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  1. GSSFC


    I always thought laying down was worst thing for improvement. May feel better but it’s just getting worse than if you walk and stretch.
  2. GSSFC


  3. GSSFC


    Ewe knew hear
  4. GSSFC


    Take it to automotive excess in Laconia. He’s a master at that!
  5. GSSFC

    Case of the Mondays...

    My bowling alley I’ve been picking away at.
  6. GSSFC

    So. Awesome.

    We’ve got several rzr type rigs registered on the road in my town. And further north you go the more there are.
  7. GSSFC

    Phones and Plans

    I’m sold on it. Use it with my old 8 plus on the bike. It’s pretty damn good. Gives better heads up on your next turn than apple or google maps.
  8. GSSFC

    Splitting Saturday.

    The "wave" is like that too. I've had a borken pair of scissors for ever. The biatch at the statue of liberty tour took my original when I went through security. Hey how about a heads up on that. Like a god damn leatherman is going to be my link to world take over as I view a tourist attraction with my family.
  9. GSSFC

    Splitting Saturday.

    Baby food.
  10. GSSFC

    Phones and Plans

    Save data by not automatically downloading and installing app updates. Make it do it when on WiFi.
  11. GSSFC

    RPPOTD: Random Photo Post

    Looks like she showed that dock who’s boss as well!
  12. GSSFC

    Phones and Plans

    A teenage girl of course.
  13. GSSFC

    Phones and Plans

    I have an 8 plus that stays on the motorcycle. Got that first but didn’t like it. I have an X that I love. I own all the phones in the house so no contracts.
  14. GSSFC

    RPPOTD: Random Photo Post

    I watched a few work over the years. They are impressive! How are they in the house? You said “no pets”. Which is kinda silly because even the busiest working dog is a pet probably 95% of the time. Even the best working dog has to be a good house dog or they’ll spend a miserable life in a kennel. Im approaching the top of the list for a pudelpointer from the top breeder of pudelpointers. Absolutely love a good versatile bird dog!!
  15. Elderly? Otherwise I’d highly suggest crutches.