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  1. Another Wet Wednesday

    Nah. I work through the pain. My right knee is the size of a basketball right now. A normal person would probably see a doctor.
  2. Another Wet Wednesday

    My back is already screwed up. I threw it out about 10 years ago. Was never really back to normal again. I also have knee replacements, so I can't really lift with my knees. We kind of screwed up how we should have done it this time. We cut the logs up into 6' length and use the Kubota to pile them by the house. Wheeled the splitter over. Next time I'm bringing the splitter to where the wood is, cut them into 18" pieces, split them there, load them in the bucket, and put on the rack. tl;dr: bring the splitter to the wood, not the wood to the splitter.
  3. Another Wet Wednesday

    This is my first year prepping firewood. I'm curious how built I'll be by the end of the year.
  4. Another Wet Wednesday

    Hurt my knee doing some trail riding yesterday on the bike. Knee is swollen and I'm limping around. grrrr
  5. 2zdey

    Sounds like a solid rig then.
  6. 2zdey

    I own a L3710 myself. Just typical stuff. Service records. Damage. That sort of thing. I think there's 16 zirk fittings on the front. Make sure they've been greased. Check out how the loader is attached. I have a skid steer style quick attach and it was banged up a little. I use the tractor almost every day.
  7. 2zdey

    Most popular guy in Missouri.
  8. 2zdey

    Yep. Chains are coming off the tractor. Got to find a place to stow the snow plow. Got a slow day at the office followed by a bike ride afterwards. Maybe I'll bomb down the Kanc.
  9. Mundee

    My body aches.
  10. SUNDAY

    Three trees that were blown down are now all cut up. I've got about half of the wood split and stacked. Solid two cord I'd imagine. While yanking the trees out, there is so much wood in there that had been cut with a chainsaw and just left. Its all rotted now. What a shame to let all that wood go to waste. I'm beat though. Helluva workout.
  11. SUNDAY

    Firing up the chainsaw for the first time today.

    What are you doing with the wood? Asking for a friend.

    Fired up the grill for the first time here. Gorgeous outside. Having some drumsticks and feed kiddo. Then he'll probably nap while I get stuff done around the house. Afterwards a hike in the backyard!

    Just the kiddo and I today. Dropping off half a garage worth of stuff to the thrift store. Be good to get it all out of the way. Then, perhaps a hike with kiddo. Alos need to do some serious grocery shopping.
  15. RPPOTD: Random Photo Post

    Damnit. What I thought was one image, was a series of 19. I'm not linking 19 images.