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  1. Today is my FRIDAY

    I'm trying to get a crew together for Sunday to head to Block. So far I have one committed. 2 more slots to fill. And today starts another week of vacation.
  2. NEOW Express - 06/18/18 - CT to Laconia and Back

    Ray, If your looking to move back, Jim Taylor just put in his resignation. His letter to HR consisted of 2 words...I retire.
  3. Brought It Tuesday

    Reason I no longer own bikes
  4. ˙ʎɐpsǝupǝM

    Did you actually paint her claws? I thought my brother was the only one crazy enough to do that. It was tough when we had to put Luna down at 14, but it was time. A couple of months later we found Jack, another yellow lab rescue. Dog has boundless energy. Plays Frisbee and chases balls launched from a wrist rocket and goes for 12 miles Mt bike runs and still wants to play when we get back. Jack is short for jackass or can be used interchangeably with Jerk
  5. BRING IT! Monday

    Today's Google Doodle is the history of Garden Gnomes, for our resident gnome.

    We're heading to Buzzards Bay tomorrow, launching from Taylor Point and will be around Cleveland ledge. JED on channel 68
  7. Friend of mine has a '98 Burb with a 454 he uses to tow a 25' Parker. Truck currently has 298K on it and still runs strong.
  8. THRUSDAY, night of the coon.

    Nothing. You need to heat it to convert the compounds. There are temp charts that define what temp for what effect. Actually that looks like a lump of kale
  9. THRUSDAY, night of the coon.

    Go to taplin in west spfld. They'll take care of you
  10. Titillating Tuesday

    I checked the date and it's Monday
  11. Thorsday (or Friday Eve)

    Nothing electronics won't solve. Radar overlay on the chart. Plus slow going with a lookout. Last year we were out at Block in similar conditions and some clown in a 40 foot center console with quads came ripping through the area at 30+. We could hear him coming, then he suddenly appeared about 50 feet away. Asshat.
  12. Thorsday (or Friday Eve)

    I've been trying to get a crew together for tomorrow to hit Block, but everyone has an excuse. Intel is ssw corner in 60' near the can.
  13. This one will have fenders.....

    I'll make a run to Mark's, but I have nothing for the off road category. In talking with Andy last week he had a typo... called it a fatfender. I think a fatfender is actually a flatfender for a fat guy.
  14. Sunday

    Speaking of rubbing things, my truck is back from paint. 28 hours so far into wet sanding and buffing out. Crew cab with an 8 foot bed is a lot of rubbing. 26 hours and still not complete
  15. Make sure you rub appropriately before smoking. Other than that, I got nothing.