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  1. FF season opener extra driver ticket 4sale

    TTT If you aren't in a club this is your chance to wheel the best trails in New England
  2. TTTTTTTuesday

    True but social media has been a thing for ~10 years now and a really big thing for the last 5. Plus I am not on the facespace.
  3. TTTTTTTuesday

    Years and years and years you never heard of a window breaking on a plane, now it seems like there's one every week. The Belben conspiracy theorist in me says the terrorist have given up on bombs and started working in the manufacturing facilities to sabotage them from the inside.
  4. FF season opener extra driver ticket 4sale

    Sorry Liza I should've included that. My bad
  5. Friend sold his rig, so I have an extra driver ticket for the season opener at FF this weekend. $70 first come first serve.

    Amen sister! My company has a ton of PhD's working for us and they are some of the dumbest mofo's we have. Most of the time it's a PICNIC (Problem In Chair Not in Computer)
  7. Warming Up Wednesday

    I doubt there's much talent on the Monday Day shift.
  8. Lift recomendations

  9. Lift recomendations

    I know someone selling 2 from a shop they are downsizing.
  10. Non title NH car to Mass??

    That doesn't matter.
  11. Non title NH car to Mass??

    You should be able to get a duplicate from NH for $25 I think. https://www.nh.gov/safety/divisions/dmv/title/apply/duplicate.htm
  12. Jerry, your car awaits.

  13. Last Will and Testament

    Years ago both my sisters informed that they both had me as guardian for the kids should something happen to them. I forbid them from flying together with their husbands ( all 4 adults). If that plane went down I was going to get 5 kids in a hurry. F that! Doesn't matter now only 2 of them are still minors and only for another couple years. I think they changed it so they go to the oldest sibling.
  14. Last Will and Testament

    I'm making you my POA.
  15. Last Will and Testament

    No wife , no kids, no business. Just me, the house, a modest 401K, and 3 vehicles.