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  1. The Smart Paul™

    wireless surveillance

    Lorex, swann kits are good if your looking for 4 or so camera. Nest good if you only want 1, great little cameras, but costly to record and store in the cloud. The swann kits have built in DVR’s u can use to access remotely. I have one at the house. Perfect low end kit. picture quality compairs with my $40K 12 camera system at one of our sites. The the big differance is the playback and viewing software and long term storage in the pro system. that said, i had an incident at the house, and the police were impress with the video i gave them from the swann system. Said it was better than half the business in town. About $400 on amazon
  2. The Smart Paul™

    Smokers Corner

    On brisket, just kosher salt and ground pepper, a good coating...
  3. The Smart Paul™

    Smokers Corner

    Brisket from last weekend, was heaven
  4. Can’t wait to see more!
  5. The Smart Paul™

    1984 CJ7 Renegade

    Just drive it, it’s the goto, cruise around town Jeep
  6. The Smart Paul™

    1984 CJ7 Renegade

    I might have a couple,, i’ll Check
  7. The Smart Paul™

    1984 CJ7 Renegade

    No, motor craft 2100
  8. The Smart Paul™

    1984 CJ7 Renegade

    Never started an official thread, here she is now, 1984 CJ7 Renegade triple garnet, , 49k original miles, restored by Collins Bros about 5 years ago, includes a original Garnet Whitco soft top. I rescued it as the seller was turning it into a overlanding vehicle. I saved it before he really messed it up. Most recent big change was puting original Garnet seats back it, as it came from the dealer. One of the rarest interior colors, it was not easy. I have picked up 14 pairs of garnet fronts, not one was useable as is. Some were totally useless. The original material does not exist. In the end we found a few with mint rust free seat frames. Then took the best 2 covers, and used original material from other donor seats to make one set as minty as possible. This set was just installed While this was going on I found some material that is as close as possible to the original material that I think we will ever find. I had another set recovered to use or sell. This is a fun ride, think I need another CJ maybe a 5 now
  9. The Smart Paul™

    1954 CJ3B

    Been busy, the 3B is running great, installed the Underhood welder and York OBA setup. Working on removable spare carrier for when I want a spare on it. Now need to find some one to do some patinaed old school lettering on it, gooding for the “old service station jeep”vibe
  10. The Smart Paul™


    Letter sent
  11. The Smart Paul™


    Can you PM me yours Roy, want to compair to what i have, thanks
  12. The Smart Paul™

    North Shore Jeep shop???

    Yes and no, they were never a full dealer, maybe a service center during the Chrysler years. I think they were a WILLYS dealer, and maybe amc jeep way back. But at some point Chrysler took the Jeep away from them, they even had to take the word Jeep off their I’d sign (it’s hanging in my garage now) from there I think it was a combination, Phil the owner was getting older and was sick, so he sold it to the other Phil. The sign in my garage is the one missing from the end of the top pic.
  13. The Smart Paul™

    North Shore Jeep shop???

    The original Pioneer memory still lives proud in Billerica!
  14. The Smart Paul™

    North Shore Jeep shop???

    A version of Pioneer is still in PEABODY, the young Phil from the original pioneer owns it I believe. Heard good things about it still
  15. The Smart Paul™


    Yes letter format please as well