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  1. Nason's finest

    Matt-we have a lot of pullers here and 20t press. Bring it over some night. Yoit have my number.
  2. Nice! Loved my LJ. Get a hard top now if he can find/wants one.
  3. Brought It Tuesday

  4. Battery Impact gun

    I was doing some work in the barn yesterday and realized I didn't know where my 1/2" IR air gun is, been so long since I used it.
  5. Jerry! My 5.3 is making a racket.

    I've seafoamed most all my vehicles, typically yearly....except the last couple years I've forgot. I've personally seen it work wonders on older engine including getting rid of upper end knocking. Juice has a point though, just how much doo-dee do you want to get rid of/loosen up. Kinda like 1st tranny flush at 150k plus, I worry about it cleaning too well and doo-dee loosening up and getting caught internally.
  6. My son's 78 Cherokee Chief.

    Not mine, just found it on CL Maine. Not too far from me. Other side of Portland.
  7. Jerry! My 5.3 is making a racket.

    Maybe need one of these? On a more serious note, that does sound expensive. What's the vehicle?
  8. ISO 33" Mud Run Tires for 15" rim

    Those should ride GREAT...
  9. BRING IT! Monday

    They're not good enough stock
  10. No Plan Sunday

    Or need better sharpening skills.
  11. North Conway NH 6-21 to 26?

    Yup like this also.
  12. My new ride

  13. North Conway NH 6-21 to 26?

    Hurricane Mtn road is fun. The family likes to go up that every year and we stop and poke around the little stream. We tried Horsefeathers couple years ago, none of us like it. Lots of good eats around there though.
  14. North Conway NH 6-21 to 26?

    kancamagus highway Mt Washington Autoroad and/or Cog railway (look up Jacob's ladder) I like Moat Mtn Smokehouse and Brewery Zeb's general store is real popular with the women
  15. THRUSDAY, night of the coon.

    I've been there. Really sorry Todd