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  1. Ipswich. Nuff said?
  2. English MF'r, speak it!
  3. Yup, working on it...I figure I better have everything else in place beforehand so the floor is coming along slowly and then the FG work for the roof. How did you seal your huck bolted panels?
  4. 79FordChick You carry the next one.
  5. Wow, how long had that been making blood curdling, nasty noises?
  6. I think I'd be hard pressed to get a booster under my hood with a 350 and short nose. Obviously I have much more brake then when I first got it and it had 9" drums all the way around. Fortunately, I could drop the plow for "extra braking".
  7. He's just trying to look pretty for you.
  8. You two should get a room... oh wait...
  9. Nope, your bill was $20.
  10. I don't know if I could ever lock up the 33s on the CJ but it stops straight. More match than mix. 1973 axles, later CJ-5 front disks swapped on and later CJ-5 matching MC (prolly the same thing Wally has, less the booster)
  11. What was bad on those hoses? clogged, collapsed??
  12. Non power assist, similar symptoms. I tried to lock up the brakes recently and could not. The CJ stopped, but I suspect something isn't completely ok. All 4 brakes stop the tire when it's spinning free in the air.
  13. There is also a park and ride on 93 in Derry.. I'd also price Flightline. Any more options doing this the other way around? Mom and dad drive to Logan, you take mass transit?
  14. That's better...
  15. Picture 2, facing you right above his shoulder in orange... I guess she could be pregnant... My error...