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  1. Cagge

    Car/Truck Ramps

    What's the weight rating? We might need one soon, mainly for light cars and ATV, sometimes for trucks. I remember one guy who brought his dually for backrack and some LED lights installation. He had some kind of those wood ramp at the bed of his truck. Surprised those can handle the extra heavy weight rigs.
  2. Cagge

    neow first: knife sharpener.

    That looks a pretty good one.
  3. Cagge

    Bending alum bar stock

    Would appreciate it, thanks!
  4. Cagge

    Bending alum bar stock

    How's the process? Would appreciate any pics or vid.
  5. Cagge

    My 140

    That looks a nice work machine!
  6. Cagge

    What's the nuttiest project in your brain?

    No. The photo is rotated for some reason.
  7. Cagge

    What's the nuttiest project in your brain?

    Well, I misheard. It was actually a '72 CJ5. I was helping my buddy yesterday installing the new shocks and smittybilt bumper on his wrangler when he showed me a pic of it. His uncle got some plans for her.
  8. Cagge

    What's the nuttiest project in your brain?

    Hope we can get our hands on this '79 CJ5 currently sitting in the garage of my buddy's uncle.
  9. Cagge

    Offroading for acreage.

    Sounds a great event. Hope to catch this next time.
  10. Cagge

    Jericho Mountain State Park 4x4 trail

    Sounds good time to visit Jericho.
  11. Cagge

    Surface Rust Repair Recommendations

    Heard how good this stuff is.
  12. Cagge

    Help identify SBC parts

    Have you ever figured them out?