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  1. Matt Blain

    Nedeľa (Sunday)

    Went to the last arena football game of the year for the Maine Mammoths tonight. Had a lot of fun and they pulled off a win over the #1 team. Great fan experience, I'll definitely be going to some games next year.
  2. Matt Blain


    Finished repairing a dump body today. Lots of rust from hauling salted sand and never being washed out. Bed floor still needs to be replaced, but the headboard and sides are no longer falling off. Battery tray had rotted out completely.
  3. Matt Blain

    Sad News to Share

    F cancer. That sucks. Thoughts for the family
  4. Matt Blain


    Stopped by the Saco Mine st car show this morning and saw some pretty cool cars. The superbird drove to the show.
  5. Matt Blain


    In Auburn Maine for work, going to check out House of Bacon for lunch. Hopefully it lives up to the potential. Did not disappoint. Probably going to have a heart attack this afternoon.
  6. Matt Blain

    What's it worth: '07 Ridgeline with blown motor

    Earlier this year I had Jerry put an engine into my wife's 06 Pilot that had the timing belt go at 160k. Cost with a low mileage (20k ish) JDM engine and labor was around $4k. The motor has to come out the bottom of the vehicle, so it's not a DIY swap unless you have a lift. Not sure there's 3K worth of vehicle with a shot engine. Only person that I would think would be interested in it was someone looking to get a great deal or someone that wanted to flip it. Never hurts to through it up on CL though.
  7. Matt Blain

    Sheet metal clamps

    Harbor Freight has them cheap, or you can get higher quality ones on Amazon or through most auto/welding supply houses. They're called butt weld or panel clamps.
  8. Matt Blain

    RPPOTD: Random Photo Post

    Not my job photo of the day from my road. Porcupine has been there at least a couple weeks.
  9. Matt Blain

    Nason's finest

  10. Matt Blain

    Nason's finest

    Resting on all 4 tires.
  11. Matt Blain

    Nason's finest

    Nope. Was too focused on making it make engine sounds. Getting really close to done with it. I don't have much time to work on it tomorrow or this weekend, but shooting for my part to be done next week. Today I got a bunch done on it. Headlights, fog lights, rock lights all wired. Wrapped all of the harness that I can reach. Steering arms cut and tack welded. Fog light mounts made and welded to the bumper. Passenger fender mounted. And a bunch of other little stuff.
  12. Matt Blain

    FREE!! Fiberglass CJ fenders

    Yup. Cleared it with him last night
  13. Matt Blain

    Nason's finest

    Winch and in-cab control panel installed.
  14. Matt Blain

    FREE!! Fiberglass CJ fenders

    Sent my address and cell number
  15. Matt Blain

    FREE!! Fiberglass CJ fenders

    If I have them by Friday, I could probably get them to Jason's in Holland Ma right off 84. I'm headed to the Springfield area Friday night/Saturday