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  1. 1965 Jeep J2000

    It clearly does not exist Dave...
  2. The OFFICIAL Jobs thread

    Shipyard is hiring people of the geek... c109 DHA flyer PRINT.pdf
  3. Sunday. 4/15.

    Hi. Big day today I hope, I heard about a road up in the hills...
  4. 2020 presidential BS thread

    on point.
  5. 1965 Jeep J2000

  6. Faryedey

    Morning. Back to day shift Monday. Megan is here in 8 days, can't wait.

    87* at my apt in La Mesa today.

    Yayer, San Diego!
  9. Random Video Of The Day
  10. Saturday 3/31/18

    I would pimp their sports car in a sec if I had the money.
  11. Saturday 3/31/18

    I need to stop looking for CTS-Vs in Cali on craigslist... I have a friend that has a STI that does 12.99s at NED, every time he beats me puts me closer to a 1khp cts-v. Yep, I'd run a 6-speed, because god wanted men to drive a standard. I bet Meg would be perfectly happy to chase me home in a CTS-V.
  12. Saturday 3/31/18

    Good morning. Got a 2pm-3am shift coming up starting tomorrow and lasting 'til Tuesday night. Ka-ching! Golden egg for Easter! I was really hoping for Sunday off so I can do an oil change in the Cayman. I got about 200 miles to do it, but I am putting that + on in a week. Next Sunday.

    That thing is sick.

    Home late from work 1:30am, someone is in my assigned parking spot. Waited for a tow truck for 30 mins... nothing. Parked in a guest spot (I hope) and put a note on the car. If I get towed tonight I will be bullpoop.