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  1. A better mouse trap. I always say, you dont need to invent something new, just improve something that already works but has shortcomings.
  2. The large dog swerved into the small dogs lane and then the small dog..............
  3. Wait, it says right on the package that it's ok to be over 3yo.
  4. I need a safe space.
  5. She's harmless.
  6. You just described 90% of the dogs in America. "pit mix", even my little beagle has some in her.
  7. No kidding.
  8. Man, if you cant be comfortable amongst, what can you be?
  9. I find with almost any OS, that in the middle of the night I hear the hard drive running and I can see my surplus of HDD turning into a deficit. Then in the morning I run the scan and the OS tells me there are no problems.
  10. For the first time in known human history, there are White sharks living off of New England. We've only had visitors otherwise. I'm the human, I have an articulating thumb and guns. I remove not only threats, but who ever appears to be on deck also. With that said, I surrender the ocean to its creatures, me wading out so far was all on me. But walking in my yard and protecting my kids will be prompt.
  11. It was about 30 minutes of pretty good storm.
  12. We had a layer of hail on the ground.
  13. The radar show my house getting knocked over in about 10 minutes.
  14. I'm the same way, I think I even shriek. I also very scared of sharks unless I am in a pool or a lake. I found myself 500' from shore yesterday in chest deep sea water before I remembered how scared I am of them.
  15. And sometime even with patches, we go back to the last rev because of new problems that are worse than the old ones. LOL