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    Sitting on the coach watching Band of Brothers with sleeping babies. I'll take the numb arm over the last 2 hours of straight screaming
  2. The OFFICIAL Jobs thread

    I always tell them, hit all options and seeing it lists multiple applications then narrow it down
  3. Pressure washer recommendations

    My brother got a generac one for free with his generator. It ended up mine and it's awesome.
  4. The OFFICIAL Jobs thread

    Biggest fight I have on a daily basis is getting my people to stop asking for submodel just because the computer prompts it.
  5. The OFFICIAL Jobs thread

    1 out of 3 NEOWers can comprehend humor
  6. The OFFICIAL Jobs thread

    Is that 2wd or 4wd?
  7. WTB AX-5

    Because it's a road jeep and I don't feel like trying to find a Dakota 2.5l bell housing or dropping $500 on the advance adapters kit
  8. WTB AX-5

    Looking an AX-5 transmission and transfer case. Already have a bellhousing so I don't care if it has one or not.
  9. The OFFICIAL Jobs thread

    Nortrax in Westbrook, pretty excited and equally scared. Its parts but its a whole new world and I'll be completely out of my element for a while.
  10. The OFFICIAL Jobs thread

    Notice of resignation given yesterday morning. About the mixed reaction I was expecting. I'm now the 3rd manager out of our 10 location district to resign this month. Corporate policy is 30 days notice but I gave a little over the customary 2 weeks so now I'm a piece of poop. Oh well, make my life hell for 2 weeks I don't mind. Ironic part is if I was leaving for a direct competitor I could have given 6 months of notice and still would have been walked out the door within an hour. Oh well
  11. The OFFICIAL Jobs thread

    Well tomorrow I'm accepting a new position with a new company. Still parts but in an entirely different realm, I'm going to be completely out of my element. Solid mixture of excitement and fear. Now to break up with my boss
  12. Savings required to buy online

    I chock it up to people saying "my neighbors brother said he'd fix my car for half that!" Guess what I garuntee walkers garbage recycled steel pipes for a year, rockauto tells you to make sweet love to yourself.
  13. 2014+ Ford V8's and V10's

  14. Savings required to buy online

    It's cheaper online Ice is frozen water
  15. 1969 Glaston V153 with a 70's mercury 85hp outboard with a brand new harness and rebuilt carbs. Has an aftermarket CMC power trim. Trailer is fully adjustable to accommodate a larger boat. Boat has soft floors but could be brought back. $1,000