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    Got a new young engineer working for us. The dude is a serious 7 foot tall dude, and not basket ball player build. Guess he use to be in the greek military in one of their more elite units. Makes me feel very small.


    We contemplate divorce every December, then we are usually over it by January.

    I'm sure Paul can teach you how to make this happen.

    today, yes.

    I spent many a night up there from age 18 - 21. I went to school just on this side of the border, so it was an easy drive up. I've certainly been woken up on more than one occasion by a less than impressed border guard. We even had school sponsored bus trips up to watch the Expos. $6 included outfield ticket and bus ride. The game was to grab 2 molson beers in between each inning. Good times, good times.

    Well, spring is here........for 2 days. Leave for Florida on Monday for work. Kidlet got asked to go play in a hockey tournament in Montreal in May. While flattering, I think he'll find it quite educational, as I think they'll have plenty of competition.
  8. Hoo hoo dilly Wednesday

    Well, for your daily downer update. Mom had a consult for radiation yesterday, and had a feeding tube added. Feeding tube went as well as expected, she had one before, so knew what to expect. Help that a nurse she trained was in the OR with her. So that was cool and comforting. Radiation had given us a little ray of sunshine in that it had a remote chance of giving her 2 years to live. Well today there was a little delay in getting the feeding tube supplies, turns out the doctor didn't finish his report or some such issue that prevented the chain of events from moving forward. Turns out he consulted with the chemo doctor and a few others, and decided that she wasn't strong enough for it, and that it would cause her too much harm, for the gain it might provided. So radiation is off the table. Meet with Chemo doctor tomorrow. Thanks for listening/reading. Can't really vent about it on f***book, or elsewhere. You fawker's are just anonymous enough to let me get it off my chest without it causing any drama. So thank you.
  9. FRIDAY- day of the dig out

    I didn't say I was smart!
  10. FRIDAY- day of the dig out

    It's done a lot down south. I do know of at least one tire shop in Vermont that does it. Has at least 3 indoor bays and one outside. I know of another 2 rally schools that have the outside lifts, just so they can powerwash the underside of the race cars after use.
  11. Neow 1st

    If you claim it, they will follow up to see it is fixed.
  12. Neow 1st

    The whole area is in a catastrophe situation. My wife works for independent insurance adjusters, and deals with this stuff a lot. The best bet is one that works for both sides. The insurance company doesn't have a lot of time to deal with so many claims. They will settle quickly if there are no red flags. Have a reasonable value set for your stuff. Make it easy on them, with a list of what was lost and what the value is. It will get passed through quickly. Put one thing out of the norm, they'll give a lot more scrutiny. If you lost it, claim it, but have a reasonable value set to it. Catastrophe adjusters make big money during these times. However, it's all based on volume. There is a lot of work to be done. Save them some time, and it will help their bottom line, and there are more likely to treat you fairly. Get pictures of everything. Save them on a DVD, usb stick or memory card you can give to the adjuster. Auto will be separate from property. Auto will such to deal with, property will be a little easier.
  13. FRIDAY- day of the dig out

    I already have a killer waterproof one piece suit.....something about lying on the cold ground is miserable.
  14. FRIDAY- day of the dig out

    I hate you, mostly because I wasn't smart enough to do that.
  15. FRIDAY- day of the dig out

    No.....but you've given me an idea!!