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    I was up your way earlier this week and saw a woman on carver st by the Facing Rock sign with 2 bags already filled.
  2. WTB AX-5

    I bought a Dakota AX-15 for $150 on car-part. Kept the bellhousing and sold the trans for $100. I think there were others available locally too.
  3. AX-15

    I would be willing to pull it myself sometime in the next few weeks. Also would like to talk about an axle for the front of my MJ
  4. AX-15

    Still looking, any chance you've still got this?
  5. Savings required to buy online

    Do you have an Advance Auto around? I’ve had good luck using their 20-30% off coupons to rival rock auto prices. Place the order online w/ coupon and then pick up at the store a half hour later

    Im exactly the same way. I grew up flying all the time, then sometime in my early 20s it turned to absolute panic and not just on the flight but for weeks before in anticipation. Just drove to Florida in December. Probably done flying for good.
  7. NOT MINE 13' Boston Whaler

    Sounds like a good price, you see waterlogged hulls from the 70s going for 5k on Craigslist.
  8. 4.0L, automatic, NP231, dana 30, c8.25. 228k miles, but has a newer block with a NEW Clearwater cyl. head. 3" lift with JK wheels and BFG ATs. Dirtbound front bumper, Tomken rear bumper. Interior and exterior are in decent shape. New steering box, new CPS, new starter, new radiator, new battery. Needs headlight and clock spring. I might order the clock spring from crown tomorrow. Could use a little bit of TLC, like borken crossmember bolts, no carpet in back cargo area, some leaks, rust creeping up on rockers. $2200 and I have title in hand. However, I did accidentally titled this with 30k more miles than it actually has. I don't think it'll be too big of a deal though.
  9. Assist or full hydro?

    Also have a stock XJ steering box to be tapped....
  10. Roxor

    I remember looking at a brand new base model TJ on a dealer lot for 16k back in 2004.
  11. Ford 8.8s

    4.10 axle sold
  12. Roof Top Tent(s) For Sale

    We've been selling these for about a year and a half now. Some local customers

    75% pro. But from lesser pro leagues
  14. Belben-ator

    Happy birthday Mike. The hood ain't the same without you!
  15. Soggyass Sunday

    I had a customer with bucket truck, they ate through a couple thousand dollars worth of orange thermoplastic hoses.