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  1. FrankTheDog


    Well hopefully she’s keeping it under 40 on 202. But I doubt it.
  2. FrankTheDog

    Phones and Plans

    Mine all still work too
  3. FrankTheDog

    Phones and Plans

    3rd iphone in 10 years. 3 years out of the ip 1 then 6 years out of my 4. 1year 9 months out of my 7. So far.
  4. FrankTheDog


    The peleton messed him up. Lol
  5. FrankTheDog


    JFN has been Belbened.
  6. My daughters 2006 has been a good rig for her the last 4 years. It has 190 on it now and only minor repairs since she bought it.
  7. FrankTheDog

    Case of the Mondays...

    After frogs?
  8. FrankTheDog

    Case of the Mondays...

    See? You did make a huge difference in the guys life and his family greatly appreciated it. Welldone.
  9. FrankTheDog

    Splitting Saturday.

    I feel crippled if I don’t have my knife with me. Constantly using it for something. I don’t see how someone could be without one.
  10. FrankTheDog

    Splitting Saturday.

    I didn’t go aboard because at the Empire State building they give you a receipt and hand it back to you when you’re done. I asked him about Statue of Liberty and he said they’ll just take it. So I hung around the park watching weirdos while my sister and cousins went out to liberty island. I wouldn’t give up the knife I had in my pocket since 1981.
  11. FrankTheDog


    When I had the 92 YJ on the road I drove it with half doors and soft top all winter. It had plenty of heat although unzipping and zipping the windows back up was a minor pita.
  12. FrankTheDog

    Splitting Saturday.

    The victorinox multi tool is very similar to the leatherman super tool but like Karl said, the tools are on the opposite side of the handle. So you don’t have to open it to get the tools out but when you do open it to use the pliers the smooth side is against your hand. Much more comfortable.
  13. FrankTheDog

    ISO 4.10 8.25 or Exploror 8.8

    Ping Billyjp2, he may have some 8.8’s.
  14. FrankTheDog

    Splitting Saturday.

    Yikes! $170?
  15. FrankTheDog

    HFB Roy!!!

    12!?!? Already? Damn time travels fast. Oh! And Happy Birthday Roy!