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  1. I blacked out, what day is it?
  2. I am sure we will make a counter offer, at least she is giving us notice, the last guy cleaned out his desk in secret and never came back.
  3. Nice!
  4. damn, our second agent in 60 days has put in their notice. That leaves me and the receptionist. I'm so screwed.
  5. Do you photograph the bad parts?
  6. Love love LOVED her on community not so much on get hard. Go watch all the paintball episodes.
  7. Have you guys ever driven a 4wd vehicle off road? It's pretty neat.
  8. You know what's better than 2 kids? Zero kids and a race car
  9. Is it all 4 extended tj flares? If so I'll take them.
  10. Yikes my girlfriends son introduced us to shameless, I bowed out after an episode, she stuck with it. I started NCIS from the beginning, pretty funny all the navy B roll footage is low definition.
  11. I dont know, thats an odd angle, is there more torso behind her arm or does it slope in? She might be sturdy but not fat.
  12. EVERY SATURDAY? How is that reasonable? Do you get every sunday?
  13. I don't see an overweight bikini wearer
  14. When a car ad lists a rust free frame and the car is a unibody, to what are they referring?
  15. Please don't trip while delivering it.