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  1. Roseanne

    Getting the political guillotine because you make lewd jokes is scary enough, but I am far more concerned about getting the political guillotine for SAYING FACTUAL THINGS like Brett & Eric Weinstein, Jordan Petersen, Steven Pinker, etc. etc. Luckily there have been plenty of people standing up for those guys.
  2. Stand With Steve

    Terrible. Just terrible. I didnt know him well but I know how much the other frat bois loved him. So sorry. Cancer blows. Fealy isnt doing too hot either.
  3. campground suggestions for NH? If you want dayhike/activity suggestions, let me know .
  4. This one will have fenders.....

    HAHA! Glad you dint ruin the wheels!
  5. SxS questions

    I tell you what, now that ive looking into it a little more, the Honda Pioneer 700-4/5's and 1000-4/5's have a much better wheelbase/torso-length than the 4 seater polaris models and i like that the bed converts to seats!
  6. SxS questions

    i hadn't heard that story! Which shop was that??
  7. SxS questions

    That said, for what it is worth, 4 seaters have a looong wheelbase and low belly height comparatively. An old XJ is probably more capable, practical and cheaper.
  8. SxS questions

    How many southern 50" state trails are you likely to ride on? So many good Class VI's for you to have fun on in the Southwest NH area. Plus, can't with the new laws you drive them on the roads from trail to trail?? I wouldn't want to sacrifice width.
  9. This one will have fenders.....

    sweet! has it driven under its own power yet? Vids!!!
  10. MVOTN Music Video of the Night

    Alt blues? Performance Art? Noise?

    Per his FB page it seems he has started taking on jobs
  12. MVOTN Music Video of the Night

    this ones for Karl & his daughter....
  13. MVOTN Music Video of the Night

    It's got an Alt+J feel, except not as good.