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  1. 4 tires no rims. 7/32 tread. $300 Can text pictures
  2. Which axle set for MJ build

    Another vote for the 30/8.8. I run this set up in two YJ's without complaint. However I did just install the second one and havent even taken it off my lift yet. They are strong, plentiful, and cheap. I will say one thing against them. The 8.8's pig is fawking huge with 33's, as long as you don't care about dragging it around all day it'll be fine still.
  3. Cj5 stuff

    tell him he should really reconsider selling it. I had 2 Arctic hardtops and sold them both thinking I'd never need either of them. I wish everyday I could get one of them back.
  4. 8.8 4.10 r&p

  5. 8.8 4.10 r&p

    Looking for 8.8 4.10 ring and pinion. Would take an entire axle if I had to, preferably open but LS would do.
  6. One ProCar fixed back harness seat. Black. Still in the original box unopened. Bought for a project I never finished. No trades, no best offer. $100 cash. https://m.summitracing.com/parts/SCA-80-1790-61
  7. YJ 20gal skid plate

    Looking for a cheap skid plate for my YJ 20 gallon tank.
  8. I just want the axle shafts out of it anyways.
  9. Ken Ill take it. I will see if my friend can grab it for me.
  10. 46 cj2a motor wanted

    Whats your time frame Jimmie? I might know someone who could rebuild yours for you.
  11. Great price and trust your a greater seller i just cant swing a day to go and get it. Glws
  12. Car Parts - Should I feel bad???

    Literally everyone price matches each other. I mean I really don't care if you have a hard on for Advance, I'm glad they are taking care of you. This industry comes down to 2 things, knowledge and customer service. If you don't have the first you better be killing it in the second, and if you don't have the second you better be gods gift to automotive. That being said, any mechanic who has a real issue with a counter person generally is a poopty mechanic. The guys mechanics like are the ones who know enough to understand a dumbass mechanics needs when they barely know what they are talking about.
  13. Looking for 15" Beadlocks

    That was me. Sorry keeping them