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  1. preach

    Looking for parts

    I don't think a roll bar to the head would hurt you.
  2. preach

    1984 CJ7 Renegade

    Love a 2100.
  3. preach

    1984 CJ7 Renegade

    Very nice!
  4. preach

    Touring the country road trip

    I am about to come home 3300 miles. This time I am looking for the best roads in the states I pass through. The pinnacle will be The Tail of the Dragon I think, but Blue Ridge Highway and some other spots will be in the mix.
  5. preach

    Would you use this tire

  6. preach


  7. preach

    1968 K20 (wrecker) Might be of interest.
  8. preach

    Sheet metal clamps

    Sweet. thank you.
  9. preach

    Sheet metal clamps

    Anyone know where to find these clamps? Pic shows the bottom with the removable block in the metal but you can see the whole clamp in the red bin as well:
  10. preach

    The "un, err now authorized" MJ build...

    Please paint it in there too.
  11. preach


    12.5hr I think it's time to make the Cayman louder and faster.
  12. preach

    Monday Monday Monday

    This. I think I am 12+ hrs a day x 7 days/week for about the next 6 weeks. FiWi (Fawk it, Work it).
  13. preach

    Satisfying Saturday

    She came out for 10 days. So far. She'll come out for the drive home too, I plan on zigzagging a little to see stuff.