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  1. Drty Ernie

    Looking for 15" Beadlocks

    I got these in a trade. I did have a buddy running the same exact rims but 6 lug on a 4runner running 35x15.5x15". They were WIDE but could air down to almost nothing and no problems. I have had them bolted to my wall using them as air hose and extension cord reels. I would go $250 for the 4 of them. Let me know. The sad thing is I was down in Norwich 3 weeks ago
  2. Drty Ernie

    Looking for 15" Beadlocks

    I have a set of 15x12" beadlocks with 2 3/4" b/s black steel wheels
  3. Drty Ernie

    7.3 idi motor

    I have a friend who just had to put her husband into a facility for a brain injury, anyways I am entrusted in selling stuff! there is a n/a ford diesel under a couple tarps, I will uncover it and see what it is. On the property there are 2 6.9l manuals trucks one a cab and chassis and one a crew cab utility body both 2wd. Let me know if you have any interest. also a 2wd zf tranny
  4. Drty Ernie

    gm nv4500 clocking ring and dana 300

    I am in mason nh
  5. Came out of a 92 gm with 30k truck rotted away. 6.32 1st gear, clocking ring and dana 300 in great shape looking for $1750/ bo. let me know thanks
  6. Drty Ernie

    Touchy Feely CJ10

    I can send pics via text or email. Its a stock drivetrain, sd-33 Nissan n/a diesel, 727 trans, switched out the locked tcase for a 300 and flipped the springs to push the axle back to 95" wb instead of the 88" it came from the factory. Stock cj rear drive shaft, straight piped with a wooden flat bed.
  7. Putting out feelers on my '85 cj10 #93 in '85. Want to see offers or possably trades. I am not sure if i want to sell it yet but want to see whats out there. Super clean runs and drive have it registured with ag plates. Let me know, I'm not on here much so message me and ill get back to you.
  8. Drty Ernie

    60 and 14 bolt 5.13s

    Sale pending
  9. Drty Ernie

    Dead Chicken Question

    Yeah mine do to and it is a studied fact that poultry need entertainment to keep happy....i.e hanging cabbage, lettuce ect. Let me know if you have any problems with any more chickens dying
  10. Drty Ernie

    Dead Chicken Question

    I have had poultry all my life and there are some times where like SCF said they just die out of the blue. its worse with meat birds where they can have their heart explode from over eating and no exercise. Have had a couple turkeys go the same way, as in they are great at night and in the mourning dead stiff! In my opinion the lettuce would only make them have the runs and wouldn't kill them. Sorry to hear for the chicken loss........ "Hey Ramathorn, what's the game........I can say moo, poop for $20 ill call him a chicken F@#ker!!!!!"
  11. Drty Ernie

    sm465 32 spline out put FREE

    ok thanks. all yours Steve!