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  1. Been picking away at a few things over the past month. Put tie downs in the back for my two action packers and craftsman tool set.Swapped out the Marked Design steel bumper for the aluminum version. Super light and blingy.With the death of the 5 year old Engo winch that I got a lot of use from, it was time to get a replacement. Decided to give the Quadratec Q9500is winch a shot, since I had sold off the Olympus winch rope I had and wanted to stay synthetic. Also found a spot to mount the in-cab winch control and run the wires, that I pulled out of the Rubicon. Still need to wire that up when I find a chance.Pulled the front axle back out, brought it to a local shop to swap out the busted Rubicon locker for a Yukon Grizzly. Works awesome and can't even tell it there.Installed Savvy engine skid to protect the oil pan, since I had bad luck with the 4 banger last year, didn't want to happen again. Still rockin' the stock shovel for the time being until I pick up the Savvy skid.Last but not least, scored some Savvy corner guards for a good chunk off, due to Savvy having more than they usually do. Wasn't going to get them just yet, but couldn't pass up the price knowing I'd be getting them at some point. Those will be mounted this weekend.I've taken the rig out a couple times now, with the Grizzly up front, and this rig just plain works. Super happy with it and the wheelbase is perfect.
  2. Wasn't paying attention like an idiot.
  3. Gas pipeline runs through. Just have to stay off "Megadeth" which was the original entrance as the ground cover has been beaten down to expose the pipeline. Also next to a reservoir. Pretty damn lucky to have this spot but we keep it really clean. Theres a few guys with the Bronco II's. All built the same, one tons, 37's. Work pretty well.
  4. Figured I'd start a thread for any pictures I take up at the Pipeline in Gloucester. Now that I have the LJ up and going I'll be going as much as the wife allows between taking trips else where, as being a Mass Mudder I have a key to the gate and it's not even 15 minutes from my house. Today being Father's Day, the other half told me to take the rig out. Met up with a couple others and spent a few hours out there. Finally got my busted front Rubi locker swapped out for a Yukon Grizzly and wanted to test it out. Did awesome on some tough climbs.
  5. If only I had the money right now. Would love to DD one of these.
  6. With the purchase of the LJ I won't be using any of these anymore. Artec backhalf kit TJ/YJ and Synergy 4 link brackets are brand spankin' new. $150 a piece. Undercover Fab engine skid for '97-'02 Jeep TJ 2.5L 4 cyl. 1/4" steel. Some missing hardware if I can't locate it all. Unpainted so surface rust and few scrapes from the one trip I had it on for. $100 Located in Beverly Ma.
  7. Nice rig! Tell him to check the OPDA for wear and change it out with the Crown unit if needed.
  8. The first dent is gonna hurt with that one! Super clean rig. Crazy how those hold their value so well.
  9. Cover is silver right? Think anything needed to mount is there?
  10. It's a pregnant dog from what I've heard without pulling the exhaust/headers. The lines are supposed to route in between the engine and the cats. There is a clip for the lines that is attached to the bottom edge of the oil pan that holds them. The '06 I just picked up the lines weren't routed where they should be and we're hand bent a little out of shape. Would have been tough to get them back to factory bent so I just found a way for them to work on the other side of the exhaust and made sure the driveshaft and anything else didn't hit.
  11. What exactly are you guys trying to figure out? Just replacing the ones already there or are they missing?
  12. This thing is gonna be sweet! Awesome work so far.
  13. Few other pics from the day. Really happy with this rig. Already itching for the next wheelin day.
  14. Nope none at all. Thankfully. I immediately told my buddy behind me to grab his phone and take a picture before I backed out of it.
  15. Made the cleanup at the Pipeline yesterday. Rig did amazing. Glad my work paid off.