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  1. Procarfixed back seat

    Southern Maine Sebago Lake area
  2. T18 D300

    Still got it. Would do partial trade towards a TJ rubicon np241
  3. Procarfixed back seat

    Still got this thing.
  4. TF904 ye or nay

    So I'm getting frustrated. Does anyone know of a valve body that would be these transmissions that's full manual reverse pattern with engine braking? There's literally thousands of conflicting pages out there in the interwebz. I called Hughes performance and their tech told me their hr1217ebr won't work because my transmission (91 wrangler 4.0l tf999) has lock up which doesn't make sense to me but I really am lost when it comes to automatics.
  5. Pair of YJ warn rocker guards. Freshly painted but they had surface rust so they aren't smooth anymore. No dents or rock damage. Boat siding the Jeep so don't need them. Looks like they go for about tree fiddy new. $100
  6. I think rusted junk would be fine
  7. Figured. Just helping out a friend
  8. You still have the frame?
  9. Frigid Friday

    Son has his first bad cold, poor little Bronado is pretty miserable. Thankfully it hasn't spread to the girl yet.......yet.
  10. ISO: 8 lug wheels

    Need some usable 8 lug wheels for my brothers J20 to replace the suicide split rims on the back of it. Don't really care if they are 15 or 16s or even 17s. Just need two. Lugs on it are 9/16s
  11. T18 D300

    Bump transmission and stock short output D300 are still available.
  12. So a friend of mine and myself are considering attempting to start out own small business. Won't really go into detail as to what it is as that isn't what is as important at this stage. We are very early on and really only have a rough timeline of when we both are hoping to be launched by. Hoping for some insight from some of the NEOW small business owners and those with experience with such matters. Some details Rough startup cost is $100,000. We are both looking at VA backed SBA loans. Is that a thing? Can we separately borrow funds for the same enterprise? How does that work with us both have financial burdens for the same business? Will we have to pursue one loan that we are both attached to? LLC or Partnership? From what I see multiple member LLC's are taxed the same as partnerships but LLC's are more protective of personal financial liabilities for the business. This business will be mainly mobile. Whats the best way to wrap the vehicles into the business. Both of our trucks will be used to haul equipment from jobsite to jobsite. Paying ourselves. Whats the best way, payroll company? Insurance. Seems local is better from what I've been told. What wold you do differently if you could start over? What is your advice? I refuse to go into this without exploring every possible avenue I can Kids and all that.
  13. SatDay

    Just got home from picking up an entirely rust free 89 YJ islanders edition minus the engine and transmission for $750. Absolutely the cleanest one I've ever found.