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  1. I have an over-sized unit for other items too. Just over $100 monthly.
  2. dan@danielmbrown.com Thanks!
  3. I posted pictures years ago during the build.
  4. This is a 1988 Suzuki Samurai. It has a Stock 1.3L engine with 89k miles on it. I bought this samurai stock back in February 2006. Since then it had paint job and some modifications as outlined below. This rig has been sitting in a garage/storage unit since 2007. Stating that, I can’t guarantee it will start nor do I plan on testing it. Beyond that, all the parts are new as the rig never hit the trail before life got in the way. Feel free to ask any questions. I am selling this locally for pickup only (Bucksport, Maine). All sales are final. $1,500 Engine & Drivetrain ----------- 1.3L 4Cyl Stock Summit Racing Black 12 Gallon Fuel Cell 6.5:1 Calmini Transfercase Gearing Trail Tough Spool in the rear axle Trail Tough Driveshaft spacer’s front and rear Suspension & Steering ----------- Sky Front YJ Missing link - Rear YJ kit Sky Front Shock Hoops Skyjacker 4" YJ Springs (SPUA) Sky's Suzuki Samurai OTS - Stage 2 TT Front & Rear Lower Shockmounts RRO Longer Ubolts Armor ----------- Rocky Road Crawler II Rear Bumper "Gorilla Grip" Transfer Case Mounts Mighty Kong - Replacement Tcase Mounts CRB Offroad Front Stinger Bumper W/tow points Miscellaneous ----------- Dupi-black bedlined AM/FM/CD/MP3/WMA Folddown faceplate cdplayer Midland CB PA System Pioneer 6x9 speakers RRO Extended Brake Lines 20"-Front 23.25"-rear Rubber Russell Performance - 90 degree -8AN Female to 3/8" Male Ammo Storage Boxes Tailgate-mounted license plate & lights Clutch cancel/turn key start Parts Included ------------ RRO 5" Deluxe EZWeld SPOA Spring Pads (4) 87' Stock YJ Wrangler Leaf Springs All paperwork included Any other nuts and bolts or pieces that belong with it. What is needed? -------------- Driver’s side mirror is broke. Needs tires. Gas gauge does not work due to the fuel cell installed. Lost the floor plugs. Battery – I’m sure it’s dead Fuel system probably needs an overhall. Some loving time in the woods.
  5. One Line Movie Reviews

    was it as cheesy as the tv ads make it look? please tell em the aliens didnt look like the tv ad ones! don't remember the ads on tv. Zombieland - Eh, worth a rent.

    more pics please. :lol:
  7. One Line Movie Reviews

    District 9 - I thought it was a new twist on alien movies. Wasn't an in-your-face type of alien movie either. I liked it.

    does he like to sleep or what?
  9. One Line Movie Reviews

    Adeventureland - Kind of dumb IMO. Hangover - If you liked the movie "Old school" you'll like this. I chuckled a few times.
  10. One Line Movie Reviews

    Transformers2: was there suppose to be robots in this movie? All i saw was Megan Fox. One eyed monster: :banghead: :D
  11. x2 although I saw the s10 buggy but I want to see that again. I did miss Lucas's run. :lol: