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  1. P0325 and p0400

    Bought a 2000 4 cyl XJ last year with a salvage title. With about $750 or so into it I just passed salvage inspection barely because of rust. I wanted to spend as little as possible until it passed. Passed on first try. Now that it did I’ll fix the rust on it and DD it.
  2. Buggy Overheating Issue

    Bad gauge? Verify temps with IR temp gun before going to crazy. I redid the whole cooling system in my MJ because the gauge said 240+. Still read the same after new everything. Checked with IR gun and it was at 210 at the thermostat housing and less everywhere else.
  3. Random Video Of The Day

    To bad the ground didn’t freeze in AZ, it’s a blast getting tossed off a cow onto frozen ground.
  4. Random Video Of The Day

    “ You ate your cows after you named them and treated them like pets?!?!” Oh yeah! And they tasted great too! We treated our animals nice and they were happy and that makes them taste better! Loved having Herefords, hated having Angus. Herefords would get out and go across the street to the other field. Angus would get out and head for the territories.
  5. Flannel Friday

    I have bought plenty of good cars for well under a grand. Could you immediately put them into service? Not always but most of them just needed nickle and dime stuff to be put into regular service. My wife’s 99 XJ I bought for $400. What it needed to be put on the road was two O2 sensors and the gas cap tightened. In the 4 years I’ve had it we have put 80K on it and about $2000 into it for normal wear and tear stuff you get on a 200k vehicle. I’m sure there are plenty of hondas and Toyotas out there for under $2000 that are quite servicable. But then again I’m in CT so that makes getting something on the road a lot easier.
  6. Random Video Of The Day

    We had a sweetheart Hereford bull who was very focused on the grain bucket. We’ed hand somebody the bucketand go feed the cows. Cannonballs would come running asfast as he could and the bucket carrier would take off running with him hot on their tail. DROP THE BUCKET!!!! When they finally did he’d put the binders on and leave a furrow to stop in time to gobble up the grain. If you walked out there with out a bucket you were as good as being invisible to him. Made for lots of laughs for me and my Dad.
  7. Winching 101??

    Somebody on her nearby should have a chainfall or chain comealong. No freespooling with that. And you can rig it the same way as you would a winch so the chainfall itself isn’t over the sleeper.
  8. Yup, It's Thrusday Already

    Just wing it.
  9. What's the nuttiest project in your brain?

    04-DW says no. Backwards image.
  10. Must bring this home... Must bring this home....

    A cap approximately the height of the sleeper. Has the angled top of the bedsides that the 40’s and 50’s Fords have that it rests on. My folks and older siblings used it for camping until my older brother wrecked the truck. Oh, it has a wooden frame and an aluminum skin. Should polish up nice. It has been inside since 1965 or so. He built it around 1960 and stored it inside while not in use.
  11. ISO flare/bending tools, fuel line

    Local flatr8er has one, the guys say they like it.
  12. Must bring this home... Must bring this home....

    It would be much more useful with the pickup bed. If you go with a fifties Ford 8 ft bed I have a hand made aluminum cap my father made that would fit on it.
  13. Hot foods you like cold better

    Cooking at 900 is ok if it’s only cheese. If you’re getting a pizza with several toppings slower and lower temps is the way to go.
  14. "It's my jeep" restoration...

    I should have a full set of front arms. If they work for the rear I should have enough for that too.
  15. Sunday

    You’re welcome.