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  1. One Line Movie Reviews

    That came up on my Netflix.......almost clicked on it, but I've been searching out the classics. Of course any real great movie is an extra charge or not even carried by Netflix or Amazon.
  2. Munday

    On a brighter note, asshair saved the day today.
  3. Munday

    Sorry to hear about all the hardships. Stop and smell the roses folks.
  4. Munday

    Oh, I'm up. Slept to 5:30 I was nice.
  5. Smokers Corner

    or Cohibas
  6. One Line Movie Reviews

    Took the Donny Darko trip tonight. Whoa, baby. Read some discussions on line to get a better grip on it. Crazy interdimensioal turd that you need to be Sheldon Cooper to understand.
  7. O-Ring Making Kit

    Just some random cool stuff you should be aware is out there.

    Wife's gift to her conservative Trump supporting boss. She'll bake him cookies too.

    Yeah, no kidding. This is universally know by every married person in the world......except my wife.
  10. FRIDAY

    Sounds like an awesome adventure. Good thing you didn't run out of go juice.
  11. Smokers Corner

    Make sure you have a heavy extension cord. 10 ga rocks.
  12. SUNDAY

    I somehow got Shanghai-ed into following my wife around shopping this afternoon. My guard must have been down.
  13. FRIDAY

    On dirt? That' typically a 4 hr drive to Quebec city
  14. Jerusalem

    Oh I'm glad he was elected. DOn't get me wrong. He's just such a douchebag.
  15. A guy looking for his Willys

    ...in the broom closet.