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  1. cmerrick

    Smokers Corner

    Try smoked salmon in a maple brine. Good stuff.
  2. cmerrick


    Fusion is not really an option either, since the the process cannot be sustained.
  3. cmerrick

    Splitting Saturday.

    You haven't priced mountain bikes recently
  4. cmerrick

    110cc moped not sucking fuel

    How's the compression? I don't know anything about those engines, but maybe a valve hanging up or jumped timing? To go from running to dead doesn't really sound like a fuel issue.
  5. cmerrick

    HFB Roy!!!

    You made it to a half century... Congrats
  6. cmerrick

    Looking to borrow Wheelchair

    I've got a loaner power chair. Needs new batteries. Free to use for as long as she needs it.
  7. cmerrick


    Hitting the trails with the bike and dog this morning, splitting wood in the afternoon, then heading to Springfield for the jam fest to check out Quinn Sullivan. Apparently he is an up and coming blues virtuoso.
  8. cmerrick

    Field Trip Friday

    We're in the process of posting for a network admin opening. Questions will be highly technical. The person we hire needs to assume my position in about 3 years.
  9. cmerrick

    Field Trip Friday

    Speaking of field trips, Karl, have you ever been to the keystone arches in Chester, MA? 70 foot high dry laid arch
  10. cmerrick

    You Know What Day It Is

    Charlie can beat my times on climbs, but I still smoke him on the technical trails. If it cools down enough tonight I'll be hitting the trails
  11. cmerrick


    Same here. I'm in the process of building a new RDS environment for our cop shop and they are hot to get it online.
  12. cmerrick

    MVOTN Music Video of the Night

    As does Mojo Nixon and Skid Roper
  13. cmerrick


    I'm trying to come up with a "my husband has wood ..." comment, but I can't form complete sentences yet today.
  14. cmerrick

    Can I hunt on my own land without a license?

    Karl is now a verb?
  15. cmerrick

    September Saturday

    There's a piece of Cowls property out behind our house that I routinely cross to access the bike trails. I was out riding yesterday and the "Welcome and respect signs" that they place around were replaced with "Posted, No Trespass ". Sent Cinda a message and had permission within 10 minutes. One of their parcels on the north side of Belchertown Cowls is proposing to put in a 40acre solar farm, which means clear cut. At town meeting residents approved solar installations and PILOT (payment in lieu of taxes), but now all the NIMBY's are trying get them all shut down. I think they've posted all of their town properties in protest at the attempt of reversal by those groups. what they are proposing is less than 1% of their total land holdings in Belchertown, all of which are open to hunting and recreation.