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  1. Your Aluminum fishing boat??

    Aluminum fishing boat gone wild
  2. Your Aluminum fishing boat??

    No one will believe you without pics
  3. Got a friend out that way that might be interested. number? more pics? f***book? I'll pass it on to them.
  4. Matt. If you can spare the time to set that combo up as a stand alone system I bet it would sell pretty quick on one of the FB go fast do dumb things pages.
  5. Snowmobiles

    It's really hard to justify being in MA. If your far enough west your odds are better for decent snow and more trail availability but your basically rolling the dice on any used purchase now days and the new stuff is crazy money.
  6. Curving angle stock

    I've done the slit and glue method before. Guess it just depends on what you're looking for it to do in the end.
  7. Maybe start a "campground"?

    NEA is constantly looking for new/more places to go. Canaan may be a bit of a hike for some but if they're able to make a weekend of it whether it's on site camping or other local accommodations it's an easier pill to swallow. $20/rig seems to be the norm right now and if you've got camping you can bump it some. F&F charges pp for the camping and then the wheeling is the bonus. Both options work. Your welcome to come to the meeting to gauge interest or feel free to forward the info and we can share it at the meeting as well. Hopefully we'll see you there.
  8. Left axle shaft for a TJ D35 WANTED

    I have a pair of these taking up space in my garage if your still looking. Located in Lunenburg, MA
  9. I could look into ups if you want to send me an address. He's going to see if he can have a local place put the bend in it so it's like a factory fit. I'm thinking a straight shot of tube as a sleeve should do the trick just fine.
  10. How many miles on the trans and tcase? Odometer read 218k but fluid from the trans line when removed looked super clean. I'd say the PO really kept up with it or it's been replaced along the way. I haven't checked Tcase fluid yet but did use the 4wd to get the truck into my garage.
  11. Ok so he didn't need whole frame but did take the rear mount to use as a template. I'm pulling the tank tomorrow night and will get a pic of the front crossmember if your interested.
  12. Front is decent rear is kind of crappy but still there. I have a local guy coming to look at the whole frame right now. If it doesn't pan out I'll let you know
  13. 4l80, manual shift tcase, driveshafts, doors, front end all available still. Off of 02 2500hd regular cab long bed