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  1. LSD - not what it meant in the 60s

  2. LSD - not what it meant in the 60s

    It seems the "professional" the wife hired to install her new Mustang gears failed to add the magic LSD potion. The mighty JFN was kind enough to verify this for me yesterday and provide a bottle of said substance. After adding the stuff the ratcheting from the rear end is gone. The gears have been in there for a year and maybe 500-1000 miles. Do I need to be concerned about clutch wear? Should I be having a "chat" with the installer? Thanks again, JFN!!!
  3. Do people care about how thier undercarriages look?

    admittedly, that's one thing that's very nice about taking Buford to car shows in his current state... A little Windex to clean the bugs off the windshield and head out. No washing, waxing or cleaning my undercarriage.

    He checked it and suggested lubrication.,

    I'm sure open to any suggestions... We tried the coastal route which really was very nice, but the mall-ish areas on 13 in DE kinda sucked towing a boat. It does, however, cut out much of 95 in VA, Bal-Wash and Maryland. I'm not sold on the Western route in Feb towing a boat due to big hills and potential for WX.
  6. P0325 and p0400

    ALWAYS inspect the title too.

    your mammaries are plenty fresh. My rear end is not a topic you know about yet.

    always... I'm having the WS replaced in the Mustang in Dunbarton this afternoon. If I get out of there early enough thought I might swing by, show you my rear end and leave $20 on your TPS dresser. But my schedule is too fluid right now to nail anything down.

    You at the shop all day today?
  10. Thirstday

    Yeah, I'm the guy that walks out of the office on those sunny NH, 100+ degree days, holds out his arms and says "Ahhhhhhhh".
  11. FRIDAY

    I think I just peed myself a little!!!!!!!!!
  12. Thirstday

    Prolly not going to happen with our differences in breathing abilities and love/hate of AC. Birding is probably the best I can hope for.
  13. FRIDAY

    Bal-Wash traffic is the remaining area we haven't figured out a good solution to for Fl trips yet...
  14. New gig

    This all sounds like a recipe for office personnel that don't know which end of a screwdriver to use. Pretty sad...
  15. Thirstday

    We've considered that, but for 2 weeks of vacation, it just doesn't make sense. If we were snowbirds, I could see it.