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  1. Wednesday 1/17/2018

    Double the length but ayuh! She’s right on the money Bub!
  2. Wednesday 1/17/2018

    Well it’s really just a long ftreadmill from the pile to the porch. The s ow blower might be a support structure
  3. Wednesday 1/17/2018

    Treadmill snowblower has me thinking of a sweet contraption for moving firewood
  4. Bella Belben

    Service Dog = LOTS of documented training and time - Documented - Purpose built & trained Therapy pet = It has a vest and I want it because I'm so fawked up this thing keeps me on an even keel - There are some very well trained Therapy dogs out there. Therapy pigs, ducks, etc, maybe not so much... Other = Think of a well behaved child that keeps its hands to itself and is polite and asks for nothing - unless it needs to potty - Now think of the opposite of that. That's the range of "pets" If was a retail operator I know what types I want in my store and types I don't - there's a bowl of water there for a reason. But no piddle pads inside...
  5. what forum is Belben on now??

    Cause it's way to far in to not gay it up a la NEOW. Good to see you again sir - all fawkity up or not - your wood & garden posts are truly appreciated by me - I don't dig or cut but I love watching the progress - I'd like to see deer stand pics too - arch of excellence in deer stand construction. "Elegant" comes to mind. Politics are always fun but IRDGAF who takes over after I'm dead. Until then I'll be an Issac Davis to those that understand. I'm not a church guy got but I got an ear full when I was young: Peace be with you Neighbor.
  6. Bella Belben

    That's a great place to be on terra - The memories in the hearts for your family are greater in spirit. Seems to be the cycle - I'm just getting one, lots seem to be leaving - here and other places I know. A lot of the "leaving" info has impact - I hope to set up a great leaving for my new little one. That aside, I know the pain - you did better than I did all those years ago.

    I'd bet the part you can see was closest to land and the other part is further down stream - Take a ride, go find your stuff! 4" is what you need to walk on - get a spud bar and don't go alone.

    Why don't you post up ads for your missing boats/gear? Reward for the Alden Merrill cake boat, etc.
  9. Sunday.

    Put the plate on the counter - then take it off the plate on the counter like a serving platter. She never works off the bone - so I get 1.5 pork chops every time! Rib eye...I think I need to defrost some meat.
  10. RPPOTD: Random Photo Post

    By the time you can, bring a chain saw and cut it out for a retrieval...So Tuesday or so. Or just put in the insurance claim...
  11. Sunday.

    Dog Training = Awesome time best thing Ive done in my life since “girls aren’t icky anymore”.
  12. What is it?

    You have my attention, go on... Not really - I just went for the NEOW funny
  13. Sunday

    What are the odds one of the GF's will just show up?

    I know a textbook OSHA hole...
  15. Tiwesdæg

    Type in Feb - ru - ary = hoo hoo dilly... and if it doesn't yet, it will tomorrow...