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  1. Vortec engine swap ??

  2. Vortec engine swap ??

    long-term really depends on what towing capacity i need. she's looking at bigger campers in another year or so. i'd rather do a 6.0L swap with some 3/4 ton upgrades than get into a new payment book for a tow rig. and by then she will be in a new minivan i'm sure. the Belben is right....... no win.but at least i'll be working on my own vehicle instead of hers.
  3. Vortec engine swap ??

    i know it's not plug n play, thats why i'm not looking at it right now. a used 5.7L will get me on the road. i'd love to do a 6.0L swap but that would only be if i plan to keep it long term. more likely a new 5.7L from a crate though.
  4. Vortec engine swap ??

    my first goal is to get it running and drivable. i did keep the ECM from my 98 K1500 i junked, so that would help if i need to do that. i'm really just weighing the options right now. you mention the 6.0L.. i did toss that idea around, and if i do keep this rig that probably the route i'll take with it. it's a nice rust free truck so i cant junk it. it's a matter of either selling it or keeping it long-term. jury is still out on that, but in it's current condition it's not worth anything so it needs an engine.
  5. Vortec engine swap ??

    so my 99 Tahoe needs an engine. current 5.7L Vortec has a bottom end knock after all the hoops i jumped thru to get it fixed. obviously another 5.7L will drop right in, but what if i find a good 5.0L? aside from having less power, will the difference in displacement cause issues with the ECM? thanks!

    they dont make you turn in old plates in Ma anymore. go online and submit a form that basically says you agree to destroy the plates and you're done. worth a trip to the DMV website to see if they have somethng like that. make sense, they arent handling the old plates any more and it reduces the amount of people in the offices.
  7. anyone have a junk WJ with good tail lights ? big crack in my rear lens that wont pass inspection. new are available, but looking for cheap used first.
  8. Damn Kids Thread

    we grew up as food stamp kids, so we ate what was on the plate or it was breakfast. i found in adulthood that alot of the foods i hated thru the years were usually because, though my mother was a good cook, if we didnt have something in the house to make a particular meal or something, she would substitute something else just to get something on the table for the 5 of us. no allergies in our family growing up, but i developed a serious set of allergies a few years ago... all the seafood i grew up eating will now put me in the hospital.. my allergist explained that your system "adjusts" itself every 7 years like clockwork. within a month of turning 42 i was nearly hospitalized for a single bite of fish. couple hours in the ER with a swollen mouth. im hoping when i turn 84 it reverses itself. as far as my own kids, the 2 younger ones have been raised from day 1 to about 2 years with almost no processed and sugary doo-dee like i grew up on. my they are 3 and 4 and are pretty well adjusted at this point. when we sit and eat a meal together we all eat the same thing, if it's something new or different we only require a "no thank you" bite to try it... must be chewed and not just tasted and spit out. generally works but if they really dont like it we get something else. a friend of ours has a 6 year old that only eats PB and fluff sandwiches and chicken nuggets..... nothing else. he has gone days without eating. what started out as parents not wanting to disappoint their child by saying no, has turned into a full blown "needs serious therapy" to learn how to eat new textures and flavors... they take him to a specialist in Boston 2x per week to have someone help him. parents who were spoiled kids and never told no in their life dont know how to do it for their own kids when they grow up.
  9. household fridge troubleshooting

    i'd much rather spend $25 and a few hours to revive this one than bust my a$$ to wrestle this one out of the basement and then another one back down. it's not needed, but it's a solid old fridge i might as well try to fix it if i can. i did plug it back in a while back and it didnt do anything. i guess i'm not that lucky.
  10. i have an old Hotpoint fridge in the cellar we used for extra freezer space when needed, it just quit one day last year and all the freezer product spoiled so i bought a freezer chest and forgot about the old unit. being an older unit, probably 20+ years, i assume it is somewhat servicable. i'm going to find a service manual for it online and maybe take a shot at it to see if i can get it cranked up again. my guess would be a simple issue like a switch or something went bad. am i wasting my time? it cant be a very complex system, i've just never messed with any household reefer appliances before so i'm looking at the practical experience as a plus even if it turns out to be beyond my ability/wallet to revive a beer fridge.
  11. Love Boat Forum

    the show responsible for perpetuating Charo's non-career..... she was famous for nothing, kinda like the Kardashians.
  12. still looking for a shop in that area that can work on my daughter's car. gotta get front brakes done on her civic pretty quickly. i had a recommendation for J&R auto repair on riverside st. anyone know this shop ?
  13. dodge durango over-heating issues???

    more reading online and NHTSA seems to point at neglected engines. "dealer says sludge build up caused over-heat" "mechanic says thermostat stuck open" and references to head gasket failure. just thought it was strange that 4 or 5 CL ads had a common statement refering to cooling problems. i've known alot of people who owned these, and aside from fuel economy gripes they loved them forever. the hi-mileage stuff on CL is likely the neglected junk that has probably been nickel/diming the owner. i'll take some diagnostic stuff with me and a BFH to check the body mounts.
  14. dodge durango over-heating issues???

    because a turn-key temporary vehicle gets a second vehicle back into the family that works 1st and 3rd shift simultaneously so we arent driving eachother to work and picking eachother up every day, and ultimately the new vehicle or the WJ will depart once it becomes the 3rd wheel. income on the back-end to offset the expenses. it's not about what's cheaper in the long run, it's about what can i afford right now, today without borrowing.