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  1. RPPOTD: Random Photo Post

    I'll take flat with a great butt of the opposite all day long. I hate big gross fun gas but love a nice rear end.
  2. Wack Off Wenesday

    I felt the earths core temp rising after Trump was elected.
  3. Wack Off Wenesday

    Humans have been on earth for 2 seconds if the beginning of time was 24 hours ago. Yet we claim to understand the whole period. Regarding ice cores, you have to understand that the way they look at them and base their history has just recently been developed. In 70 years they decided what millions of years of history looks like? It wasnt long ago we thought the earth was flat.
  4. 2020 presidential BS thread

    Without being too one sided, I'd say you'd have to be retarded to believe that Trump was working with the Russians.
  5. Wack Off Wenesday

    Stacey, Matt and Matt did tours and I forget the 2 guys who did the cutting.
  6. Wack Off Wenesday

    I wasnt trying, it was hard to see you from where I was, believe me, seeing you is high on my list. Awesome visit today, they go way out of their way to make a good impression. My students were blown away that they got to use the hand torches.
  7. Wack Off Wenesday

    Yes!, see you around 11:00. Weare something low cut, I'm going comando myself. I havent had sex for almost a week, not used to that.
  8. Manic Monday

    Something happened tonight. I think she overheard my daughter make a comment about not being able to sit in our chairs anymore. She started packing things up and said shes out of here the week of school vacation.
  9. Manic Monday

    Are you saying you cant get the snap ring on? I'm a little confused. If thats the case, use a pry bar to force the axle out a little.
  10. Manic Monday

    Oh, and they just cancelled school in the district for tomorrow.
  11. Manic Monday

    Jamie said "they're fine, when I went up there they were on opposite sides of the bed" It's a "full size" bed and they can hear you coming in this house, all wood floors.
  12. Manic Monday

    With the exception of you who think I'm a dick head, can you please tell me if I'm a dick head. My house guests from hell are still here, it's a long story. I'm a sap. But she tells me that for the last two hours that I thought her 14 year old my momma daughter was upstairs alone, it turns out there is a friend boy up there too. She says they are just friends from school and its "nothing like that". needless to say, I asked them to "GET HIM THE FAWK OUT OF MY HOUSE BEFORE I DO" I've told them that I always want to know if there are people in my house, because this is not the first time and I think I have a responsibility to know who is here.
  13. Manic Monday

    Two issues with our schools this week. 1) A student recorded video of a lot of misbehavior on their bus, it's been bad lately. Then their parents sent it off to Wmur, now the town is upside down with people arguing about all aspects of the issue. 2) Last Tuesday a student at the High school scratched into the lunch table that "ALL HELL WILL BREAK LOOSE NEXT TUESDAY" or something like that. The police were very vague about it for a couple days then finally told the whole story to the parents. So this whole week we have cops in the schools and news teams on the streets.
  14. Snowy Sunday

    It's just a run of the mill 118 degree drill bit, and the pitch of the helix effects how chips are removed. CNC guys like a longer helix, but I understand the tree tappers like to minimize debris in the hole. I went to breakfast this morning and was talking to an older guy from Newbury, he does 3600 gallons/season. I overheard him and another guy talking about how they're breaking bits more than usual. So, I started talking to them about drill bits. The old guy said he broke 3 new ones yesterday and never more than that in his life. So, I am guessing that the sugaring tool vendors are just finally buying Chinese stuff and reselling it like every other industry does now.
  15. Snowy Sunday

    In the machining industry we just call it a "chip clearing bit" it's got a slow helix, but nothing special otherwise. $2-$5 for cheapies and $10-$20 for decent qaulity. From what I can see, the maplers are selling the cheapies as high quality bits. Typical for special application. I'm sure the rubber industry calls them rubber drilling bits and so on....