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DBBBQ smoker #2

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3 priorities here.

Able to fit a whole pig and use it as a roaster with just charcoal.

Able to smoke whatever using a stick fired box.

Cheap Cheap Cheap.


Been sourcing rusty scrap for about 8 months now..This is what I got now.

I spent some time today arranging junk and think I got something that might resemble a smoker.

Truth is I needed the upper area of the driveway to put snow so I need to put this stuff together.


Going to try and do it right and do reverse flow this time.

I plan on doing some sorta grease trap/run over of the plates. Should be able to re-use an old ball value and have hot pig grease at the turn of a valve.

Once I get her smoking something edible Ill worry about the warming box.


Cooking chamber is 5'x3' and I got enough room to do 4 2.5 ft sliding racks. Ill use just one long rack when roasting.

Fire box is a nice brick lined stove with an ash tray and plenty of air adjustments.

I think my final length will be just about 8'.

Still haven't decided if I'm going to trailer it or just keep it yard mobile.

My favorite part so far is the bling stack.

My biggest challenge will be the door...The seams/hinges and the way the tank warps under heat is going to kill me.

I got a sweet chunk of aluminum grate Im gonna use as a folding work area.


Day 1...



Future warming box






Cut and cleaned




Firebox gutted and welded shut.



Looks like a load headed to the scrap yard to me.




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awwww dang.


youre gonna need an axle under the smoker and a 2" ball on the back of your car hauler. pullin tandems out to the squeel with the stack puffing pig smoke as you drive :maine:

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Framed up the 3 tuning plates today.

Im going to need to buy 3/8th plate to cover them in.



I got the rack slides rough cut and have a plan now.

Cut the 1/4' plate strips I need to bend to the shape of the door and make that seal up tight.

Picking up some aux bar to frame out the racks tonight. Might go bling and buy new expanded steel for the cooking grates.

Going to order some nice thermometers and real latches soon.


I wanna pop that stack in and burn it all out this weekend.


Putting my measurements in the online smoker calculator tonight to figure out my next cuts.

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This thing is pretty big in person, going to be able to cook some meat!


Fire goes in the box on the left, the grate will be covered and smoke will travel from the box under the grate to the right of the big cooking area....from there it moves up and then back across to the left of the cooking area, and out the exhaust.


Or thats at least the intel I got on it :darek2:

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Thats about it Ned.

Got my calculations back and its gonna be perfect. Im ready to cut and combine the box to chamber.

I did well by just eyeing it so far. Even the stack has enough length.

Got enough aux bar cut to make 2 4x3 foot cooking racks and all braced in there.

Id like to but a 4x8 ish sheet of expanded steel....

Welders working again too....


Next challenge is gonna be hinge design.....

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Im accumulating parts as well for a similar project. Just picked up a 100 gallon propane tank that has been sandblasted and cleaned internally.

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