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    came home with a wittle tummy ache... so I finally cleaned the 1911.
  2. Your Aluminum fishing boat??

    Hey Roy, weren't you hawking an outboard motor a while back?
  3. Your Aluminum fishing boat??

    Deal. Send pictures of boat.
  4. Your Aluminum fishing boat??

    No irony at all... A Ski Nautique is not suited for this task in any way, shape or form. The boat that I own that is suited for this disappeared with said dock.
  5. Your Aluminum fishing boat??

    Who has an aluminum fishing boat with a reliable outboard that wants a real adventure? The mission? Go find my dock on the Merrimack River and tow it to my house. Simple, right? Not exactly.. It could be anywhere between Hudson and Lowell or gone completely to Newburyport. There is still some ice coming down the river, although probably navigable w/o hitting to much of it. It's getting fairly sparse. What could go wrong? Who is in?

    Roll of quarters?

    This dock has been in successfully for 12 years, it's far to big to pull. It's predecessor was in for 8 years before that and has been the neighbor's dock since.

    State Farm just called they will pay out the full value of the policy on the Alden Whitehall rowing shell and not deduct the $250 deductible. They only wanted answers to a couple simple questions. The boat had it's own policy. IMHO, this is exactly what they should do, but I give them credit for what appears to be no BS and handling it quickly. Here's hoping there might be similar results on the separate dock claim.
  9. Tow Dolly and wheelbase

    You shoulda taken those roof racks off the VW, would have been more aerodynamic.

    This part failed, so sad... "HARD LONG STROKE OSC ROLLER "
  11. Wednesday 1/17/2018

    Mower Snower Blower
  12. Tow Dolly and wheelbase

    If the towed vehicle is 4000 lbs, I suspect a tow dolly is several hundy then you're pushing that 4700 number. My next thought is: How far and how fast? Backroads under 40MPH and < 40 or 50 miles? Maybe. Highway travel or long distances, I'd look for other solutions. Do tow dollys have brakes?
  13. Tow Dolly and wheelbase

    I gotta wonder which would wag the dog more, trailer or tow dolly when pushing the limits of the tow vehicle. What's the FJ rated for and what's it weigh?
  14. diesel trucks pros and cons

    Diesel Service
  15. The OFFICIAL CraigsList Deals Thread

    Inflatable wanted??????????? What?!?!? https://worcester.craigslist.org/boa/d/wanted-center-console/6462643469.html