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  1. NEOW Express NH-VA and Back

    One way ride to warmer weather?
  2. Your Aluminum fishing boat??

    Only thing missing is free beer and power lines.
  3. Pontoon boat project??

    That's easy! A full 1000 gallon propane tank still floats. Borrow a saddle from Rachel to ride on top of the tank and ratchet strap a propane powered ice auger to the back like an outboard. Run hose from valve of 1000 to ice auger. Push record on the go pro and fire that pregnant dog up!
  4. Wednesday 1/17/2018

    Conveyor belt to bring the snow to the blower.
  5. Pontoon boat project??

    You need propane tanks for that! Seriously. I had a guy buy my old not usable 1000 gallon propane tanks. He'd check the weight of them to make sure they were close and then weld a platform between the two with an A Frame sorta tripod. On that he would mount a winch. He pulled it behind a boat and will set and remove boat moorings with it.
  6. CDL Downgrade Notice

    That's my feeling as well. Think I need to get my butt in gear and just go get one. This way I'm covered regardless.
  7. Wednesday 1/17/2018

    That seems suspect from them. 6' long belt is less than 3' on that gauge when factoring in the arches. I thought I remember the pole being 4' long when I worked at a NAPA but that was a Genuine Parts Group store (mother NAPA) not an independent. It's not hard to do. Use a tape measure and cut the belt. Lay the belt out and get the overall length and width. Go in to the store and give them the dimensions. Done.
  8. CDL Downgrade Notice

    I work with a few NH based propane and oil companies. I watched this happen couple years ago. They kept failing a new guy by making him drive through UNH college and as soon as a student stepped off the sidewalk into the road (not crosswalk) anywhere near the truck they failed him. He tried as often as they would allow the retests. After a year the company that paid for his training and classes finally had to let him go. Heard similar issues from other drivers also. While I never drove with him I'm told by the other drivers for the propane company that he was a great driver. When letting him go I guess the company suggested he move to Maine long enough to take his test there and then come back to work for them.
  9. CDL Downgrade Notice

    I just looked at Maine's DOT website and it appears I'm all set still...although I plan to call and find out for sure. I looked at the actual notice and it is from NH DOT.
  10. CDL Downgrade Notice

    For any of you CDL license holders be advised there is a downgrade coming unless you meet certain criteria. I've had my CDL B since 17yrs old (before federal licenses). I haven't driven a CDL vehicle in probably 8yrs. In Maine I have been able to self certify that I only (will) drive intrastate and less than 100 air miles from my home base which is home for me. I also can't drive any placarded vehicle with my current license. This self certify license allowed me not to have to take a DOT physical. Once I take one I could go back to normal CDL operations based on my what my license allows. A trade group I belong to just released this: Attention CDL Holders: Important Notice Before close of business on March 2, 2018, you must provide the DMV with a current and valid Medical Certificate issued by a Certified Medical Examiner in order to retain your commercial motor vehicle driving privileges. So any of you with a CDL and not using it like me, better get a medical card. I know I don't want to lose my CDL-that's always been a backup plan should my world go to hell.
  11. Wednesday 1/17/2018

    If the belt is still in one piece bring it to real parts store. They should have a belt gauge. Loop it around the gauge and it tells them how long it is. Measure the width and then they can give you a part number of that size or one a little smaller in length and/or wider.
  12. The OFFICIAL CraigsList Deals Thread

    Yeah, we definitely don't need anymore details. It's easy for them to go after the low hanging fruit. To them you probably looked like a rolling travel hazard they could fill a ticket book with. I would assume any items in question is now slag. Are you fully moved now?
  13. Smokers Corner

    ^this. I used to discuss with my dad a lot of the things I saw on here. Mike is a lot like my dad, especially when I was a kid. Both fab stuff not to see if they can do it but because they had too. There was no money to hire someone to do it.
  14. RPPOTD: Random Photo Post

    What would something like that cost for someone like her to draw? Does she have anything online to see what she drawn and made? Just curious.
  15. Bella Belben

    Loosing a doggie child is awful. Soooo sorry for the lose.