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  1. Last Will and Testament

    Our first go at it was $500...the lawyer was a family member and we had no kids or assets so it was a simple process. Add a couple of kids and more assets and the revision to the original cost another $1500. Second lawyer was not family and they bill by what seems the minute as well as number of pages and revisions to said pages etc.
  2. Last Will and Testament

    We had ours completed as well as medical power of attorney etc...lawyer fees came to $1500.
  3. RPPOTD: Random Photo Post

    The stacks are the redneck equivalent of the ricer grapefruit launching fart cans from the fast and furious wanna be kids.

    sofa king hot

    snowing here...

    Flu has hit the youngest...him and mom can be miserable together. I figure since it is supposed to be a nice weekend it will punch me in the dick just in time for that.

    Mine might come out this weekend although I might give it another week and let any rain wash away more salt. I dont think this car has seen salt in its 54 year life...

    Yeah confirmed and verified...was the worst case scenario for this flu season. I figured we had dodged that bullet being so late BUT with the weather being the way it has it is basically extending the season from what I understand.

    We all got shots...its a requirement since my wife is high risk for flu by having Rheumatoid Arthritis and the meds for that compromise her immune system. She also has asthma which is one of the underlying conditions that complicate flu symptoms. She got an early test and diagnosis and was prescribed tamiflu early enough so hopefully it doesn't progress to an ER visit.
  10. MONDAY

    Flu hit our household...tested to be the nasty strain that is killing people. Gonna be a long week...
  11. THR

    Seems a little low for the beginning of the season? Whats the mileage?

    I never signed up for the book of faces therefore never developed the feeling that I need it. I dont feel like I am missing out at all...

    Never had good luck with Merill offerings. I have a brand new pair of Gore Tex I have worn maybe 4 times sitting in my closet to remind me how much they such.
  14. White Wendesday

    These are the same idiots eating tide pods and dousing themselves in alcohol and lighting themselves on fire because hey saw it on youtube
  15. White Wendesday

    I think we got maybe 5 inches here...not going to bother plowing at this point...moved enough of my drive way into the lawn.