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  1. Eclipse viewing

    Got sketchy cardboard glasses for free. They worked better than the welding helmet at work.
  2. Eclipse viewing

    My wife said to keep the dogs inside so they don't look at the sun. She heard that on the TV. I told her that the dogs weren't as stupid as people and they couldn't care less about what the sun is doing today. So leave them outside!
  3. Eclipse viewing

    I took the time off to go down but it just wasn't in the cards. In 2024 there will be another one that'll go across upstate NY.
  4. Leatherman disscussion

    I had a super tool 200 really liked that. Carried it about 12 yrs until it disappeared. I carry a Victorinox multi tool now. Quite similar to the super tool but with better ergonomics. I don't like that the blade is blunt and not pointed like the ST but that's my only complaint.
  5. Cookin' with cast iron

    And people can't understand that I don't itch when I where wool. I where a wool shirt all the time.
  6. Damn Kids Thread

    My brother knocked me out with a piece of stove wood but he never spit in my face. He knew better than that.
  7. ISO '93 or earlier XJ bucket seats

    Ken and I traded parts a couple weeks back. He ended up with seats out of a 92 XJ Laredo.
  8. WED

    It's only skin.

    Acetylene bomb.

    Hence the term, "Take your medicine."

    Then why do vimen with headaches don't want to bonk?

    Goody's headache powder.
  13. Anvils

    $1,750? That's a lot of money.

    Once I found out a lot of headaches were caused by dehydration my headaches pretty much went away. My problem is that I rarely get thirsty so I force myself to drink enough.
  15. Gun thread

    Punt gun?