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North East Online Campers is now officially...

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This will progress and grow organically. i.e. as needed.


It is highly important to note that it will be and should be considered.... it's own seperate entity. Seperate from and different than North East Online Wheelers.

We are only using NEOW as a breeding ground. A test case if you will. Please respect that.


Forum rules are in the process of being formulated. We have 2 so far:


Rule #1- Please keep all posts rated G. I mean that.

Rule #2- Don't be stupid.


Note- It very well could be that differences of opinions arise with the clientelle this "forum" may attract. Please be civil.


Lastly and most importantly. Please respect what I'm doing here. Per my forum name... "campingdad"... you can surmise that it is a passion of mine. I was campingdad for a reason well before the jeeping thing.


p.s.s. I reserve the right to moderate as I see fit.


Thank you. And please.... enjoy. :up:

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This topic is now closed to further replies.