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  1. CJKarl

    Uh oh...

    Pics, I hear this thing is landing tonight....and the Red Cross has a call out for blood donations when the Mrs sees what's getting delivered.
  2. Roll of duct tape and cell phone, check. Where do I sign up?
  3. CJKarl


    Camped there a few times in my 20s. I remember the turd houses being very nasty.
  4. CJKarl


    Not seeing it over there.
  5. CJKarl

    NEOW helping NEOW

    AND the new sectional couch is being delivered Fri afternoon. Wife will still be on Block, going to have to wait til Sunday night to break it in.
  6. CJKarl


    LOL, know all to well how those grand plans end up.
  7. CJKarl


    Ron White: "Ever take a dump so big your pants fit better?" Just say'in.
  8. CJKarl

    Day of the Wed

    That wouldn't be a bad idea.
  9. CJKarl


    Try switching hands.
  10. CJKarl

    NEOW helping NEOW

    Right , JFC, Too much fun, not enough time.
  11. CJKarl

    Day of the Wed

    I was getting dfrink texts before the sun was even down. Such amateurs.
  12. CJKarl

    One Line Movie Reviews

    I hear I need to see Pan's Labyrinth now
  13. CJKarl

    One Line Movie Reviews

    Liked it. Fantastic adult fairytale. Can't say more. Evey millisecond of this movie is a creative masterpiece. Don't ask questions, just go along for the ride.
  14. CJKarl

    One Line Movie Reviews

    Anyone see The Shape Of Water? I'm diving in in a matter of minutes
  15. CJKarl

    Day of the Wed

    You must really want to be fired from a company that you have put 17 years of your lif in to. If he gave 2 poops about what he did with his life..........whatver.....I'm guessing loser to start and looser to finish. Good riddance, Not to mention the good citizens of NH will be mire than happy to pay for all you medical, dental and optical issues, Way better coverage than anyone other than CEO gets. Go DONALD, even if you are an camry hole.