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  1. GSSFC

    It's 7:33 Monday

    I just hate the no notice BS. If shoe were on other foot and you said I’m done effective now they probably wouldn’t take it so lightly.
  2. GSSFC

    I think it's Tuesday

    Ward Bird.
  3. GSSFC

    The OFFICIAL CraigsList Deals Thread

    Sounds like he was a good salesman!
  4. GSSFC


    I don’t believe we have a permit on file for you....
  5. GSSFC


    I guess that was my point. I thought diesel was exempt from obd testing. I thought diesel was safety only. Just read that it’s diesel AND over 8500 pounds gvw that’s exempt.
  6. GSSFC


    I thought diesel didn’t have emissions requirements?
  7. GSSFC

    Day of the Thurz

    You should co-sign so you can profit. Business partner right?
  8. GSSFC

    Hump day

    It has been my understanding that the local (NH) police can’t enforce the inspection requirements of another state. However they can still find fault in equipment like a light out or defective tires etc.
  9. GSSFC

    Get my life back Sunday

    But they have the bats!
  10. GSSFC

    Satisfying Saturday

    Fishing and tubing all day. Now headed down to the other lake so Becky can waterski. I’ve needed a day without work! It’s been like a month or more since I’ve had a full day off!
  11. GSSFC

    Flippen Friday

    Rain has come and gone. Just finished spraying. Have to clean up.
  12. GSSFC

    Flippen Friday

    Just about to get off shift at fire department. Have a quick spray foam job and then I’m ready for the weekend.
  13. GSSFC


    Idk if you’re being sarcastic or not, but if not that’s messed up.
  14. GSSFC


    Today feels like Monday.
  15. GSSFC

    Independence Day!!!!!

    Dude. You’re denying your son that experience of the parade. Park at your parents or community bank. Walk up friend street, watch the parade (starts and ends quickest at that side of town) then walk back down hill and take the back way home. No traffic. Guaranteed.