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DBBBQ smoker #2

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Harbor Freight tongue jack will make it easy to level.


That might blow my entire budget though..

tongue weight aint bad at all with the monster fire box hanging off the rear.

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Got it all welded up solid and door installed.

Found the ash tray even.

Had to lighter up.






Got a poop ton more work to do but its officially a smoker now.

Next up is getting my hands on some good expanded steel.

Butcher approved.


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Ill update after the weekend..

Your steel is now the false floor in which the smoke flows under.

I gotta button that up build some racks and get to seasoning it.

I got a roll of that boiler rope style gasket Im gonna use to snuff out any smoke.

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First 4x3 rack pretty much done.

Its on sliders. Not completely sure what I wanna do for a 2nd rack yet.

Might just make a stand alone removeable 2x3 rack to sit on this one to hold more pork.

I need the head room for the bean kettle, to clear the stack, and I need to make sure I can fit a whole hog in there as well.







A cap Ive been meaning to finish up.



Some artistic flare to add to the drunken butcher theme.



I lit it off before I took any interior pics.

I got to work on the door seal now.

I need to get the stack and intake adjustments dialed in some and start to learn it before I put any real $$ meat in it.

Would like to add some real legs to it soon.

Got a few hours with the grinder ahead of me then its off to paint.

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Proved to myself it could be done.

A smoker, a BBQ, a whole Pig roaster, and now a wood fired pizza oven.






Wood fired pizza ovens arent just for stoners any more.

Thats a Chirizo roasted corn onion mozz pie and a choke, spinach, garlic and feta pie.

Took a 1/2 bag of coal and 2 18" oak logs. I did some citrus chicken thighs while the oven warmed and melted the snow.

Here are some pork butts I did.

Made a apple molasses glaze.

Lil too sweet for me.


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The butcher got real dfrink and put FRUIT in his smoker.


I present the SwineApple.




Bacon wrapped pineapple. (some neower named Greg saw it on his pintrest page I think)


Had some more success with a new root beer/molasses injection to the pork shoulders.


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