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  1. billyjp2

    ISO 4.10 8.25 or Exploror 8.8

    Yes, $200 each
  2. billyjp2

    ISO 4.10 8.25 or Exploror 8.8

    I have 2 but they are 3.73 L/S
  3. billyjp2

    Happy Friday

    Come say Hi, New England Overland Outfitters booth
  4. billyjp2

    Lunchbox lockers D44/D60

    Send me pricing, I had planned to order on Amazon.
  5. billyjp2

    Lunchbox lockers D44/D60

    I know it's a long shot, but does anyone have a Dana 44 and/or Dana 60 (30 spline) lunchbox locker sitting around that they're not using? Looking to buy new this week, but figured I'd ask before I did. I'd also consider a locker that needs a rebuild kit.
  6. billyjp2

    Roof Top Tent(s) For Sale

    We've got a 3 person tent in stock, Tepui Autuna 3 Ruggedized. Top of the line, heavy duty diamond plate base, heavier canvas, annex room included. No shipping and we'll eat mass sales tax, plus $50 off Tepui's posted price. Brand new, still in box. $2500
  7. I just rented a cabin for a week on Webb Lake in Weld. Wanted to take a ride by RMTP but never got around to it. A good 5 hours from my house but how are the trails?
  8. billyjp2


    Ah, we sell to a bunch of EJP locations
  9. billyjp2


    Need any water hoses?
  10. billyjp2

    The "un, err now authorized" MJ build...

    I need something close to 87 for compatibility. High output harness doesn't do me any good.
  11. billyjp2

    The "un, err now authorized" MJ build...

    What did you do with the stock wiring harness? I'm thinking about swapping a 4.0 in place of my 2.5
  12. $750 for scrap sounds like a hell of a price, I had no idea prices were that high.
  13. billyjp2

    Dana 60 Spindle Boring Tool

    78-79 Ford
  14. billyjp2

    Dana 60 Spindle Boring Tool

    What were you charging to bore spindles? I need it done to a 60 rear, but I can’t imagine I’d ever need to do it again.
  15. billyjp2

    1990 Comanche

    This turned into a part-out if anyone is looking for something. Motor is spoken for.