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  1. 2zdey

    How exactly do you make a thing a "project" after only 10 years of life? Some folks doo-dee on everything they own - neglect, ignore, abuse. Kids - Take care of your property - vehicles, house, home, kids, etc. Jeebus it's not damning hard - it's what you should do. Or everything you own is disposable - including the aforementioned vehicles, house, home, kids, etc. We all know one or Seven - Your call Y'All.
  2. 2zdey

    Cut the cat out and have it towed...

    I'm older than my age - I know that if there is something I do not want to be left unsaid - I. will. say. it. If I don't call, if I don't talk to you. if I don't interact with you - its because my hair is a certain color and I do not want the strife in my life that comes with you. A few years ago I was not the same man. Sorry, I'm not sorry I'm me - you earned being ignored by me. Same way you didn't call me.
  4. NETFLIX Binge

    FWIW, You're the best tech resource I know - sure I give you doo-dee, if I didn't I wouldn't care - It's not like "I have a husband who is a tech and he doesn't belong to a club" or something... You're glue here makes all us other blocks stick together - no mistake, us schmucks need you. There - I said it - All you other Schmucks, you're welcome.

    WTF kinda porn name is that? Or is it food related?
  6. Penny, Judy or the Mom?

    Don't know any of them...gonna need pics.

    Weber WSM 22" for $150 Yeah, that happened today before noon...
  8. The Great Cow Race - gewglesit
  9. Fridgid Friday

    Part of me wants to find an Unlimited and make a fun bus out of it; part of me doesn't.

    When I find my case, you will be the first I come for - you will not see me until it's too late. Fact.

    I'm told I look like Jean Reno on a regular basis - I'm still looking for the right case to carry so everyone knows to leave me alone...
  12. I don't see myself using one very much but I've got to strip paint off a concrete floor - multiple layers. Recommend something that won't break the bank but is good for more than 1 use as well...

    Protectin', servin'...
  14. Here chick chick chick!

    What do you call a muddy hen that crosses the street and then back again? A Dirty Double-crosser...
  15. Tax Deadline Tuesday