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  1. 2zdey

    Just your wallet.

    It's the like Finding Nemo the stroller version after a big show lets out.
  3. The OFFICIAL Jobs thread

    Which is fine IF they know that it doesn't make a difference between sub models.

    What is the name of the school again?
  5. Here chick chick chick!

    Geesh what a bunch of eggheads.
  6. Might not have been able to backfill until it was inspected. Could be inspector timing issue.
  7. Tax Deadline Tuesday

    Might be a reason they don't carry the other breeds, might not be hearty enough for this weather. I've even seen chicks at Tractor supply. They had a pile of them.
  8. A feel good gofundme.

    I believe it is a tip they add on. It is selectable.
  9. Tax Deadline Tuesday

    You know you can chickens locally. Andy's Agway across the fields from me even has chicken talks and chicken classes.
  10. A feel good gofundme.

  11. Tax Deadline Tuesday

    Your chickens come from the post office?
  12. Procarfixed back seat

    I'm sure we can make that happen. I'm 5 min from Matt and travel to Westbrook where I think Nick works for a another week or two. Or Nortak is even closer to me.
  13. The OFFICIAL Jobs thread

    Congrats Nick!
  14. THR

    rigorous testing is a good thing.
  15. Rinnai furnace and hot water

    I'm getting outside my knowledge area now but if I recall correctly your options are to add another filter near the input, check/change your anode rods, and flush/fill the tank heater every 6 months or as needed.