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  1. Ford 8.8s

    4.10 axle sold
  2. Roof Top Tent(s) For Sale

    We've been selling these for about a year and a half now. Some local customers

    75% pro. But from lesser pro leagues
  4. Belben-ator

    Happy birthday Mike. The hood ain't the same without you!
  5. Soggyass Sunday

    I had a customer with bucket truck, they ate through a couple thousand dollars worth of orange thermoplastic hoses.
  6. Ford 8.8s

    I also have the driveshaft adapter to go along with the axles
  7. Ford 8.8s

    The 3.73 axles are in the best shape. Not crusty like the 4.10 axle. The calipers and rotors actually look usable. You'll need new e brake cables. I didn't save the old ones.
  8. Ford 8.8s

    All pulled from explorers and are complete with disk brakes. 2 with 3.73s and limited slip 1 with 4.10 open $350 each in westfield ma.
  9. XJ front bumper

    Yup, exactly the same as the picture. Pretty standard 3 hole mounting on both sides, nothing heavy duty that ties in steering box bolts.
  10. I have a brand new Dirtbound bumper. I painted it and bolted it to a project XJ, then never left the garage. Cost over $500 new with shipping. Selling for $350
  11. AX-15

    Looking for an AX-15 trans in usable condition. I already have a dakota bellhousing to mate it to my 2.5L. Hoping to spend under $300. Willing to drive for the right deal.

    I played in a men’s league hockey tournament in Montreal. Woke up at 5 am in the lobby of a hotel that wasn’t mine and missed the championship game with a “headache” and “upset stomach”.
  13. FRIDAY

    What make is the boat? I've been surfing downeastboatforum for the past year considering a 21-26 footer
  14. 2 post lift bolts??

    It's a wedge anchor. You could always drill the hole bigger and use the next size up.
  15. Interested in the housing if you go that route.