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  1. Sprocket

    The OFFICIAL CraigsList Deals Thread

    Either of you guys seen the /od green CJ-7 driven by that young lady? She's in Bev - I see her at Henry's once in a while...
  2. Sprocket

    Way early Wednesday.

    And no - not dfrink - just over-tired, over thinking and over BS drama of staff changes at work 4 out 3 in this week - I'm more about parking lot bingo than staff at this point. We have at least 3 cars towed a week - my perfect bingo card is Lexus, silver, black, NH plates, SUV or cross over - European cars are a bingo
  3. Sprocket

    Way early Wednesday.

    The term is "Obfuscating" Spelling Bee Contestant, "Put in a sentence please." Judge, "Obfuscating - Fred was Obfuscating on NEOW and only 3 people got the joke. - Obfuscating" Spelling Bee Contestant: "You've got to be Obfuscating me" Judge, "CORRECT!"
  4. Sprocket

    Way early Wednesday.

    Those Jeeps are somebody's daughter but I still want pics.
  5. Sprocket

    Keep'in It Classy, New Haven

    A very local was quoted as saying, "Frank Pepe patrons are not in danger." Cowbell banging in the background - "Don't fear the pizza. You'll be able to park. Don't fear the pizza. You can eat like they are" Nobody is quite sure WTF that means but don't do drugs.
  6. Sprocket

    Way early Wednesday.

    No good deed goes unpunished and so on...You know that! In other news: A random Baller shows up and says, "Take me to a desert island and just talk with me - Take me on an ocean cruise." You don't quite know what to do but you know it's special and you'll never forget it. It kind of grounds you and brings a peace of mind about what friendship really means and how "family" should be - It's not all, "You Penis-Top Rain-Bringer! Wahhhhh!" - Oh sure, you have the right to rag on me - because you show the Love too - and sometimes you need to call out the Penis-Top Rain-Bringer types to show it. Ima sell my snowblower and buy a brand new one at 5X the price so it wont snow this year - Yer all welcome.
  7. Sprocket


    Shut off the hot water heater...
  8. Sprocket

    Sunday Funday

    Got to shake hands with a well know NEOW-er today and got some maple yummy stuff to boot. I call it a win despite the rain.
  9. Sprocket

    North Shore Jeep shop???

    Well the front end I'll recommend Callahan's Auto - Woburn - yes , it's a small ride but they are my local honest mechanics - I've been going there for years for regular maintenance & repairs. They are actually great friends of mine. As for tire selection, we all know how that goes - is she looking for road, A/T or M/T? Size? Mods - such as? 2" lift of higher?
  10. Sprocket


    Dominoes for a cross-fit gym...
  11. Sprocket

    North Shore Jeep shop???

    Honest Engine ain't gonna give you up Honest Engine ain't gonna let you down Honest Engine ain't gonna run around and desert you Honest Engine ain't gonna make you cry Honest Engine ain't gonna say goodbye Honest Engine ain't gonna tell a lie and hurt you We may make fun but the Honest Engine is no joke, and he's a Jeep guy.
  12. Sprocket

    North Shore Jeep shop???

    Pioneer closed many many moons ago...A decade or so. What is the real expected outcome? What year Jeep and so on...
  13. Sprocket

    RPPOTD: Random Photo Post

    Someday I want to develop a vehicle called a "Hootus" - it will be pre-Herc'd...
  14. Sprocket

    Hump Me Day

    And that's my new word of the day... Kerning In typography, kerning (less commonly mortising) is the process of adjusting the spacing between characters in a proportional font, usually to achieve a visually pleasing result. Kerning adjusts the space between individual letter forms, while tracking (letter-spacing) adjusts spacing uniformly over a range of characters.
  15. Sprocket

    Hump Me Day

    My husband has a shop and doen't need a 4 post bed to make my daughters rack...or something - wait, wut!?