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  1. 90Amigo

    Happy Friday

    Boon. Had a good time at the Rally. Was way too hot though. Came back to the lake house and went out in the boat for a while then to the horseshoe pub for dinner. Sorry we.missed you Jerry and sorry we didn't hit up your booth at New England Overland, I went by but everyone was chatting with someone so I kept going.
  2. 90Amigo

    Happy Friday

    Staying at a friend's lake house outside of Hudson Mass for the weekend. Hitting up the Jeep Rally tomorrow. If you see a dude pushing two babies around it's me so make sure you say hi.
  3. 90Amigo

    Touring the country road trip

    We love ours. Probably longer than we should have gotten but it works real well for us with 2 babies, 2 labs, and the two of us. 29' Two sets of bunkbeds in the back, fold out couch and queen over the cab. All on a Chevy 1ton van chassis. Currently building a new YJ just to tow behind it. We used a travel camper for ever and got sick of choosing between towing a Jeep or towing the camper. We hope to do some longer distance trips soon.
  4. 90Amigo


    Sent mine. I really regret how unimpressive it is.
  5. 90Amigo


    I wish I could make it but unfortunately I'll be at drill. I will however get the lower in to your lawyer. For what little it means Jerry I am sincerely sorry this is happening to you, you are a genuine and honest man and don't deserve this.
  6. 90Amigo


    Can someone pm or email me the letter please
  7. 90Amigo

    Sultry Sunday

    Our neighbors are lack of a better term yuppies. Early 30s, moved from a condo in a renovated mill in a hipster type neighborhood to buy a house in "the country". Overall we have had a good relationship, I've let him use the garage numerous times, we've borrowed or given things to each other back and forth, dinners at each others houses etc etc. Would never call it friendship as I think we have too many core beliefs that are different but we can still get a long and be neighborly. So we had a flock of chickens that we let free range. They liked their yard for a bit, he liked them eating his pests, but then they are his grass seed, I ordered to buy him more and silt fencing to go around the area to protect it, he declined said it was fine and bought it all himself. So a few weeks back we lost all but two birds in the course of 2 days. Since then the survivors have been roosting in a tree in his front yard at night. We talked about it several times, joked about it, and he and his girlfriend said they didn't care. Then he started texting me every so often just making comments about it. Finally last night he texts me asking what I'm going to do about them. I told him if they are bothering him then I'll rehome them. His reply is that he doesn't mind them eating the bugs around his house but they don't want them sleeping in the tree. FFS I don't have time for this. damning yuppies.
  8. 90Amigo


    Gets a little better every day.
  9. 90Amigo


    All you fawks from away can go back now. Commute home was horrible.
  10. These the ones I had eons ago?
  11. 90Amigo


    Anyone play?
  12. 90Amigo

    Up too early for a Saturday

    Lost 7 chickens this week. Two tough old pregnant doges still hanging on. Guess it's time to stay up with the shotgun.
  13. 90Amigo

    Memorial Monday

    "I knew a simple soldier boy Who grinned at life in empty joy, Slept soundly through the lonesome dark, And whistled early with the lark. In winter trenches, cowed and glum, With crumps and lice and lack of rum, He put a bullet through his brain. No one spoke of him again. You smug-faced crowds with kindling eye Who cheer when soldier lads march by, Sneak home and pray you'll never know The hell where youth and laughter go."
  14. 90Amigo

    WTB AX-5

    Still looking
  15. 90Amigo

    Lost River Campground

    So here you go. We stayed Monday-Friday Overall impressions: Please take into consideration that Monday was their opening day for the season but I want to be as honest as I can be. 1. Very small campsites overall. Its definitely more of a tenting campground or small pop up which is fine just not what we were there for. There were a lot of sites that if I showed up with a tent I'd be pissed as they were extremely small and not very level. Feels like they tried to cram a few too many in. 2. Within minutes of parking (at what turned out to not be our site, their blunder not ours) a guy on a golf cart swung in and asked if the water tank in the RV was full, which was a no. He proceeded to tell me I should fill it because he was about to bleach their well and the water wouldn't be usable for 24ish hours, super. I understand opening week but we had just left check in 5 minutes prior. 3. Showers had no hot water which was awesome since they were coin operated. We both tried and both failed. An hour later a plumbing/heating guy showed up. We didn't complain so it was obviously a known issue, would have been nice to have known as well. Oh well we have a shower in the rv. 4. Playground was nice, couple of swings, wooden train, those shovel seat things, and a pirate ship. Getting a little weathered but it all felt safe. 5. Even as they were still unpacking tons of boxes for the store there was still a really nice selection. 6. Wood is $5 a bundle. Decent sized bundles, mix of hard and soft wood. Fire rings in the sites were all in good serviceable condition. 7. They have A LOT of cabins. Single and double rooms. Doubles appeared to have a queen or full size in the front and a pair of bunk beds in the rear. Quite a few people popped in and out for single night stays in a couple of them. 8. We had a guest come stay with us for the day Yesterday, we were 1 of 4 sites with people on it and we still had to pay the extra vehicle fee. Not a big deal just mildly suprising. Guest fee is expected. So overall it seemed like a nice place, hiccups aside being opening week. Definitely not a white trash party kind of campground, but not as private-site kind of place either. Seemed to us to be in the middle of the two. We would go back but we'd probably try another place first just to compare.