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  1. Swampy Sunday

    Makita would get my vote over Dewalt, but they don't have the same selection as Milwaukee.
  2. Swampy Sunday

    Another vote for Milwaukee. Dewalt used to be the leader in cordless tools about 20 years ago, but they didn't continually develop their product and they got passed by a few companies. No one has the tool selectioon Milwaukee does. There are a few different grades of tools they sell, they have standard brushed sets, brushless sets, and the top of the line brushless fuel sets. I have some tools from each and the fuel ones have noticeably more power and longer run time. Today was a good day. Church this morning then to a Maine Redclaws basketball game with the family. A friend of mine that's a season ticket holder won $1500 on a 3 point shot.
  3. Honda 3.5 v6 timing belt

    It's parked until I can check it out, probably Monday or Tuesday. I pull the covers and see what it looks like. There are some great youtube videos on it and it doesn't look too bad as long as nothing has jumped too far.
  4. Honda 3.5 v6 timing belt

    Anyone familiar with Honda v6's timing belts skipping a tooth? I think my wife's 06 pilot had it happen today. Runs like poop and has cam position sensor a intermittent error along with a heck of a ticking noise. I know If The belt goes it's an interference engine, but if it only skips what are the odds that there's internal damage? I haven't taken the timing belt cover off yet to see what it looks like, but the belt only has 40k on it since it was replaced. There's around 160k on it and the rear main oil seal seems to be leaking so I'm not sure how much I want to put into this motor, but I don't really have the option of replacing the whole vehicle. Is it worth pulling it to fix everything on this one or should I cut my losses and find a different engine for it (or is it not worth doing at all?)
  5. "It's my jeep" restoration...

    Looks nice. Wranglers are pretty simple in how they go together so it should be fairly straightforward putting it back. I'm sure if you have any questions someone on here with a TJ would be able to get you a picture of whatever it is you need to see assembled.
  6. Picked this up bit I don't need another project. Has slight rough idle, could be throttle body or coil pack. I haven't done anything to it other than look it over. Good overall shape, interior is pristine leather with heated seats. List of what I know it needs: Brakes (pads and rotors -it's been sitting) Front tires Battery has trouble holding a charge Slight exhaust leak near the flex pipe Fuel leak near the filter. I don't know if it's the filter or the lines, I haven't taken it apart. Fuel gauge doesn't work Starts, runs and drives currently. Some dings and dents, nothing major. 186k on it. $700 or best offer
  7. Sad day coming, probably Friday.

    Sorry to hear. It's never easy, but the pain of loss only comes because of the years of love
  8. Twosday again

    As home inspectors we only have to pre-qualify the tank and offer our customers an opt in tank warranty contact. If our client doesn't want to be contacted that's it, if they are interested in the warranty we pass their information along. It's different than the oil tech or delivery company programs they offer.
  9. Twosday again

    Just became an affiliate of Boston Environmental to perform ultrasonic oil tank testing as part of our home inspections through the TankSure program. Nice to be able to offer something beyond a guess at the condition of oil tanks.
  10. Belben-ator

    Happy birthday Mike!

    Full day of condo inspections lined up. 1st one in Old Orchard Beach then down to Wells. Both look pretty nice and recently updated online, hopefully there aren't too many surprises hiding.
  12. Fugg'in A Friday

    I have the Evolution Rage 2 and it is awesome what it will cut. I think the biggest single cut I've done was 3x8 3/8" wall rectangular steel tubing. Clean cut and I made about 10 of them in a row. I use it all the time, one of the best metal working tools I've purchased.
  13. Armoire is GONE

    apparently you found the right buyer
  14. Hemi swap in wk

    Congrats! Sounds like a great gig