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Some of these have been kicking around and need to go. 

Scout (right hand drop) low pinion. Incomplete. missing a shaft and spindle out on one side. Assume the gears are junk. Great housing to narrow for a CJ or whatever. $80 . I'm sure I can pull the knuckles alone and sell them for twice that. 

FSJ (Full Size Jeep) right hand drop 44 front. Rusty inside. Hub to hub for rebuild. $100 Good CJ or any Right hand drop application. "narrow track" around 60" was to wms. 

Flat top GM 44 knuckles, sandblasted and painted $180 / pr

Full width Ford, 44 low pinion, disk brake, 8 lug with "Big" spicer hubs, 4.09. Decent overall condition for the age but should be freshened up.  $350. (the hubs ALONE on eBay go for this price!)

Working through a 30 yer stock pile of axles and will list more as they come up or ask. 

Lakeville, MA. Have equipment to load.



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