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    We had 3 guys stuck and/or borken in the Taint once. With enough tugging we all got out though. That was a rough couple hours.
  2. Looks like they have a robot too Buildable robot
  3. Chevy shake?

    In 1988 maybe, but you would've been what 5 or 6? Mr. Newton, with your ties to GM I thought you would've already heard about this.
  4. Chevy shake?

    Here's a pretty good article on it http://www.autoguide.com/auto-news/2016/03/the-mysterious-chevy-shake-is-affecting-pickup-trucks-now-too.html
  5. Chevy shake?

    That's not his video, just a random one on ewetoob. I believe they are already at the lawyers and lemon law stage. His truck has been back to the dealer more than 5 times for the same issue. His is also a 1500 and yours is a 2500 right? But it's not just him. There are hundreds of people with the same issue and GM doesn't really have an answer for them.
  6. Chevy shake?

    Anyone with a 2014 and up have it? Or heard of it. Friend of mine is doing battle with GM over it down in GA. I guess it's a well documented issue and several people have tried balancing tires, new tires, new drive shafts, new differentials, even a new axle etc etc. Sometimes it fixes it for good sometimes for a few weeks sometimes not at all. “The seats start vibrating, the floorboard vibrates – it feels like a wheel’s out of balance”. That’s how Mike Hollingsworth describes driving his 2016 Chevrolet Silverado, reports KSHB. The retired Kansas resident spends most of his time traveling in his truck, and says he gets nervous when driving on the highway since the vehicle rattles, making him wonder if the truck is going to break down The condition earned it the “Chevy Shakerado” nickname. Hollingsworth bought the Silverado new and states that the shaking began within weeks of driving it off the lot. Since he bought it new, he didn’t take it for a test drive, which he now regrets not doing. Hollingsworth took his Silverado to the dealership where he purchased it. The store’s service department tested the truck, and the technicians said that the amount of shaking was within an acceptable range for the vehicle. “I get to drive a truck that shakes,” says Hollingsworth. He told KSHB that he recently took his truck back to the dealership, at which point an employee drove with him on the highway and recognized that the truck does, in fact, shake. It isn’t clear what will be done to fix the issue. Other owners of GM’s trucks on the GMT-K2 platform — model year 2014 and newer Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra — report having the same experience as Hollingsworth. Various publicly-available videos show the trucks exhibiting similar behavior. One such customer is Bill Burdette, whose YouTube video shows him driving his truck on the highway while his keys rattle and water visibly vibrates in the cupholder. There have also been various complaints filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). One customer states that his truck has been at the dealer for over two weeks with no tangible outcome. Another owner wrote, “This truck has vibrated since day one. It has been at the dealer for over 17 days. The tires were balanced and the dealer informs me at this point that the truck falls into what GM finds acceptable.” Another owner reports having his truck at the dealer nearly a dozen times without any results. “I’ve been dealing with the same vibration issue since November 2015, it is now March 2017. It has been in the shop 10 times without any results.” It is unclear whether the issues are limited to models with certain engines, transmissions, axles or other configurations. GM has so far been mum on the matter.
  7. wednesday

    It's because everyone gets a trophy. Judge Smails said it best," The world needs ditch diggers too."

    Next time catch your breath after you loosen the belt before you stand up.
  9. Wednesday

    For a few grand more I think I'd prefer the CTS-V for a day to day car. But I'm old now.
  10. neow first: knife sharpener.

    You mean a steel? Like this? That's more for honing an edge not sharpening it.
  11. Wall Mount TV???

  12. It's getting to the point where you can't even roofie a girl take her home tie her up and keep her for week any more...

    Don't rule out the Hyundai's or Kia's. Not the fastest or prettiest but they drive like cars and have all the bells and whistles. The 2015's are probably in your price range.
  14. NEOW First - Portsmouth to Newport

    What are things Dave says to Rachel in bed. I'll take The Pen Is Mightier for $500 Alex.