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  1. Aww - Sugar, Sugar

    Enlarge, not empurple.
  2. Aww - Sugar, Sugar

    I think we may be done for the year. Trees aren't giving up much sap and buds are really starting to enlarge. Yesterday we collected maybe 10 gallons of sap. I'll run vacuum again today, bit confidence is pretty low there will be much. Production has been pretty low since the big warm up in February..

    HF = Harbor Freight = Hazard Fraught
  4. St Patty's Day

    My husband owns a garage and he doesn't need a penis.

    Unless you pedal. Then there is a huge amount of options. I'm in the process of doing a rebuild of my XC bike, which includes a Spank Oozy wheelset.
  6. Aww - Sugar, Sugar

    Sap runs have been slow at my place. Had about 75 gallons yesterday, but made 2 gallons of syrup.
  7. Speaking of hybrids

    I've been able to do trips to work and hit mid 50's, but that's going the speed limit. The section of highway between springfield and enfield the slow lane is 80.
  8. Speaking of hybrids

    Here's my observations...during the winter it gets around 40 average, summer I'll routinely see 48 average per tank. My work commute is 25 miles each way split 50/50 backroad and highway.
  9. Speaking of hybrids

    The wife has been driving a priius for 10years now and has been happy with it. It's had routine maintenance, maybe a wheel bearing and has about 230k on it. Her plan is to get another at some point. I've been driving a Malibu hybrid for about a year now and have put about 18k on it. Average mpg since purchase for mine is 44. One of the drawbacks to her priius is the size. I have a tough time getting in and out and feel very cramped once I'm in it. But I'm a bit larger than the average human.
  10. They shot my Hybrid Accord

    I did. I picked up a Malibu hybrid when the vw diesel went back. Gets between 40 to 50 depending on time of year.
  11. Aww - Sugar, Sugar

    That absolutely blows. What was the cause? I came close to cooking a pan once. It was just after startup and there was an ice blockage in the supply line. Tossed a pail of water in just as it started to smoke.
  12. One of my friends is selling a 7x16 7000 lb GVW enclosed trailer. It's a couple of years old, but still in near new shape and has very low miles. I can get more details or put you in contact with him if interested.
  13. 2018 Garden Thread

    I'll take the blueberries
  14. electraFRIDAY

    My next job is retirement at 60. 3 1/2 years to go, unless I get sick of their shiit and walk earlier.