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  1. jon87yj

    (4-5) 6 lug,15x8 wheels 3.5 - 3.75 backspacing

    Sorry. Don’t check here often these days. I have 2sets of 15x10s with 3.5” back spacing. Aluminum Outlaw II. I also have a set of 4 staun beadlocks that can go with 1 set. Two new never installed and two used. The other sets been sold. (Actually 15x7s)
  2. jon87yj

    (4-5) 6 lug,15x8 wheels 3.5 - 3.75 backspacing

    I have a bunch of 15x8 and 15x10s. Set of stain bead locks for the 10s ill get measurements tomorrow.
  3. jon87yj

    WTB Aluminum 15x7 6 lug rims

    I have a set of Wagoneer factory wheels in Billerica, MA. Turbine style. sent you a PM
  4. jon87yj

    33 to 37" tires for 15" rims

    road use or woods rig? I have a set of 35 x15 TSLs. not road worthy but fine for a woods rig. price is right too.
  5. jon87yj

    WTB 6 x 5.5 wheel spacers

    Depends on what jeep.... Wagoneers were 6 lug. In my case the jeep isn't stock and has a Waggy front and Isuzu rodeo rear - 6x5.5.
  6. jon87yj

    WTB 6 x 5.5 wheel spacers

    I have a set about to come off my jeep. I think they are 1.5"
  7. jon87yj

    Tank - 275gal HHO

    Empty. If no one's going to use as a tank it will become a fire pit.
  8. I have a used 275gallon home heating oil tank that I am no longer using after converting to Gas. its about 7 years old and was an indoor tank. anyone have any use for it before I dispose of it?
  9. jon87yj

    Any recommendations for a Jeep dealer?

    My past interactions with Quirk in Braintree were horrendous. To the point that I called the cops on them (wouldn't give me back my license and let me leave). I gave them another try and the idiot internet sales guy couldn't read my bulleted list of requirements the first or second time I sent them to him. My online dealings the past few days with quirk in Marshfield have been great though. If Hassan in quincy or the old dealer in Hanover,MA were still open I wouldn't have needed to ask.
  10. jon87yj

    6x5.5 1.5" Wheel Spacers

    i have 2 sets I will be pulling off shortly. j
  11. jon87yj

    CJ Steering Shaft

    i have one $20?
  12. Looking to buy a new jeep for the wife. Wife is 8 months pregnant with twins so I want to show up and make a deal. not play bullpoop games. I haven't dealt with a jeep dealership in years and all of the ones I had previously enjoyed dealing with for parts or service related issues are gone due to the Chrysler downsizing. (Quincy, Hanover) Any recommendations for a Dealer in Eastern Mass that you have had favorable dealings with? Anybody work for one? I would love to at least give the commission to someone in the "family" I am in the metronorth area, but willing to drive to go someplace and not deal with an idiot. J
  13. jon87yj

    WTB: YJ/CJ parts

    Any way to get that seat? :maine: Seems I have a bunch of doo-dee for you, too. I still have it. Just not enough hours in the day to check here.
  14. jon87yj

    PDF drawings to CAD files

    I flipped my 300 with just a clocking ring and made some custome shifters. No leaks at all. its not worth the time and effort.
  15. It was a good year for us. Nice after last year. Car is silly fast in the rough. Completely ran out of motor.