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  1. 16x7 Torque Thrust II's

    Rally wheels look better.
  2. weird phone call

    Was she your ex before or after the accident?
  3. Tues 12/12/17

    I did what I usually do when I want to fix something I know nothing about, I ewetoobed it and there’s a bunch of info. Now you know as much as I do about it.
  4. Tues 12/12/17

    Ewetoob it, subies are like jeeps, lots of info.
  5. Jerusalem

    Some folks you just can’t reach..
  6. weird phone call

    If a name that isn’t in my contact list or a number without a name show up on my screen, I don’t answer it. Leave me a message if you want to talk to me. I google most numbers before I call back. Except for people looking for John the Bail Bondsman. His number is similar to mine. 307-....instead of 309-.... I redirect them.

    You’ll want 4.10’s if you’re going to be pulling that trailer more than a couple times a year. My brother had an 03 srw 2500 small 4 door short bed with a 6.0 and it did ok pulling 5,000-7,000 lbs. I think it would’ve sucked with 3.73’s
  8. 4.0l swap driving me crazy

    95 will start in gear.

    Cool beans.
  10. FRIDAY

    On your side, it would be the best thing that ever happened to you.
  11. FRIDAY

    Yeah, that’s to bad. : (
  12. FRIDAY

    Do what we did, let them find they’re own way through college. My oldest daughter just took the HESI specialty and exit exam, whatever that is, she’s going for her RN, and placed in the 95th percentile. According to the outfit that adminsters the test out of 60,000 people that took the test 60 scored better than she did. All of her schooling has been done on her own dime. We do help her out with keeping her car going and such like that but mostly it’s all her because she makes more than her husband.
  13. A guy looking for his Willys

    Roy, you probably smell like a billy goat, some chicks dig that.
  14. A guy looking for his Willys

    Don’t worry, your wife has no problem finding it.
  15. FRIDAY

    My dad died at 70 my mom made it to 80 fairly sharp then she got alzheimers. She passed last year at 88, 20 years after my Dad.