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  1. New gig

    My daughters middle school has "home Ec", it's called something different now. But they teach sewing, cooking, household finance and all the stuff I did when I was young.
  2. New gig

    And look at me, full circle. I'll be teaching the great grand kids of my teachers.
  3. New gig

    My tech high school ran one week academics and one week shop. But in any case, most of us were too young for the major decision about what to do for the rest of your lives. I had wood shop in middle school too. I would do an abbreviated exposure to the trades in middle school and then 2 paths in high school, trades or no trades and it would be in the same building.
  4. Baby Call Ducks

    I need something a little bigger, I'd need 4 of those to feed my family.
  5. Baby Call Ducks

    Too soon, I need 10 in the spring. How's the meet on those birds.
  6. Thirstday

    Lots of mutual going on here, I have to ask for a break occasionally.
  7. New gig

    This school is very big on discipline. The director told me that there is a huge influence from the staff on behavior. He told me shirts tucked in, no ear buds, total respect to peers and instructors. They can and do remove students very quickly if they dont turn around. It is a voluntary program, but there is a list to get in so if you dont show that you are interested, then bye bye. There is a ton of support for these students, so it's up to them to use it.
  8. Transfer punches are good for that Rick, they are cheap too.
  9. Thirstday

    Who cares, $20 is $20
  10. New gig

    Stressful night just ended. Although I was promised the job, I had never got the official word on the final salary. I was asking for $10k more than they wanted to pay and we agreed to meet in the middle, but we were still waiting for big brother to sign off on it. They just called to give me the thumbs up and I go in tomorrow to sign papers and get an orientation. And then Monday I start. Mondays are their big 1 hour meeting with the whole school and they are asking for a small speech after I get introduced. I'm dying to see if teachers have it as easy as Jerry said.
  11. Buggy Overheating Issue

    We verified my engine temp with a scanner, it read the factory temp sender.
  12. Random Video Of The Day

  13. New gig

    My right wing nutjob web site says we are going to confirm that the Russians and the Clintons were colluding.
  14. Happy Hump Day

    When I was a kid the quarry owner showed me how they let the winter freeze fracture the stone in layers.
  15. New gig

    Oh, sh1t, maybe they took out Tn first.