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  1. Mundee

    Headed to airport.

    Only half a day at work today, leaving at 7pm. Vacation mode is almost on.

    Fawk this.
  4. Fridgid Friday

    Downloading movies to my iPad for upcoming flight. The internet here SUCKS!
  5. The OFFICIAL Jobs thread

    Haha I hope you read that as “skidder”.
  6. Chamshell Carrier Bearing Puller - SOLD

    Ive got one. Paid a lot more than that for it. That’s a steal.
  7. The OFFICIAL Jobs thread

    My helper of three years gave me his notice. Moving on to bigger and better things. Serious curveball to my operation. I hate hiring new people. Tough to find someone you can trust and who does a good job. Damnit and right before my vacation. I’m gonna be stressing over this all week.
  8. Sunday. 4/15.

    This time of the year, Black Bear.
  9. It’s Saturday!

    Damn so she’s not even putting out anymore?
  10. Faryedey

    I dropped a wrench over back of boat last year into muck literally bottomless. Spend 45 minutes trying to feel around with my feet and hands with no luck. Got a big magnet on a rope and first drop in retrieved the wrench. Win!
  11. Faryedey

    Good excuse to get out of the house and get down to the barn.
  12. Central VT heavy transport AKA Neow Express????

    That’s absolutely the truth. A cop can be a dick whether they are right or not. Like with Belben.
  13. Central VT heavy transport AKA Neow Express????

    The 26,000 is the limit for a cdl for a single vehicle. You can however drive a larger unit if not for hire...not commercial. There are class a (not cdl class a) rvs with 50,000 gvwr and higher. A triple axle toy hauler 5th wheel that’s over 18,000 gvwr. All legal with a normal operator license.
  14. Central VT heavy transport AKA Neow Express????

    Wrong. Think of all the guys hauling huge RV 5th wheel toy haulers. Easily WELL above the 10k weight. And many with full size tractors (tractor trailer). CDL is commercial driver license.
  15. Central VT heavy transport AKA Neow Express????

    The weird thing is hot shots pull that load and more all the time with a 1 ton dually. Think those 3-4 place wedge trailers. So no doubt the truck can do it. 14k trailer though...that might be on the low end for a load that size? More worried about tire ratings and brakes. I’d be a lot more comfortable with a dual tandem trailer. Losing a tire with a load that big would be a handful. Now I did move a 16k backhoe about 4 miles on a 5 ton deckover. Probably not my brightest move. Truck was fine. Trailer of choice was probably not the best.