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  1. Yup, It's Thrusday Already

    Any collector value?
  2. Looking For Tractor Forks

    Mini skid steer, slightly smaller.
  3. Last Will and Testament

    But does he do breast exams?
  4. Looking For Tractor Forks

    Yeah Yeah, I know I know. I'll get the kid to go 1/2 with me. It is his tractor after all. LOL But I'm the guy that want's forks on it.
  5. Looking for a set of hard mount forks for my kids Ford 2110 I suppose the clamp on ones would work, but a real set would be far superior. Thought there was a discussion here, but search says no. Searched all over CL. plenty of skid steer forks, but I don't want to do a quick attach.
  6. Yup, It's Thrusday Already

    Already in the office pushing papers around. That's how I roll.
  7. Another Wet Wednesday

    Yes, yes, at least the 1st half.
  8. Another Wet Wednesday

    Where do I sign? https://www.bombercamp.org/
  9. MVOTN Music Video of the Night

    Hawktail. Very good mellow bluegrass. Just found out they're playing near me....ah tonight. Ain't gonna make it.
  10. Another Wet Wednesday

    Mike B finally SNAPPED !!! http://www.wtnh.com/news/connecticut/middlesex/police-suspect-strikes-cruiser-during-pursuit-in-old-saybrook/1140852359
  11. Another Wet Wednesday

    So I'm sitting on the crappa and this age appropriate hottie. (Wife's friend, widowed) texts me about looking at some work at her house. Then I see she's trying to video chat with me via FB. I'm like holypoopholypoop, I hope I don't hit the wrong button that answers it. I got the hell out of FB asap.
  12. Last Will and Testament

    It's 4/25 you should be in Key West.
  13. Last Will and Testament

    130/70 last check....but I'm medicated.
  14. The OFFICIAL CraigsList Deals Thread

    Brings back memories. My dad had a camp like that up in Stoneham ME. Hand pump outside for water. Outhouse. Did have electricity though. Nice little river out back. Butt up to the White Mnts.
  15. Another Wet Wednesday

    Sooo, HUGE popo chase on 95 south in Madison CT. I was heading north and watched it start to unfold. I see flashing lights ahead and a cop throwing out spike strips. There were many cars and it was POURING rain so I'm sure a bunch of civilians caught some. Then come the police cars. They come and come. 12 in the immediate pursuit and 9 more right behind for a total of 21 cars WTF?? wtf do they need 21 cars for in a high speed chase on a busy interstate in the pouring rain??? I get home and can't find anything online. Just that there's now an 18 wheeler crash and the police won't give a cause. Maybe 21 fawking crazy cops and spike strips?? That's going to be a MESS . Glad I got through just before the clusterfawk explosion. Meanwhile some woman is getting beat to death by her ex-husband across town, but no Calvary will come to save her.