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  1. Judge Harry Stone WNBDFB

    RIP, Harry...
  2. Moist Monday

    Did nut job show up or just as a precaution?
  3. Faryedey

    I'm doubtful that I could get a magnet on it with the current... maybe if it was on a pole instead of a rope.... hmmmm... it's 12 feet down.
  4. Faryedey

    Nope, fortunately, I'm smart enough not to take my Snap on ratchets to the dock. Although, it was a Craftsman that I kind liked...
  5. Faryedey

    Offer I was expecting just came in, sounds like my little sabbatical is nearly over... In other news... River 1, 3/8 ratchet 0.
  6. Faryedey

    Can you carry to work?
  7. Your Aluminum fishing boat??

    If only... Mr. DES, I have removed my testicles and placed them in this box for you. Is that enough to get a permit for a boat house? I'm sorry sir that offering is far too small (and they belong to your wife).... Essentially a floating boat house is what I had... Although without a "permanent canopy" cuz NH DES doesn't allow "permanent canopies"....
  8. Rinnai furnace and hot water

    Should I toss this piece of junk in the landfill or just leave it in Doosh's front yard?
  9. Your Aluminum fishing boat??

    Fresh... I see you haven't been out on our river... Just a matter of a week or two and the boat is filthy. Even in the pristine northern lakes the boats get a film on them that's hard to remove. There's a reason people are surprised when I tell them the Nautique is 21 years old. A lift also keeps the boat from bouncing into the dock constantly although mooring whips can work also for that.
  10. Your Aluminum fishing boat??

    Starting to take shape... Damn that dude looks tired!
  11. Wednesday

    and who does he think he's going to kid??
  12. Central VT heavy transport AKA Neow Express????

    what is the motor in this diamond in the rough?
  13. Central VT heavy transport AKA Neow Express????

    But if he insisted on brakes, bring a new Ebrake cable, install that, done... (avoid tailgating)
  14. Central VT heavy transport AKA Neow Express????

    over rated
  15. Central VT heavy transport AKA Neow Express????

    BTW: Marmon Harringtons are fairly rare. 5 gallon gas gan straight to carb, check. Oil, check. Mexican blanket over cat piss seat, check. Fake Finnegan beard (if you don't have one already), check. Fryeberger shorts and flip flips, check. ....and the body that *should* got on it! CHECK PLEASE!