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  1. Brought It Tuesday

    I spend a lot of time on 2 wheels...whether on my dual sport, street bike or my pedal bike and am well aware it is only a matter of time before i'm involved in an altercation with someone in 4 wheels. The odds are not in my favor....the worst being in Keene is all the fawking round abouts they have constructed lately. Wanna talk about douchery with other drivers...around here we call em suicide circles. I think everyone goes to full retard mode as soon as they pull up to one.
  2. Brought It Tuesday

    Another thing I have noticed since the implementation of the hands free law around here...individuals went from holding their phone up on the steering wheel to text to holding it in their lap with their head down behind the wheel. At least before they had a somewhat better chance of seeing what the hell was going on in front of them. Now they might as well drive blind folded.
  3. Brought It Tuesday

    Seems the driving skills have declined sharply every where. Stop signs are regarded as a yield, yield signs are generally ignored and no one uses their mirrors or directional sisgnal. Most are just pre-occupied with their phones and too busy sending a text to pay attention.
  4. Random Video Of The Day

    It was posted up on a sledding forum...
  5. THRUSDAY, night of the coon.

    The power plant I worked at had massive acreage to mow and had some serious firepower in the mower department. The toro mowed a 14' swath but the Scag turf tiger was the most fun! It had a massive Kohler engine and a 72" deck and would wheelie all day long.
  6. WedNesDay

    Never terribly motivated at my job...burnt out and just want to tell everyone to fawk themselves. Constant "restructure" has culled over 60% of the work force in this office...waiting for my package so I can move on with a pay out.
  7. Titillating Tuesday

    By nature of design aren't all chaps assless?
  8. Random Video Of The Day

    Whats funny is you can snowmobile the border cut and basically weave back and forth between the two countries and CBP wont bother you as there is a neutral area around the border yet here they enforce the 45th parallel line as gospel.
  9. TUESDAY , I think

    The questionable fire was the final event that allowed the exit stage left after all the drama. Accident or jewish lightning whatever the case may be it wiped the slate clean so to speak... For some I guess yeah...the class 6 mapping people are a big reason why so many local people are pissed at all the new traffic their once quiet roads have now because someone went and posted it on the internet as a "legal" place to wheel with your mall crawler. So instead of the local yahoos dumping beer cans on their lawn now they have flatlanders from all the liberal states below that band off roading dumping their junk on them.
  10. TUESDAY , I think

    This was one example of many others and was pretty typical of the attitude towards other people's stuff so to speak. I used to frequent the shop back then and had some mutual friends that worked there as well and this was a big joke at the time. This guy was another victim... http://forums.exploringnh.com/showthread.php?28026-here-is-a-good-story
  11. Roseanne

    Shell just retreat back to her 60 acre nut farm in Hawaii where shes been for the last 20 some odd years...good riddance.
  12. SxS questions

    Did ya wear your cowboy hat?
  13. Thursday

    Bad year for all bugs...
  14. SxS questions

    The main gate openings or the smaller man gate opening?