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  1. You can also get any of my full size pods in flush mount as well. I have a round pod coming out soon too.
  2. This is the flush mount for the mini, this particular picture shows it with the scene reflector, you can also get it in the flood reflector style. The difference between the 2 is total distance vs width. The scene does a terrific job as a back up light for trail use etc, if you were putting this in a plow truck for plowing parking lots, etc. then the flood would give you more distance.
  3. And thats a direct result of cheap lights. The low quality lights out there don't have good reflectors with real focus. They have that "dot matrix" pattern in the reflector cone. All that does is scatter the light in every direction, not necessarily where you want it. It makes it seem like a wall of light 50 feet away, but doesn't do much any further than that. The flood reflectors in my lights have vertical steps to direct the beam to the desired width (40 degrees for flood), or have an oblong shape in the case of the driving lights. This focuses all the light to where you want it giving you a true focused beam, that can reach much farther, but because of the focus. As for the asshats, well they are just proud of the junk they got at wallyworld and want everyone to know it.
  4. I carry 2" mini's in both a pod type mount and a flush mount. They are 20 watt lights and super bright for their size. The "scene" style lights up a general area with a good width, while the "flood" style gives you more distance. If you have a rubi anniversary/hard rock style rear bumper, I just got in some of the pass inserts, I am installing lights into and will be available shortly.
  5. I have a new company many of you may already know about, Competition LED. The website is competition led Yes I know there are a million LED companies out there, but after dealing with some, I thought I could bring a better product to the market, and for less money. My lights are not the ebay/craigslist specials that are out there. They are legit, high quality lights that will compete with the big companies like rigid, kc, and visionx etc. I know some of you are immediately gonna say, I can get a 50" light bar for $200 on ebay, and yes you can, but sadly my 10" light bar will blow it away. On the real end of the scale, my 50" is more powerful than the rigid equivalent in a side by side test. I am working on some product videos and doing some real world testing with a lux meter, so there will be more info soon. And btw my 50" is half the price of rigids. If you have any questions, you can shoot me an email or call at 508-356-4455. Thank you!