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  1. Another Wet Wednesday

    Test drove a car for a co-worker that couldn't be there. Can not believe how dirty and unpresentable the inside was. This guy flips cars, he's got to know that clean cars sell better.
  2. 2zdey

    Cool. Post pictures when you are working on it please.
  3. 2zdey

    Like an exocet or something?
  4. 2zdey

    They can be quite fun without the extra power.......but that power gives it that over the top, hold my beer type of fun.
  5. 2zdey

    It will be a ridiculously fun car.
  6. Faryedey

    Don't worry, Ken can crash the escort, he'll have time to fix it before NEFR
  7. Faryedey

    Already sorted....

    None of it was a real surprise. Ultimately it will be a blessing when it all gets sorted. This year is difficult though.

    Don't complain to the town council about the noise please!!

    Maybe at the track mon-wed.

    Just back from our roadtrip to pick up the motorhome in Virginia. It ended up being uneventful. Roads in PA such donkey balls. In case you like racing, and want to read all the BS that has been causing me stress the last few nights. It covers it pretty accurately. Rach, How is the snow cover in Canaan, you are there right?
  12. Faryedey

    Just seeing this now. Rallies are usually free to spectate. Let me confirm that for you.
  13. Faryedey

    Yes. We are in area now, rally is the following weekend. You would see 2 straight trucks with stacker trailers. We are also in Camden NJ/Philly, with our big haulers.....busy week.
  14. THR

    Mt Dew is the debil.....but I love it so.
  15. THR

    I need to stop drinking beer as well as soda. That would be good for 10-15 lbs all day long. However, I have no desire to live without it, so.... So I know you have the pelaton, have you changed your diet with the consistent riding?