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Camping Hacks

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I know there are a bunch floating around on the inner web but some of them I've seen are more effort than they're worth.


So what are some of your camping hacks that making camping easier?


A couple of mine


I use pool noodles within the corner of my EZ up to prevent water pooling




Another is making salt ice in empty 1 gallon milk containers. Just add 1/4 cup of table salt and water then freeze - just remember to leave enough space for the expansion of the ice.


Last year I did 2 gallons of salt ice and it was so cold it would re-freeze the melted ice cubes I had in my cooler around the salt ice.

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Froze some 1 gallon plastic water bottles for the Allagash trip and put them in a few small soft sided coolers. Had nice icey cold water the entire 3 days. Admittedly, I wasn't carrying them more than just from the kayak to the waterfront campsite.

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