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  1. Shipyard is hiring apprentices again

    For the fun of it I just looked. There’s some mgt type jobs that I’m qualified for depending on how they see my current experience. G9 up to G15. As I’m currently dead man walking where I am it might be interesting. Not sure I could stand the government stuffiness though?
  2. Shipyard is hiring apprentices again

    Mr LOUD working on or around subs that are supposed to be quiet. Unexpected.
  3. Shipyard is hiring apprentices again

    I lost track of what you do for the shipyard?
  4. Tree - Splitting Bark on backside

    All I see is a tree. Guess I better not quit my day job.
  5. New gig

    That's great! Outreach is probably the biggest part of the job. The school won't care how you teach as long as you can find kids a job. That is the measure of success and should guide where you spend your time. When I owned a repair show the local highschool VoTech Mechanics teacher would check in with me every year to get my input on what they should be covering and to see if I was hiring. When I ran propane/oil companies the local Tech College would invite several of us in for a luncheon, tour the facility, meet the students and get our thoughts on what they had in the class room for equipment and what they should have to make sure the kids were working and learning on what mattered. Both times I was seriously impressed on the outreach. As they both said-getting kids good opportunities what the only measure of the success (and continued) funding of their programs.
  6. I have that exact one. I looked at the other ones listed below but I wanted IOS and Android plus I wanted ABS codes. I have HP Tuners Pro but it doesn't do anything for ABS etc.
  7. Yup, It's Thrusday Already

    Been a long 7 days. Not sure I'm on board with where things are headed at work. I might decide to be available for a new opportunity.
  8. Friday

    Wow. That guy has some crossed wires.
  9. Not talking spicy. Lots of people like pizza cold even though it's always served hot. That is what I'm referring to. What's your food you like that way? I make a pretty boring fish chowdah but I like it. After I make it I always let it cool down and "season" for a few hours or even overnight. I usually end eating most of right out of container from the damn. For some reason I really like it cold. I also like it warmed up also.
  10. Monday

    My daughter and I both caught it. she was around 2-3 or so iifc. We are pretty sure she caught it playing in the ball pit at Storyland. I caught it from her. It hurt to use her pacifier and by the time she was better she didn't want it anymore. She didn't use one much anyway. For me it was more annoying than anything. Don't recall it being that painful other than being careful what I ate.
  11. U-joints

    I just went through this last week. I always bought greasable....and never greased them. Not sure why as I grease the ball joints and tie rod ends. Finally gave in this time and just put in non greasable.
  12. Sunday Sunday Sunday

    What are whalers?
  13. Monday Monday

  14. lunchbox locker suggestions?

    I thought I recall 99-04 having d44a. A for aluminum housing or some such thing. Think it matters but don't recall why.
  15. Health Check 4.7l?

    I believe Krawler (Dan) said lack of good regular oil changes caused these to sludge quickly and they died. I believe they are much more picky than other engines about this. Mine went well over 200k. Maintenance records?