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  1. 2001 5.3 and 4l60e

    You know you want this. 20180522_135255.mp4
  2. Just got another truck today that I'm parting out. I bought it for the TracRac that was on it and a couple small things, but selling the rest off. Engine has about 200k on it, trans was rebuilt last year. (I should have paperwork in a couple weeks documenting the work). Runs okay, shifted great. Engine with harness and computer $100 neow price going on CL for $200. Transmission $400 neow price located in Biddeford Maine. I have a video of the engine running I can send to anyone interested. I'll also have the electronic shift t-case and rear axle available shortly.
  3. Mounting and aligning motorcycle sidecar

    I'm sure I could, he's going to put his young kids in it so wants an equipment alignment on it. After watching a video on it and texting with John, we're just going to do it. Doesn't look like it really matters any more than a fwd car alignment.
  4. Mounting and aligning motorcycle sidecar

    Bike has only 500 miles on it and the sidecar is brand new.
  5. Mounting and aligning motorcycle sidecar

    Lol I don't have any alignment equipment.
  6. A friend of mine just bought a bike with a sidecar that has never been mounted. Anyone know of a place that could install and align it? The installation isn't the hard part, but having the know-how and equipment to align it so it tracks straight is his biggest concern. In southern Maine, but he'll travel to have the right person do the work.
  7. Torque Wrench Uncalibration

    Depending on the wrench it can go way out. Springs can loose tension and the wrench can be completely off.
  8. TGIF

    Just found out a good friends 17 year old son was killed in a motorcycle accident. Trucked turned out in front of him and he was thrown from the bike. Was wearing all his protective gear and was always a safe rider. Watch out for bikes as the weather warms up!
  9. Nason's finest

    CJ front end getting fitted
  10. Nason's finest

    I forgot there was a thread on here about it. Mostly done stuff that isn't too picture worthy like run fuel and brake lines and mesh the GM engine harness with the YJ harness so it retains stock features.
  11. Friend of mine hauls scrap and got this in a load. Its the folding stand for large construction work signs. Not sure what the value or usefulness is on this, but he's open to offers. Located in Biddeford Maine
  12. Rt 202 Buxton to Gray

    I drove 202 from gray to Auburn last week and from Gorham to Buxton yesterday and it wasn't on either section of road.

    It's buried a bit and if it becomes an issue I'll run a wire of electric fence instead of the pallets. I've heard mixed reports on pallet fencing, so I'll learn as I go with it

    Pigs are adjusting well to their new environment.

    Getting 3 pigs today. All the rain we've had has almost turned part of the pen into a lake, so we'll see how this goes...