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  1. Milwaukee 5 tool kit

    All sold
  2. Milwaukee 5 tool kit

    I've got 1 kit left

    Worked this morning, got the plow hooked up to my truck in preparation for the 3-6" of snow we're supposed to get and cleared out some space in the barn to park the wife's car. Spent about an hour trouble shooting the plow wiring. Didn't have any power to the controller, ended up being a couple of loose plugs. Forgot that I hadn't replaced the flexible guides at the end of last year, so this storm I'll be blind as to where the edge of the blade is... Already ordered replacements, but one of those things that should have gotten done over the summer along with about 1,000 other things I haven't gotten to yet.
  4. Milwaukee 5 tool kit

    There are a couple different versions. Pin vs friction ring detent to hold the socketon, 2 different torque ratings, with battery or bare tool, etc
  5. Milwaukee 5 tool kit

    Ft lbs. Here's the new one with 1400 ft lbs
  6. Milwaukee 5 tool kit

    Christmas is definitely a hard time to find spare cash.
  7. Milwaukee 5 tool kit

    Milwaukee just released a more powerful version and the 1100 ft lb version is also on clearance at my local HD for ~$160 bare tool fuel version
  8. Milwaukee 5 tool kit

    No problem.
  9. Milwaukee 5 tool kit

    These are limited closeouts and I didn't pay $100 each. Double check the pricing. They were $400 each on black Friday and then they were clearanced out at $300. No longer available from HD, I just bought out the remaining stock at my local Home Depot to pass along the lower price to people I know.
  10. Miller Oil Furnace, Upright "Down Draft" Out Of Mobile Home

    I know someone that would be interested in them as long as the fan still works. They rip out the heat exchanger and burner parts and convert them to use a water to air heat exchanger. They are awesome garage/barn heaters for someone with an outdoor wood boiler. I did it to one last year and even without any insulation in my barn it can warm up quite a bit over the outdoor temp.
  11. Milwaukee 5 tool kit

    I have 3 Milwaukee 2689=25P tool kits brand new in the box. Bought one for myself, selling off the other 3 to pass along the savings. These were $400 on black friday at Home Depot. Looking to get $300 each. Located in Biddeford Maine Milwaukee 2689-25P 5-Tool Combo Kit Includes: (1) M18 cordless lithium-ion 1/2 in. drill/driver (2606-20), (1)M18 1/4 in. hex compact impact driver (2656-20), (1) M18 Hackzall one-handed reciprocating saw (2625-20), (1) M18 jobsite radio (2890-20), (2) M18 REDLITHIUM XC extended capacity batteries (48-11-1828), (1) M18 and M12 multi-voltage charger (48-59-1812), (1) M18 work light (2735-20); (1) general purpose Sawzall blade and (1) contractor bag
  12. Any interest in a 2 post lift?

    Pm sent
  13. Drilling out spot welds

    They should be pretty informally spaced if you can figure out the spacing. Sometimes using a small putty knife between the prices around where you have drilled out the spot welds works. Just work it down the seam til it stops and you'll be close to the next spot weld.
  14. Any interest in a 2 post lift?

    I'd be interested if it came at a better time. About $10 is all I can afford right now
  15. WTB Old skool "roll cage" or light bar

    I can NEOW express it down probably some time next week or the week after if it comes through. I've got some stuff to bring down anyway