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  1. Double ended steering Cyls

    Lol dirty old man. Jason
  2. Double ended steering Cyls

    Valve to run them. Based on the buggys I've been on the trails most use the smallest style snout on the orbital vavle and seem to steer fast or as fast as needed, and they ( Sean Haluch, Miguel, Adam Bates ) all run 2.5" double ended cylinders. It's not the size of the valve itself it's the size of the snout or the front half of the valve aka the snout that meters the fluid and speed from lock to lock. That's what I picked up when I worked for CAT, I've seen 966 loaders with the same style valve just a 8" long snout. And yes they turn fast, from 9 o'clock to 3 o'clock your lock to lock. So to answer your question I would say an average Charlynn open center valve would push plenty of fluid for these to work. But maybe call to PSC or another company might lay it out better for you John. Jason
  3. Med duty truck axles

    10/fur Ken and thank you John axles are sold. Jason.
  4. I got two double ended steering cylinders I pulled off of a CAT 420 backhoe, basically a ZF front axle. Anyways they are 2.5" body's, 10" stroke and 1.5" chrome. The tie rod ends are still tight and the new boot seals and clips can be bought from CAT or any ZF dealer. Asking 350.00 for the pair and I have all the parts numbers for the seal for TREs. I have pics but can't load them up till I resize them. Pm me and I can text them to ya. Jason
  5. Med duty truck axles

    Hey John, I got two trainings this weekend with my fire department. But both of those I'm normally done by 2:00 in the afternoon. Or really any time after 3:00 during the week. Cool looking truck, that's why I saved them. I will pm you my number. Jason.
  6. XJ aw4 with t-case

    Frank, I will take a look and let you know. Ken as far as I know the dash and columnm are in great shape. I haven't driven the Jeep in a year so I kinda forgot what it looked like. I know it's a tilt column, grey and brake assembly it's all there and worked. Jason
  7. I got a set of Med duty truck axles I pulled out a 4bt FedEx truck. The front is a 6 lug disc brake beam style axle. The rear is a very large Dana 70 rear with the same ( Ford 60 ) duel piston disc brakes. The gears are 4.10. the front us a 32" spring peatch center, the rear is 41". Both axles are pulled and ready for pick up, I can load with a skid steer or picker. I have the 6 19.5" 6 lug steel rims that go with it. Asking 400.00 obo. I have plenty of pics if you need more. Will consider trades, try me. Jason.
  8. XJ aw4 with t-case

    I got a complete 99 XJ, take it away for 250.00 Jason.
  9. Just waiting to here back from my friend, if he gets back to me I will pm you for a number, thanks. Jason
  10. Thanks Jim I forget about that one, I just forwarded that to him. I think he saw the one on CL, but thanks for post. Keep them coming guys thanks. Jason.
  11. Bench seat for my 78 F250

    Looking for a good and some what modern option for a bench seat for my 78 F-250, current seat is around 60" long. Would like to find a seat that has a 3rd option fold down center console/seat, can be cloth or other, but no rips or gouges. Doesn't have to be from a Ford either, GM or Dodge is fine as long as it fits. Or if you know of a good option that others have tried, don't mind drilling my floor either. Jason.
  12. Like the title says looking for a Samurai for a friend, don't care the year or really the body condition as long as the drivetrain is complete and has a title. Paperwork is very important. Jason.
  13. Selling a very good used set of Fox 2.0 air shocks, 14" travel. No dings or dents on the body's or chrome rods. I have Mis spacer for the rod ends. Asking 400.00 for the pair. Jason
  14. Ya but everything I have in trade is what is on your list of "no wants" lol, other than a garage full of parts and stuff. Jason.