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Trying to sell one of my trucks to help fund my Duramax Escalade project. 

I bought the truck over the winter because I was in a bind and needed a truck. I've put probably 1500 miles on it without any hiccups. It's an 08 F250, 277k on the clock. It's a no frills work truck, crank windows, manual locks, but it does have a decent head unit and 4 thumping speakers. Pretty good shape rust wise, frame's solid, bed is off a newer truck and very clean, cab is good except the inner rockers both sides have soft spots from where the stock running boards held salt and dirt against them and some rust over the windshield. Has an intake, exhaust and SCT tuner. Like new 35" all terrains on 17" alloys. It should get rear pads and rotors, along with backing plates and ebrake hardware. Looks like someone ran the pads down to metal and just tossed pads on but didn't replace the rotors. Runs and drives good, no CEL or any other dash lights on. Would make a decent cheap diesel work truck. 

 It's on clist for $7200, NEOW price $6500 cash as is, where is, not really looking to trade. Located in Burlington, VT.















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