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  1. sachilles

    new computer needed

    Consider B&H photo for the purchase.
  2. sachilles

    If it’s Thursday it must be raining

    Its been one of those summers where everything mechanical is fighting me. Thankfully I've amassed enough tools in my life to push through. Wanted to change the valve in the shower. After about 5 years of well water, they get gummed up. I was smart enough to buy a few cartridges back when we bought the faucet. Should be as easy as turn off the water, remove the handle and face plate, unscrew 4 screws, and swap cartridges. Remove the plate to find 2 of the four screws and retaining plate are corroded to hell. Sure enough, one screw won't budge and I know it'll strip. Did everything to make sure it wouldn't strip. No amount of pb blaster would do the trick. Easy out saved the day. Cleaned up the corrosion and smeared everything with grease to prevent the problem from popping back up. Turned a 15 minute job into an hour. Like everything this summer, fighting me every step. Not enough to kill a project, but enough to slow me down.
  3. sachilles

    Moaning Monday

    Wifey is turning 50 this year. Just planned a vacation around her birthday. Between airline and hotel points, looks like we'll only pay for food and booze, which will not be insignificant.
  4. Missed it, sorry. Going again this Friday, and again looking, but have feelers out to our usual folks that do emt work. It was tough last weekend with the rally in maine and nascar at loudon.
  5. Need a first responder in Barre Vt tomorrow between 9-5. Get to watch a race car go fast, and hopefully not have to do any work...and we'll pay you. Need your own med kit, and a cell phone to call 911.
  6. sachilles

    Anyone near Williston VT?

    I work just up the road and pass through daily.
  7. sachilles


    You two are going to bed early, half hung over. You'll sleep like poop because you are worried about your kids. Even though you can sleep in, you'll wake up earlier than normal.
  8. sachilles

    Day of the Wed

    I don't intend to unless there is an emergency.
  9. sachilles

    Day of the Wed

    Back at the office today after being in Texas last week. Damn place is hot. Filled in playing hockey last night as go-karting was cancelled. I think I pulled my hammy. Sucks getting old. Did manage to demonstrate the art of the poke check to some young whipper snappers. Also managed to rehab the go kart from the last race and actually work on my race car. Turns out the tranny mount from the donor car was bent, which in hindsight is no surprise. Thankfully had another. Transmission, rear diff and a few other odds and ends left to do before the wiring harness shows up.
  10. sachilles

    Get my life back Sunday

    There is good tex-mex. We really don't get much of a chance to explore, so it might be a shat hole.....but we have been to far worse locations. The parts I've seen aren't that bad. Leaving for Texas tomorrow morning. Just arranged for a 30 ton Air conditioner for our awning. We won't be cold, but we shouldn't be baking.
  11. sachilles

    Get my life back Sunday

    Yeah, he spends the next couple of weeks with us. Austin texas for the ARX rallycross at Circuit of the Americas this weekend, and New England Forest Rally the weekend after.
  12. sachilles

    Get my life back Sunday

    I was sweating the Travis Jumps. He's racing for us this weekend, and it wouldn't be the first time he showed up to work with borken parts. I knew he'd show up no matter what, just what adaptations would be necessary. Huge sigh of relief when he landed the 3rd and final jump injury free, then he does a belly flop into a 1 ft deep fountain.
  13. sachilles


    Keeps getting better. Dude at work was able to use the lathe to turn down a go kart part that desperately needed it. Should make a big difference for Andrew's kart. Some days I get frustrated at work.....and other days stuff like this happens and makes my day. Doesn't take much.
  14. sachilles


    Need an obscure sized bronze bushing for your kids go kart? Find it on mcmaster-carr yesterday my house waiting for me today. As messed up as America is sometimes....little things like this make me smile.
  15. sachilles

    RPPOTD: Random Photo Post

    Grand Teton park is amazing.