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  1. ISO tractor loader bucket

    I have one off my ford 655A. I'll send pics in the morning and let you decide.
  2. Friday

    Just rolled into home. Left North Carolina at 11. 5000 miles driven in 7 days. ''Twas a bit much.

    Gotta pack up and drive 13 hours home.
  4. Roku wont connect
  5. Gun thread

    I'm in the market for a waterfowl gun.
  6. Roku wont connect

    X2 on Apple TV. I have a few roku I've thrown in the closet or in trash. They're slow and don't seem to last long.
  7. Tuesday

    Outer banks is awesome!
  8. dead Beat- over due bill

    Mechanics lien can be used on a house as well. In NH it's 120 days. However if some payment is made, I wouldn't waste your time. They consider "some" payment and "some" work respective of the whole job.
  9. dead Beat- over due bill

    Unauthorized charger....and its her card not his. Not fair to her. I wouldn't.
  10. SUNDAY

    Lousiana. The hook and boil had the best burger ive ever had. It was my concession after i learned crawfish weren't available.
  11. SUNDAY

    Arrived in outer banks North Carolina. It's awesome. And I'm not much for busy tourist areas. Tail end of tourist season. I love it. Texas sucks. Alabama and Mississippi were surprisingly beautiful!
  12. FRIDAY

    Drove 20 miles out of the way to have crawfish in Louisiana to find out it's out of season. And no crawfish until novemberish.
  13. FRIDAY

    I don't do jobs wrong. If a customer insists on a way to do it that I don't agree with I just tell them I'm not the man for the job. All but 1 time I get a call a few days later, and they have me do it the correct way. Never compromise your integrity for a $

    Tricked her normal run which isn't very good. Botched her slalom run. Placed 3rd in the overall. Kid on her "team" from New Hampshire is a 9 year old boy trick and slalom skier. Has borken his own national record trick runs every time he skis. He is a phenom running over 6000 points. Very few men can even do that let alone kids.