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  1. Your Aluminum fishing boat??

    I have nothing to offer other than some of the best Striper fishing can be done by the Lawrence damn.

    Dentist today. Getting a cavity drilled. Fun times.
  3. Tuesday

    And that's how exhausted I am. For a moment I thought it was Tuesday.
  4. Tuesday

    So there's about 77 other things I could be doing right now.
  5. Wednesday 1/17/2018

    2" so far and its pretty much stopped. Wonder if it will pick back up, and they'll send us home in the middle of it.
  6. Tuesday

    Think of all the "home" games you and your kids could have!

    I'm thinking its a perfect place to put down your beer while doing some ice fishing.
  8. Little bitty jumpbox

    He did what in his cup?
  9. Bella Belben

    Bah. Sorry to hear. My pup is also 12 and is going through a rough spot. And, like yourself, he's my first child. From the looks of it, you offered her a wonderful life that every one of us would be envious of.
  10. Sunday.

    Yea, there goes your Saturday nights.
  11. MONDAY

    That's racist.
  12. MONDAY

    Dog has been hiding around the house the past couple days. Barely wants to eat. Tail between legs. Just found him hiding under the bed. Put some drops in his ears and will start him on Novox tonight. He usually bounces back after I do that, but its getting more and more common that I have to do the routine. He turns 12 on Wednesday. I've got a feeling I have a decision coming up.
  13. Delores WBDFB

  14. MONDAY

    That reminds me; I need to switch the laundry.
  15. MONDAY

    I'm home today and not wearing pants.