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  1. Offers. Making room.
  2. 1991 Dodge Dana 60 Front

    Sold the wheel hubs.
  3. Looking to get this out of the way. I need to clean out that section of garage.
  4. Friday

    Was there yesterday!
  5. Friday

    He comes to Canaan and Epping lately a lot.
  6. Phone scam/class action

    Not on the list. Lame.
  7. Friday

    Think Anton lives there?
  8. Friday

    I like it!
  9. Friday

    Where in NY?
  10. When technology bytes

    Another Oracle hater here....
  11. WED

    I read that as 'two giant, white dongs I was warangling'
  12. When technology bytes

    Was talking about using a chuck of rail road as an anvil out a Jame's house. Later that night I sign on FB and first thing in news stream is video of making rail into an anvil... First time noticing that this happened. iPhone. Totally sketched out meow.
  13. D30 Wheel Bearings

    Oooooo OK! I need to get your prices so I can make sure I can compete.