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    What make is the boat? I've been surfing downeastboatforum for the past year considering a 21-26 footer
  2. 2 post lift bolts??

    It's a wedge anchor. You could always drill the hole bigger and use the next size up.
  3. Interested in the housing if you go that route.
  4. Is this still available?
  5. I imported a bunch of awnings to sell. They measure 7ft long as it mounts to the vehicle and unfold to 9 ft. They all come with a wind screen removable side. The awnings were originally branded Wallaroo, which is an Australian company. $250 each plus tax.
  6. Enclosed Trailer as a camper

    I sold a rooftop tent this spring to a guy who does this. Has a battery system and a nice table with seating in the trailer. He plans on adding a kitchen too. just camped with him at the Vermont Overland Rally this past weekend. Really nice setup.
  7. ISO flare/bending tools, fuel line

    I have OTC #4504 and #4503 Bubble and Double flaring kits. Made a ton of lines with both.

    The question everyone seems to be asking...
  9. Anvils

    I see them for sale at scrap yards frequently. All seem to be $300-$400 or much more.
  10. 99 xj 2dr

    is this registered? i might be interested in taking a look friday or saturday.
  11. WTB TJ D44 Dana 44 Rear

    i have a friend selling one complete with 3.55s out of an XJ. $400 I believe...
  12. The "un, err now authorized" MJ build...

    I had to relocate the washer fluid resivoir slightly and also grind the back of the rod where the brake pedal bolts to so that the brake light sensor worked right. I read this write up first.
  13. Car Museums??

    It's on Penneseewassee, I'll dig through my emails and find the address tonight. I'll be up there 7/29-8/5.
  14. Car Museums??

    It's just a once a year thing? I've got a lake house rented in Norway starting in 3 weeks. Anything else to do in the area?
  15. Which axle set for MJ build

    I have an 87 MJ daily driver/ weekend wheeler with an 8.8/D30 combo. I run 4.88 gears with a tru-trac in the 30 and 33" tires. No complaints so far.