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  1. diesel trucks pros and cons

    The old timer that plows the roads in my home town runs the 911 all winter long. He says why wait till its gelled...put it in ahead of time and not worry about it. Says he's never had an issue...
  2. Tropical Tuesday

    Cant plow the driveway with the bike.
  3. Tropical Tuesday

    Battery in the truck was over 7 years old and starting to show signs of distress in the cold temps. Dropped in a new Intersate Megatron Plus battery last week and that spins it over like a champ...cold be dammed.
  4. Snowmobiles

    The new rider forward sleds are no comparison to the older style sit on the couch and ride machines. 300 mile days even in some of the bumpiest riding won't bring the such and back pain the next day like it used to.
  5. 21/12/17 Thursday !

    The ignitor needs to pull a certain amperage to open the gas safety valve but the burner was full of black soot so it was not lighting equally.
  6. 21/12/17 Thursday !

    fawking gas oven tried to remove my wifes head this morning...fortunately just a little singed hair was the result. Now oven wont work at all...ignitor appears to have shat the bed. Off to find one of those...typical an important piece of dinner making equipment decides to take a dump before the big holiday cooking marathon.
  7. Snowmobiles

    My kids rode the 120 from about age 4 until7 then I picked up an old Polaris indy lite 340 for 500 bucks. It's the perfect transition sled...much smaller chassis than the other 340-370 class machines. That new cat 200 is pretty neat but at over $3500 bucks i'll take my $500 machine any day especially the way the kids have a tendency to hit things. Not to mention I'll most likely get at least what I paid for it when I go to sell it which can;t be said for the 200. Hell I had 2 120's at one point...just sold one for $300 more than I paid 3 years go for it.
  8. WTF Thurs.

    At least your town remembers how to plow. Around here they just dump massive amounts of chemical before during and after to burn the snow off. They'll be b*tching come January they are low on salt
  9. Snowmobiles

    Never ask permission...my new sleds just show up. Hopefully by the time she notices it's not that "new" any more.
  10. weird phone call

    sounds like a scam...some one probably spoofed his number from his linked in.
  11. My boys LOVED those things...best part of buying cool toys is I get to play with them too. I started buying my kids the Lego technics sets when they were much younger than the recommended ages and they have no problem assembling them at 6 and 8. I also bought them real tools but supervision is needed or else YOU will end up fixing the important stuff they tend to destroy.
  12. neow first: knife sharpener.

    Do you know what angle the blades are currently ground to? Some are 15* and most are 20* need to have a sharpener to match the current angle.
  13. Which caliber for home defense?

    NH has a pretty strong castle doctrine as well as stand your ground laws outside of the domicile.
  14. NEOW First: Tractor

    This on tracks.
  15. household propane gas stove installation

    Does it have a pilot or an electric ignitor? My oven uses the electric ignitor...turn oven on and the ignitor glows. There is a heat sensor that detects the ignitor is working and hot and turns the gas on. My dryer uses the same kind of system and we have had to replace it soon after buying the thing. I have also had issues with bugs plugging up the vent hole on the regulator causing gas flow issues but if your top burners work fine that won;t be an issue.