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  1. billyjp2

    The "un, err now authorized" MJ build...

    I need something close to 87 for compatibility. High output harness doesn't do me any good.
  2. billyjp2

    The "un, err now authorized" MJ build...

    What did you do with the stock wiring harness? I'm thinking about swapping a 4.0 in place of my 2.5
  3. $750 for scrap sounds like a hell of a price, I had no idea prices were that high.
  4. billyjp2

    Dana 60 Spindle Boring Tool

    78-79 Ford
  5. billyjp2

    Dana 60 Spindle Boring Tool

    What were you charging to bore spindles? I need it done to a 60 rear, but I can’t imagine I’d ever need to do it again.
  6. billyjp2

    1990 Comanche

    This turned into a part-out if anyone is looking for something. Motor is spoken for.
  7. billyjp2

    1990 Comanche

    Unibody is good, forward section of the drivers floor is rough. Rockers also rough.
  8. billyjp2

    1990 Comanche

    Never had it
  9. 4.0L, 5 speed, 2wd. 158k miles. Runs, drives, stops, but does none of those exceptionally well. It was previously titled in CT, but I don't have it. I paid $600 for it and I'd like to make that back. Selling my house shortly and the yard needs to be empty.
  10. billyjp2

    Roof Top Tent(s) For Sale

    Had a busy spring. Now carrying Hardkorr LED lighting accessories.
  11. billyjp2

    NP 242 w/ SYE & driveshafts

    $200 for all
  12. billyjp2

    315/70R17 MTZs

  13. billyjp2

    North Conway NH 6-21 to 26?

    Cabin Fever Restaurant on 302 in Bartlett.
  14. billyjp2

    Titillating Tuesday

    I fished out of my kayak alone over the weekend. Started wearing my life jacket instead of just keeping it behind me after seeing this last week.