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  1. rvgjeep1

    Help me with a price

    In a light industrial application that needs air for automation cordless tools wont help one bit. Or what if on the off chance someone needs to blow up tires?
  2. rvgjeep1

    Help me with a price

    Thanks, I'll pull it out this weekend and make a video of it running.
  3. rvgjeep1

    Help me with a price

    Any chance you asked your friend? I want to advertise soon.
  4. rvgjeep1

    Help me with a price

    I was checking out parts for these while googling earlier. You can buy full rebuild kits for under $100. So these things will last forever.
  5. rvgjeep1

    Help me with a price

    Could be, most of the numbers I could find for this compressor were 20-23CFM.
  6. rvgjeep1

    Help me with a price

    I'm looking but cant find anything
  7. rvgjeep1

    Boat rods (fishing poles/reels)

    I'll get some pic in the next couple days, or I'm having a garage sale this Saturday in Westford.
  8. rvgjeep1

    Help me with a price

    Not the one I'm selling, but identical.
  9. rvgjeep1

    Help me with a price

    Westinghouse 2AVC This pic is of a different unit, but identical. Mine has been swapped to a single phase motor.
  10. rvgjeep1

    Monday Funday

  11. rvgjeep1

    Sunday Funday

    One of the gems I got from my dads house is a US Army Cannon heater No.18 https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=m570.l1313&_nkw=US+Army+Cannon+heater+No.+18&_sacat=0
  12. rvgjeep1

    Help me with a price

    I'm an hour away from it, I'll have some more info soon. It was 3 phase, that generally not residential.
  13. rvgjeep1

    Lube up yer wench! I mean winch.

  14. rvgjeep1

    Help me with a price

    Whats a used 80 gallon, 5HP, horizontal air compressor worth. I changed it from 3 phase to single phase. It was a $3000 industrial compressor when I got it.
  15. Cleaning out my dads garage and have a bunch of stuff to sell and give away. Next weekend I will be making piles to sell, all stupid offers accepted. There are lots of small lots of fasteners and strange stuff, fill a box and leave a $20. fuel cans, grease guns, step ladders, tires, tools, home goods, china, fishing poles/reels, home universal gym, 80 gallon 5hp compressor. If you're interested pm me and I'll show you around.