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Lost River Campground

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Headed there for the week next week. I'll let you know what we think. 

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7 hours ago, TiTRD said:

Went there a lot as a kid. 20-25 years ago I loved it. 

Awesome hopefully still as good.

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So here you go.


We stayed Monday-Friday

Overall impressions: Please take into consideration that Monday was their opening day for the season but I want to be as honest as I can be.

1. Very small campsites overall. Its definitely more of a tenting campground or small pop up which is fine just not what we were there for. There were a lot of sites that if I showed up with a tent I'd be pissed as they were extremely small and not very level. Feels like they tried to cram a few too many in. 

2. Within minutes of parking (at what turned out to not be our site, their blunder not ours) a guy on a golf cart swung in and asked if the water tank in the RV was full, which was a no. He proceeded to tell me I should fill it because he was about to bleach their well and the water wouldn't be usable for 24ish hours,  super. I understand opening week but we had just left check in 5 minutes prior.

3. Showers had no hot water which was awesome since they were coin operated. We both tried and both failed. An hour later a plumbing/heating guy showed up. We didn't complain so it was obviously a known issue, would have been nice to have known as well. Oh well we have a shower in the rv. 

4. Playground was nice, couple of swings, wooden train, those shovel seat things, and a pirate ship. Getting a little weathered but it all felt safe.

5. Even as they were still unpacking tons of boxes for the store there was still a really nice selection.

6. Wood is $5 a bundle. Decent sized bundles, mix of hard and soft wood. Fire rings in the sites were all in good serviceable condition. 

7. They have A LOT of cabins. Single and double rooms. Doubles appeared to have a queen or full size in the front and a pair of bunk beds in the rear. Quite a few people popped in and out for single night stays in a couple of them.

8. We had a guest come stay with us for the day Yesterday, we were 1 of 4 sites with people on it and we still had to pay the extra vehicle  fee. Not a big deal just mildly suprising. Guest fee is expected.



So overall it seemed like a nice place, hiccups aside being opening week. Definitely not a white trash party kind of campground, but not as private-site kind of place either. Seemed to us to be in the middle of the two. We would go back but we'd probably try another place first just to compare. 

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