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  1. TF999 to AW4 swap??

    TF999 would be 23 spline. I have done several AW4 swaps and highly recommend it. It's a great transmission, but for the 258 you are going to need to add some things to make it happy...
  2. New gig

    "Family and Consumer Sciences"
  3. Buggy Overheating Issue

    But the Taurus fan! Where would we be without that car part for our wheeling sport!
  4. Buggy Overheating Issue

    Coolant flow is not a myth all the time. My BBC in my CJ-8 had NO thermostat and would overheat like crazy. I mean couldn't even drive on the road. I put a 160°F thermostat in it and it was a bit better (would still get to ~240°F wheeling/crawling). I installed a 195°F thermostat in it and issue went away completely, 200-210°F all the time. No other changes. So who knows... I have seen water pumps with the wrong direction impellers...
  5. Happy Hump Day

    I need a nap.
  6. Happy Hump Day

    I haz a mag drill and bit you can borrow.
  7. Toooosdee

    What other neow
  8. Toooosdee

    I have a fart I have been storing up. Going to release it and then leave the office.
  9. Are there any "Dude" years for Civics?

    So he goes both ways?
  10. Toooosdee

    Ugh that's sad. Just was talking about bee's/wasps/yellow jackets at a friend's the other day. They are out something fierce right now. What gives?
  11. Moanday

    That's how we roll! Don't want to hurt anyone's feelings.
  12. What's the nuttiest project in your brain?

    Your phone got a hold of it and mirrored it.