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  1. 2004 Jeep LJ. For sale

    Yep, back in November I would have been all over this. Bought a JKU...
  2. Looking For Tractor Forks

    Quick attach gets everything closer to the pins which equals more lifting force, less weight on your front end, and more weight kept on your rear end.
  3. D60 Trac Lok

    With the tone ring it's likely it's 30 or 32 spline.
  4. 2zdey

    Like what...
  5. 2zdey

    Just tapped it into place eh?
  6. 2zdey

    Rotors no show till tomorrow... Lame, wanted to get it out of the garage tonight...
  7. 2zdey

    Office work, and then I need to catch up on part price quoting for DTF... Work on the 1977 Ford tonight to try to get that ready for Spring.
  8. Trailer axle and wheels/tires

    On an axle?
  9. Chamshell Carrier Bearing Puller - SOLD

    We swapped front and rears for cash. His front I had to take a little at a time. Too big to take all in one shot with just my hands (not man enough anymore). Rear is a bit smaller than I am typically used to, but I have some friends that are interested in checking it out.
  10. Mundee

    Yeah you did.
  11. Fridgid Friday

    Ha! No... Really real meeting.
  12. Fridgid Friday

    I had a meeting that was last minute scheduled and missed my breakfast. Needs sustenance....

    Still haven't heard from my accountant...
  14. 1965 Jeep J2000