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  1. Enclosed Trailer as a camper

    I sold a rooftop tent this spring to a guy who does this. Has a battery system and a nice table with seating in the trailer. He plans on adding a kitchen too. just camped with him at the Vermont Overland Rally this past weekend. Really nice setup.
  2. ISO flare/bending tools, fuel line

    I have OTC #4504 and #4503 Bubble and Double flaring kits. Made a ton of lines with both.

    The question everyone seems to be asking...
  4. Anvils

    I see them for sale at scrap yards frequently. All seem to be $300-$400 or much more.
  5. 99 xj 2dr

    is this registered? i might be interested in taking a look friday or saturday.
  6. WTB TJ D44 Dana 44 Rear

    i have a friend selling one complete with 3.55s out of an XJ. $400 I believe...
  7. The "un, err now authorized" MJ build...

    I had to relocate the washer fluid resivoir slightly and also grind the back of the rod where the brake pedal bolts to so that the brake light sensor worked right. I read this write up first.
  8. Car Museums??

    It's on Penneseewassee, I'll dig through my emails and find the address tonight. I'll be up there 7/29-8/5.
  9. Car Museums??

    It's just a once a year thing? I've got a lake house rented in Norway starting in 3 weeks. Anything else to do in the area?
  10. Which axle set for MJ build

    I have an 87 MJ daily driver/ weekend wheeler with an 8.8/D30 combo. I run 4.88 gears with a tru-trac in the 30 and 33" tires. No complaints so far.
  11. I have 2 pieces of 2" x 2" .25 wall already cut and capped for XJ rock sliders or rocker replacement. $20 for both lengths in Springfield MA
  12. Batman will not be down to the Bat Cave.

    RIP Mayor West.
  13. Here buggy buggy....

    The house I rented had a carpenter ant problem by the front porch. Absolutely incredible the damage they can do in a short amount of time. I tried to kill them with some Home Depot pesticides with little luck. Finally had to call a local exterminator who took care of them in 3 visits, then they called in a contractor to assess damage and repair the porch.
  14. Still interested, can I come take a look?
  15. that's fine. keep me posted.