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  1. Is that the one I sent you parts for?
  2. NETFLIX Binge

    AKA Hamlet. Good series
  3. WED

    Not too soon, I don't have any though.
  4. WED

    My nieces girlfriend decided to move her Grandmother up from FL. Went so far as to sell her house and buy one with an in-law apt so she could take care of Granny. She's on oxygen, couldn't really live on her own anymore. Got her back to MA and she went right into the hospital. Moved her to ICU last night because she was having trouble breathing. She went into cardiac arrest today and they brought her back but it's not looking good. Family is making there way over to say goodbyes. Hasn't spent a single day in the house I think. Talk about a kick in the ovaries.
  5. When technology bytes

    Zuckerberg tapes over his webcam and mic on his MAC. I gotta believe this guy has the inside scoop.
  6. When technology bytes

    Source Mother horrified when she realizes her eight-year-old daughters' Houston bedroom was being livestreamed to the world after webcam hack Woman was shocked to learn that her daughters' bedroom was being broadcast It happened when they connected to a server in a bid to play a game online She only found out when a woman in Oregon saw the stream and raised alarm Jennifer said the video had at least 571 'likes' from people 'staring' at her kids By Iain Burns For Mailonline A woman has band her children from using the internet after she discovered that her eight-year-old daughters' bedroom was being livestreamed to the world. The mother - from Houston, Texas - said she feels like she's 'failed' to protect her children after realizing that people were watching them 'in their home, dressing, sleeping, playing'. Her children had been playing a game and, when they were prompted to connect to a server so they could play with friends, accidentally connected to an unprotected one. The woman - who gave her name only as Jennifer when speaking to ABC News - was told by security experts that hackers probably got the family's internet address from one of her daughter's iPads and then gained access to their house webcam system. She only found out about the intrusion when another mother - 2,000 miles away in Oregon - inadvertently stumbled upon a livestream of Jennifer's daughter after downloading a free app. That woman - Shelby Ivie - then made a public f***book post to try and find out who the little girl was as a way of warning her parents. She said: 'I was in tears, thinking of the violation [Jennifer] must feel'. The stream had been live since July 27 and been seen by hundreds of people at least. Jennifer was horrified when she learned of the numbers, explaining: 'They had [571] likes - so I know for a fact 571 people have been staring at my kids, probably more.' Now her children are forbidden from going online because Jennifer is unwilling to 'chance it again'. She warns parents to keep an eye on their children's online activities. Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4796346/Mother-horrified-realizes-kids-webcam-hacked.html#ixzz4q0uE23QC Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on f***book
  7. WED

    Trump can respond to someone in 15 min on twitter that criticizes his popularity or questions the amount of people at his inauguration, but it takes him 3 days to denounce the actions of extremists? :devilsadvocate: I don't like the guy as a person. I think he's a megalomaniac in every sense of the word. That said, I voted for him because to me he was better than the alternative but he isn't being any kind if a leader right now. His staff is in chaos, he's alienating people from his own party, people that he needs to make the changes he promised. Sometimes you have to smile and eat sh!t to get the results you want. Friend of mine who is black and I were talking about all this BS and he said Jay, racism exists in my life whether it's talked about or not. When the grandmother of my white girlfriend tells her if you have a ni**a baby you won't be welcome here anymore that is going to happen whether I protest about it or not. So do I walk into a volatile situation with a giant target on me or do I stay home and bang my white girlfriend. I choose door #2.
  8. WED

    Sometimes it helps if you spit on it.
  9. WED

    Some bonehead (aka me) ordered the wrong stud. Now my junk will borken for another week. Wait What?
  10. dead Beat- over due bill

    Seems like you have a pretty good life aka more to lose for doing something stupid over a few hundred dinero. Just keep sending the bills. I would imagine you have a lawyer or have at least done work for one, ask if one of them will send a scary letter about pending legal action blah blah blah those actually work quite a bit.
  11. Tuesday

    The batteries will die eventually
  12. Random Video Of The Day

    Little too much tongue weight I think
  13. Vortec engine swap ??

    HAHAHA I never knew they made one either. You just got lucky I can't sleep because they are paving next door so all I hear is BEEP BEEP BEEP when they back up every 2 seconds
  14. Vortec engine swap ??

    It looks like GM did have 6,0 in 99. Who knew? 6.0 L The Vortec 6000 is a V8 truck engine. Displacement is 5.97 L (364 cu in) from 101.6 mm (4.00") bore and 92 mm (3.622") stroke. It is an iron/aluminum (1999 & 2000 model year engines had cast iron heads) design and produces 300 horsepower (220 kW) to 345 horsepower (257 kW) and 360 lbf·ft (490 N·m) to 380 lbf·ft (520 N·m). The current 2017 year model in the 2500 HD trucks(L96), Sierra and Silverado have Horsepower: 360 hp @ 5,400 rpm and Torque: 380 lb-ft @ 4,200 rpm. The metric to U.S. engine volume calculation is 5.97/.0164 to show 364 CID. Source
  15. Vortec engine swap ??

    I know but I can't figure out why anyone would want a 305. Lots of vehicles get newer engines in them