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  1. POS_YJ

    Keep'in It Classy, New Haven

    I had friends...good hard working family folks that went in for a back operation and came out a junkie. From the moment they took that first pill they might as well put a pistol to their head. Some made others not so much. My wife had a major operation 2 years ago...they sent her home with enough Oxy medicate a large animal for 2 weeks. She never took one being afraid of being one of the ones that cant stop. Still amazed me how much they prescribed though and wtf did they USED to give for pain after a major operation BEFORE the development of the oxy?
  2. POS_YJ

    ISO Yakima or Thule Rack Expert

    Nothing more annoying then when you want to back an actual boat trailer in at the boat landing and there are a couple of lezbaru's camped out in the way spending 25 minutes fiddly fawking around with their roof mounted boat elevators to load a couple of kayaks.
  3. POS_YJ

    I need some well work

    The location of the well prohibited fracking.
  4. POS_YJ

    I need some well work

    Our old drilled well failed 2 years ago...12k later for a new well. That brought the such...
  5. POS_YJ

    RPPOTD: Random Photo Post

    My favorite Sunday brunch is Steak, eggs and beans with a beer...
  6. POS_YJ

    Random Video Of The Day

    He's one of those D bags that sees the sign that says left lane ends 1 1/2 miles ahead and immediately tries to pass as many as he can before the lane ends then completely fawks up traffic by merging last minute...sucks he had to fawk up a nice car in the process.
  7. POS_YJ

    I need some well work

    bleach down the well then run the water continuously to flush it out. You should also wash down the sides of the well with the chlorinated water with a hose from the pressure tank.
  8. POS_YJ

    Must Be Tuesday

    I wasn't trying to get into a discussion of certified versus experimental. I just asked what it was he built as many people "build" cubs just like people build jeeps since there are about as many mods that can be done to them that is all. For the record I have been a licensed pilot and mechanic for the last 23 years so no need for the education.
  9. POS_YJ

    Must Be Tuesday

    Correct but many planes have been re-built from parts or a basket case and are still a certified aircraft in the end. If the owner works with an A&P and he signs the logs there are no issues. I have signed off on a few J3's I helped the owner rebuild in his basement that are still flying today.
  10. POS_YJ

    YJ ice cram run build

    I run a 4150 Holley 750 double pumper with mechanical secondary's and an electric choke on my Nova...once I got it set up the thing runs with no issues and starts first try every time even when hot. As far as the power valves the later versions did not have the power valve issue with back fires...they changed the design on those. Regardless of how well it runs I am still saving for a sniper EFI set up. I had a cj with a v8 swap way back and it had a similar carb as yours...no issues once it was adjusted. I could be a little ornery trying to climb or bumpy trails...flooding was the biggest issue but for the tamer stuff it worked well.
  11. POS_YJ

    Must Be Tuesday

    Experimental...any idea what it was?
  12. POS_YJ

    I think it's Tuesday

    I have an ex from way back that had two older sisters that were absolute wh*res. She cheated on me and ended up leaving me for this other guy so I hooked up with both the older sisters...although not at the same time. Turns out the guy she cheated and left me for was married...so she came back to reconcile. I played along long enough for some post breakup, makeup sex and while I had her bent over I asked why she isn't into anal like her sisters. Needless to say that was the end of that relationship...we did not remain friends.
  13. POS_YJ

    Way early Wednesday

    Roundup kills it at the root. I have used it in the spring, summer and fall with good results and I use it on both the bittersweet and poison ivy around my place. It's gone gone...that stuff is nasty. I have found the premixed stuff although much more expensive than the concentrated works the best. I have had to apply 2-3 times with the concentrated I mixed to get results where the ready to spray is a one time application. Probably end up with cancer down the road from it now...
  14. POS_YJ


    My gamble is price rises not drops in the fall...
  15. POS_YJ

    Going fishing sunday

    And a side of statins?