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  1. wetskier2000

    Where’s Disapear Skier?

    Thanks Frank. Without Belben, Phil or me things must be kind of quiet. No wholesale yet. Lots of TJ, JK, Jeep aftermarket stuff...
  2. wetskier2000

    Where’s Disapear Skier?

    Glad to see you guys are NEOW'in as expected... The new gig is a real challenge, but truly fun at the same time. And working with a bunch of motorheads is pretty cool too. I drove Buford to my alternate office in Westford last week and the number of noses pressed against the glass was impressive. Roy and Phil... I can see that. Oh... coulda been a large door or a small implement.... and I 'spose I should plug the new gig too.... 1A Auto for your internet parts need. Mostly later model, DD, popular model stuff as we keep it all in stock. Also some resto bits like carpets... IT and car parts, what could be better???
  3. wetskier2000

    Where’s Disapear Skier?

    JFN at my backdoor? Didn't even feel it.
  4. wetskier2000

    shathole camper wanted

    I'd be interested to know if the pipe dream is over.
  5. wetskier2000

    shathole camper wanted

    Roy, 20x8 would suffice.. Why is it a PITA? I'm thinking sawzall and dumpster.
  6. wetskier2000

    shathole camper wanted

    wheels on the dock go round and round in the yard just fine, but thru downtown Nashua not so much.. You ain't wheeling a dock up a 30 foot embankment very easily. What do you guys know about wheeling?
  7. I need a trailer that can carry 1000 lbs and is 28 feet long on the cheap. It will be used to carry a section of dock twice a year and be sitting otherwise. Since it will get stuffed into the river on those 2 outings, I'm thinking a shathole camper that I strip for such use...
  8. wetskier2000

    Non title NH car to Mass??

    worse yet.. it's a town employee. Potential buyer verified with Mass DMV. Current NH registration and B.O.S.
  9. wetskier2000

    Non title NH car to Mass??

    An acquaintance antique car guy says NH titled all his cars including a tin Lizzy.
  10. wetskier2000

    Sunday beotches

    New job tomorrow AM! I'm still kind of dumbfounded about this... It's a Business Analyst gig for the car parts business! What could be better for a guy like me? Shameless plug... Need parts that can wait til tomorrow? 1AAuto.com !!! I suspect I'll be laying even lower on NEOW than I have been in recent weeks. I'll check in on you guys occasionally.
  11. wetskier2000

    Non title NH car to Mass??

    Never had a NH title, Jazzy.
  12. wetskier2000

    Non title NH car to Mass??

    yes, the Mustang
  13. wetskier2000

    Non title NH car to Mass??

    What would Mass require for a currently registered 1994 car from NH to transfer ownership? The Mass website would lead you to believe it can't be done for a car newer than 1980.
  14. wetskier2000

    Judge Harry Stone WNBDFB

    RIP, Harry...
  15. wetskier2000

    Moist Monday

    Did nut job show up or just as a precaution?