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  1. flowers on the spud plants. early this year.
  2. terminix. call them.
  3. pics (of sugar momma)?
  4. and highlighted it in blue....
  5. a new fred icon.
  6. you must be new here. you'll see this plenty the longer you stick around. neow cliquey bullsh1t.
  7. priest, off of british steel. mo-ran.
  8. i even did the vt honeymoon. except in my cj. and did some wheeling.
  9. not quite what we did. wedding at our house, side yard. JP. both sets of parents, and a grandparent from each side. my brother, her moh, and two others. instead of a ring, we put a down payment on the house. paid it off in 14 years.
  10. i'd raise the rent by the $100, and also not have the lawn mowed. that seems equitable.
  11. i can help you out. i might need some jeep d-30 axle work done, too (replace seals, check bearings, etc).
  12. where trees rot depends upon the source of the infection. bump trees along skid trails typically rot from the outside in. trees with root problems may rot from the center out.
  13. i wouldn't bet on it. while the tree could break tomorrow, it wouldn't surprise me if it made it 50 years.