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  1. Brought It Tuesday

    I'll stop posting until I make the announcement with proof, no more vague hints or statements.
  2. 2020 presidential BS thread

    I politely explained the facts.
  3. 2020 presidential BS thread

    It's exactly true, that's what would happen. Yesterday I had a liberal student ask me a question. He asked "Mr. VanGemert, since you think Trump is so great, tell me why he is so afraid of the NRA?" I asked him what the hell he was even talking about? I asked him if he new who the NRA was and that "I was the NRA". His answer was that "They are the biggest manufacturer of automatic weapons in America"
  4. Brought It Tuesday

    I'm working back channels, got a little info, I dont know for sure. I think I'll know more in a couple days. I'm just trying to figure out how I will handle it if I'm right. No actual suspects at this point. I will call them out for sure and then well, game on. I'd be no better than the particular person if I jump the gun. The funniest thing is I got the idea on how to find out by watching an old Colombo episode. LOL
  5. Brought It Tuesday

    Would you be disappointed if you found out the person who forwarded your post about a neighbor was someone you considered a friend?

    Would it be too much to ask for you to put cram cheese on both halves?
  7. Brought It Tuesday

    No, we get along really good and she's never done anything like this. I'm waiting to see if honesty prevails, If I am right, I'll be sad.
  8. Brought It Tuesday

    Ok, I know I'm beating a dead horse, I'll drop it. I'm just disappointed.
  9. Brought It Tuesday

    I am not blaming you Jerry, lets be clear about that. Youre just the poor MF'r who is also a moderator. As an admin, can you tell who or how many people viewed the thread? And unfortunately I wouldn't want you to provide a list, but maybe carve the "38,000" down a little?
  10. Brought It Tuesday

    Jerry, I dont blame anyone but me for the post, in my opinion if a couple of you didnt know my neighbor it would have been just another post. I read stuff like that all the time here.
  11. Brought It Tuesday

    I'll never in a million years believe this to be anything but malicious intent.
  12. Brought It Tuesday

    This is someone that knows my neighbor also. Let's assume that I know a little more about the delivery than revealed. Until I'm completely off the police agenda I wont say more about that.
  13. Brought It Tuesday

    So last week I made some pretty poopty comments about a neighbor and even made the comment "you should see the daughter"(she's an adult). I regretted it and felt bad as peers immediately called me out for it. But, I think it might even be worse that someone here copied the comments and sent them to my neighbor. I mean sure I wasn't being nice, but the sh1t storm that ensued today by this act is even more disgusting than what I said in my opinion. I mean over hearing something bad happens from time to time, but purposely repeating it to make trouble is just evil. There's been a thousand times I could have done the same to others, but I wont. I'm not the first idiot to say something about an adult girl or neighbor. Every girl has parents and most parents have daughters. So awesome having the police call your work to tell you that your neighbor made a criminal complaint against you. Good news is that I didnt break any laws, I'm only guilty of being rude. I had the admins remove the offensive text and I wont repeat it. I've apologized more times today than in the last 10 years, and my last one will be to this community for having to share this. I am truly sorry.
  14. No Plan Sunday

    I do that once a week at least.
  15. No Plan Sunday

    Edmunds Hardware in Henniker has about every part ever made too.