burn area.
  7. 2kxtra

    Keep'in It Classy, New Haven

    I totally agree. And, while I don’t partake myself, I have no issue with responsible recreational use either. But that is changing. Now that it’s legal in MA, I might be inclined to give it a go as long as I’ve got nowhere I need to go that night. Around the campfire comes to mind. You know, the kind of situation where you know you aren’t driving and don’t mind indulging in a couple of extra beers/drinks. Unfortunately, for now, it’ll still f-ck you on an employment drug test so that’s a solid no go for me for now.
  8. 2kxtra

    Yup, It's Thrusday Already

    Yup. Looks like a good day to stay inside in the AC and finish the bathroom.
  9. 2kxtra


    Snazzy, but that’s WAY outside my skills to build safely and securely. I appreciate the offer though.
  10. 2kxtra

    Way early Wednesday.

    Some pepperoni?
  11. 2kxtra


    ... how long do you need it to stay erect? (unfortunately, I’m no carpenter.)
  12. 2kxtra


    Funny you mention that. I had a great chat/tour one day with the head brewer at True West in Acton. He’s a former scientist (biochemist). So, you could be on to something there. Except, I’m not a very skilled brewer yet.
  13. 2kxtra


    With this crowd, I’m almost afraid to ask, yet I can’t resist... whatcha got?
  14. 2kxtra


    JFC, seriously? He can’t even utter a word that sounds like weewee? What a tool. So, secretly gay so he acted overly homophobic to hide it? Anyway, the simple patch and touch up has turned into painted the whole fawking bathroom a new color because the 15 year old bathroom paint finally dried out since the last touch up 2 years ago and is too outdated to be matched without surgically excising a sample of wall to have it color matched.