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  1. ARTEC Machine Systems

    Once you've had one load, it's just business as usual.
  2. Sunday

    Obamas goons have been disrupting rallies and speeches for a couple years. He spent his first 6 years forming the ranks of his police/conservative hating army. Now with the election of Trum, conservatives are trying to save the country for their snowflake communist agenda.
  3. Another NAVY SHip Collision?

    The sailors may have all been busy making out watching for pirates.
  4. Way to blow a plug. LOL
  5. Well water pressure tank

    I'll check the valve, but there are no other building, never were either. I'm thinking it was the original feed to the tank and that later they drilled a new well and just tied in.
  6. ARTEC Machine Systems

    We were just learning the basic geometry and manufacturing methods, but we were held to very tight tolerances and we ran them into overload conditions.
  7. ARTEC Machine Systems

    I had a flashback from college when we had to design and cut helical gears.
  8. Well water pressure tank

    1st pic is of the whole tank, you can see the rusty leak at the bottom. 2nd and 3rd pic is of the mystery plumbing that goes out the front of the house. The well pump is one hose and comes in from the other end of the house and feeds at a T above the tank. Can you tell by the hardware what this might have been for? Why on earth would they have left the old plumbing on the tank? Maybe just lazy?
  9. Sunday

    GF's 13 year old daughter just asked for a ride to meet a 15 year old she met on line a couple towns away. GF asked my opinion (after she said no herself) and my answer right to the 13yo was "NO!, and if you think it's appropriate then you are definitely less mature than I thought" I told her that I'd be happy to have the boy and his mom over to all meet or we can go there, but that's it. Now she's threatening to run away, so I threw her a duffle bag and told her not to forget her toothbrush.
  10. Eclipse viewing

    The sun was around during slavery, so I for one will protest it.
  11. When technology bytes

    The other day I called 411 and the lady knew I needed a phone number.
  12. Sunday

    Bring me as a laborer.
  13. Well water pressure tank

    The second pipe is not associated with the well pump, not even on the same end of the house. I'll put up a pic tonight.
  14. Eclipse viewing

    My friend has a cattle ranch in Madris Oregon, she said the population went from 6600 yesterday to 100,000 today.
  15. Well water pressure tank