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    Fred can correct me if I'm wrong, but I'd say we got 8 or 9 inches yesterday. Roosters old Ariens 824 with my 10hp on it is probably the best snowblower I have ever used. It works like brand new but stronger. Did 8 inches and windrows in 3rd gear.
  2. Tues 12/12/17

    I was wondering why you dont just put an alternator in it.
  3. Jerusalem

    If Trump thinks you think he's got something to hide, I bet he'd spend millions to piss you off and lead you on. Thats what I'd do.
  4. Need 2 265/75/16 E

    The Jetzons are great by me, I drive a lot, 100k of my last 1/4 million miles are on them.
  5. Smokers Corner

    Tim, your smoker must have an issue, you should not be able to handle the racks. I got my dad the i-grill, he monitors the grill temp and meat temp from the comfort of the house. I run only wood or lump charcoal, but I use a water pan and get plenty of steam.
  6. Need 2 265/75/16 E

    My tire guy sells the Jetzons for $125 each. I went out the door for $480 all 4 mounted and balanced. And they've been a great tire.
  7. O-Ring Making Kit

    I've used both vulcanizing and super glue methods, I like to cut a steep angle for more glue and rubber over rubber on the glued joint. P.S. Chuckee2009 is an idiot.
  8. Smokers Corner

    Same advise I always give, dont over think it. It's just a way to cook meat low and slow to break down cartilages and fibrous parts of the animal. Seasoning is the fun part. What you did is pretty much the standard. Start adding chili and paprika.
  9. Jerusalem

    All thats coming out of the Mueller investigation is more proof that the Obama administration is behind the whole mess. Dont worry Jon, you guys will get him some day, just keep trying. He has to be bad and you guys will prove it...........
  10. SUNDAY

    You'll end up wondering why weekend warriors see the need to buy a diesel.
  11. SUNDAY

    The final blow was Friday, my ex wife came to pick up the kids while I was still out. I told her it was ok to check the attic for Emmas snow pants, and then they could find Emmas slippers(normal stuff), so Emma looked around while the ex followed her around. When I got home GF and rotten 14 yo claim my ex was rifling through the 14yos dresser, total nonsense. Then my ex said the whole attic smelled like cat pee and turd, huge problem with me. As the argument went into Saturday, I accidentally used the word "wife" instead of "ex" wife, I've done this a lot over the years. So she flips out and accuses me of being in love and having an affair with my ex. This is after being accused the other day of having an affair with a "friend girl" of mine that is my daughters best friends mom. Remember, I've been mr. mom for over 4 years and know all the ladies in town from school and recreation stuff. But the topper was when she let her 14yo scream at me and laugh at me while I stumbled around with the wife vs ex wife thing. She was swearing and throwing F-bombs and her mom was cheering her on. All of her kids are slobs, wont do chores and and swear around my kids all the time.

    I'm not going anywhere, but yeah, I've had enough of her rotten kids.
  13. SUNDAY

    I'll leave for the day because she is packing like crazy. Going to quit her job and pull the kids from school Monday. I told her to slow down and call the state for help. She could probbaly stay in town if she's smart.

    Better get Jerry over there.

    I'll see your unrest and raise you 10 cardboard boxes full of her doo-dee piled by the front door.