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  1. Sunday

    Damnit Jim, I"m a doctor not a Bee Keeper!
  2. Eclipse viewing

    I have not had enough coffee to find the joke about you and a helmet with integral dimming ability...
  3. Eclipse viewing

    A day without a night and a night without a day.
  4. Sunday

    agenda - they haz one...
  5. Friday

    TTIUWOP DEREK x 3 banghead too many more to list emote lives matter... god cob gotta god cob
  6. 2020 presidential BS thread

    my parents immigrated here - legally in 1952 - sometime later I was born. I'm a male - but if you really want to trace my lineage I'm about 1/8% aboriginal to the continent - back then Indian's weren't popular so let's hide it by saying [something less provocative]. So ya - I'm 1/8 native/aboriginal/persona non grata - whatever you kids call it these days I'm a 50 year old white guy - name 3 groups that like me that do not want money from me - ready - GO!
  7. WED

    It's an oooold Hatch quote from when we all wheeled...
  8. Friday

    Saved for posterity
  9. WED

    " I"m not gay, I was acting."
  10. The OFFICIAL CraigsList Deals Thread

    Yup - I'm by that place all the time - rarely see the gates open at his place - looks great from what I've seen tho - he has/had the Jeepster too.

    Excedrine has caffine too...
  12. When technology bytes

    Are you safe Miss Gredenko? Ms. Gredenko are you safe?

    Kick her out - tell her to leave a $20 on the dresser...
  14. WED

    No Ma'am, we're musicians.
  15. WED

    "and the Dutch."