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  1. tan cj interior items& hardtop

    Sent you a message
  2. tan cj interior items& hardtop

    I have a tan hard top, glass all good, I think I have the visors also I'll throw in
  3. sold

    You sell them? What's the backspacing
  4. Thanks I'll check out the guy in Portland, have to stop at my favorite pub up there
  5. Have existing bimini top that's falling apart, wanted to duplicate it, anyone know any good shops?
  6. SS round stock??

    $19.65 for 12'. Of 1/4". 316. If you pick up
  7. SS round stock??

    You ever hear of metal supermarkets.Don't know how the prices are, there is one in Woburn mass
  8. LJ "Rubiclone" Build

    Any body damage
  9. Box truck trailer

    What's on the back of the white crew cab in the driveway
  10. Do you have a picture, they homemade or what brand
  11. Already make a smoker on a trailer a few years back with A 200 or 250 gallon I got from someone house
  12. Not quite a submarine but I did have a guy buy a few old 1000 gallon tanks from me years ago when I ran a propane company. Data plates were gone which makes them useless for propane. He used to make mooring setters. Two tanks with small platform in between. Then a tripod on platform with some sort of chainfall/winch. They would pull up or set down stone moorings in the local rivers and small ocean bays. What do the propane companies do with the old ones
  13. not a submarine, for a fire pit contraption. I would put a picture if I new how
  14. Looking for an expired tank or where to get them? Don't care if it leaks or rusty.
  15. Patches O'Houlihan ~ The Quilted Jeep

    Did patches make it home