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  1. JM93LiftedYJ

    Road tripping OREGON to NH

    Buy a dual sport. Ride the TAT.
  2. JM93LiftedYJ

    Sloppy Sunday

    Setting up my hammock out back to test my new underquilt setup. Checking the height, I must have been sitting on the top cover instead of inside the hammock. Ridgeline ripped right through the top cover. Nice big rip in it. So bullshit with myself right now. Wife made a good point though; it happened here at the house and not last weekend after a 300 mile 10h ride on the bike 400 miles from home.
  3. JM93LiftedYJ

    Sloppy Sunday

    Kiddo decided we all need to be up for 515. Kicking back at the house today. Play in the brook. Work on the wood pile for a bit. Burn up some of the cardboard that has been piling up in the garage.
  4. JM93LiftedYJ

    Steamy Saturday

    House stuff.
  5. JM93LiftedYJ

    Fishing Friday

    Worked with a kid, Vician(?). Pronounced vee-shin. Went by Eddie. I taught him English and he taught my Laos. Was pretty decent at it for awhile too.
  6. JM93LiftedYJ

    Fishing Friday

    You rang? I needs to go make a good morning dump.
  7. JM93LiftedYJ

    Keep'in It Classy, New Haven

    After my accident last year, I was picked up in an ambulance and an EMT (paramedic?) got on board. Tried to give me pain meds. I 100% declined. Didn't need any of it. After my BLTKR, I was put on morphine. I didn't turd for something like 13 days. I felt like hell. Almost like a zombie. I needed to get off that doo-dee. Anyone that thinks that shit feels good is a dolt.
  8. JM93LiftedYJ

    Keep'in It Classy, New Haven

    If you were in a room with half a pound of tar heroin sitting on a table, do you use it or just walk away?
  9. JM93LiftedYJ

    Keep'in It Classy, New Haven

    Last Thanksgiving, a woman related to a far side of my family was there talking about how they should just remove all the warning labels off drugs for a week. Let nature take its course. She died of a heroin OD two days later.
  10. JM93LiftedYJ

    RPPOTD: Random Photo Post

    Over this past weekend, Did my best to block out the HD logo. Couldn't help but notice there were no oil spots where you're supposed to park the bike for a picture. I guess no HDs have ever made it here.
  11. JM93LiftedYJ

    Yup, It's Thrusday Already

    Doing my lawn today after work as well as the woman's the works with my wife.
  12. JM93LiftedYJ

    Yup, It's Thrusday Already

    Back to work after a few days off which was nice. Only thing that sucks, I haven't unpacked my bike yet and all my shorts are in it. Khaki pants it is. damn
  13. JM93LiftedYJ

    Keep'in It Classy, New Haven

    Should be sold at every corner store. Problem will solve itself in a matter of weeks.
  14. JM93LiftedYJ

    Way early Wednesday.

    Came home yesterday, but still going to take today off to spend with kiddo.
  15. JM93LiftedYJ

    Sunday Funday

    Earlier today. Picked a helluva day to visit. Local parade. Got stuck there for 1h45m. 550 miles so far. Put the winer top on the hammock. Hopefully that works better.