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  1. 4x8 sheet of 1/2" plate steel

    I've got a plasma cutter that can cut the end off for the 2x4 piece. John can probably get to it sooner so if you need it gone he can have it otherwise I can get it within a few weeks and cut the piece off of it. Got a price though?
  2. Leatherman disscussion

    I have the supertool 300 and always have it on me. Nice rounded edges and and a good number of tools without being to bulky.
  3. 4x8 sheet of 1/2" plate steel

    I'm interested in the 4x6 that would be left after that. I need a solid welding table...
  4. WED

    Recorded a radio show this morning. It's a local station that a real estate broker has a weekly spot on Sunday mornings to share things that would be helpful for home buyers or sellers. Great chance for some free advertising of the home inspection business. Spent about 25 min talking about my business and what we can offer our clients. The industry is all about referrals and word of mouth, so getting on a local show with a well known real estate professional was a great opportunity. Spent the rest of the day playing electrician for a friend that bought a house that needed some serious electrical issues addressed for safety reasons.
  5. Floor jacks

    It's off the floor and hasn't had any problems. I won't crawl under it without putting my 6 ton jack stands under the table 1st I really need to get a real workbench though, the one in the background with the gladiator cabinets sitting on it isn't bolted to the wall either. It's been there 2 years and it's just leaning against the wall. I need them if I decide to return it
  6. The "un, err now authorized" MJ build...

    I saved the air intake from the explorer for you, you can use it on the 5.0 in the Scrambler down the road or it's a popular Wrangler swap to use them on the 4.0 for a cold air intake with the explorer air box. I don't see why it wouldn't work on an MJ. Exhaust manifold I had great luck with ebay stainless ones as long as they had the flex sections in them like this one
  7. Floor jacks

    I finally killed my 10 year old Harbor Freight jack and replaced it with the new Daytona one. It's definitely a bit higher quality than the regular ones after comparing then next to each other. Much larger wheels that should really help moving it around. Thicker steel used in most places and seems to have better quality control I the assembly and fitment of the parts. Supposed to be the same OEM as the Snap-on jack and Snap-on actually filled a lawsuit against HF for the Daytona jack. It has a 90 no questions asked trial period and a 3 year warranty compared to the 90 warranty the regular ones come with. I had a coupon so it was $180, if it doesn't live up to the hype I'll swap it after a couple of months. I haven't really used it yet, but I'm guessing I'll be keeping it. A few nicer touches than the regular ones like a quick release pin for the handle and detent style pin to put the handle halves together. I always have problems stripping out the bolts that are used in those spots on most jacks just from use. I'll report here how it turns out.
  8. SAT

    Grocery shipping with the family then burning the brush pile I've been building up for 2 years.
  9. 2wsday

    That's awesome! Glad it went well. Hopefully you'll be able to hold back to following the Dr's orders on recovery so you don't screw up their work I've heard that's the hardest part for some people because they're feeling better, but still need to heal properly
  10. NEOW Express available

    I'll be headed down 95 from Biddeford ME to Foxborough MA on Tuesday morning and back again in the afternoon. I can take my truck if there's anyone that needs something hauled along that route. I may be headed up 93 and across 101 in NH on the way back, but not sure on that yet. If something needs to go down with me I'd need it by tomorrow night as I'm leaving my place at 6am. I'd be able to meet along the way when I'm returning in the early afternoon. Taking my oldest to Patriot's joint practice with the Jaguars so planning it around that schedule.
  11. I've got at least 6 gallons of oil for you with my truck due for another change too, so if you do come up this way I'm right around the corner from Scott.
  12. Random Video Of The Day

    There's a price list on the website that's mentioned at the end of that video clip. Lowest I could find was $535 for a single barrel up to well over a grand for imported tree barrels.
  13. Posting Photos

    They should have changed all the pics to links instead. Would have still had people able to access them while driving a huge amount of traffic to their website. Probably would have been a bit less dramatic than cutting everything off with no warning.
  14. Sunday

    Good luck! Hopefully the Dr can figure out a long term fix.
  15. I'd love to make an awning over my garage man door with a Wrangler hood at some point, but can't justify it without steady income at the moment.