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    Snappers have very long necks, be careful even if you grab the side of the shell, they can nearly get you.
  2. Brought It Tuesday

    I won't admit it to my British friends, but they do drive way better over there. Once you get over the fact they are on the opposite side of the road, you see they do way better with far more narrow roads and more people. You do not stay in the passing lane. They have speed cameras everywhere. The traffic circles are well defined going into them, and they spiral out. So you lets say you want to turn "right" which is the 3rd or 4th exit on the circle. You approach the circle in the right most lane. You enter the circle and as you rotate around it brings you out to your exit. It's an acquired taste, but it does work way better than here. Traffic does slow down, but it never really stops.
  3. Brought It Tuesday

    Here, it's the last minute merging. Drives me insane.
  4. ˙ʎɐpsǝupǝM

    I should mention when we bought the van, it had big block letters on the rear windows that read "Love Guru".
  5. ˙ʎɐpsǝupǝM

    No doubt. College kid, candy inside sticker. He ain't gettin' any.
  6. ˙ʎɐpsǝupǝM

    Thread title font is messing with my head. Sold the Van last night. I'm an awful salesman.
  7. The buyer, bought it for his son. The plan is to for the son to live in it part time for his last semester of college in North Carolina. Depending how things go, his plan is to harvest the engine and transmission to re-power an old truck he has. He knows the warts and is ok with it. Said it was the most comfortable thing he's ever driven. I was genuinely sad to see it go. He "talked me down" to $1750. I'm sure I could have got more for it, had I actually advertised it on craigslist or something. Looking at what is out there, people are asking stupid money for them. Covered my registration and tax to VT for registering the new motor home, so I'm content. The thing covered me for 6 years, which might be the longest I ever owned a fully running and registered vehicle. I did put a transmission in it, but bought the van from a friend who gave me a good deal on it. He said he had seen it sitting in my driveway for a while, and almost knocked on my door to see if it could be for sale, long before I put the for sale sign on it.
  8. Brought It Tuesday

    Think I have some one coming to "close the deal" on the van tonight. Those are his words. Let him test drive it last week and take it to a friends shop to look it over. Seems to love it. Have it listed as $2k, curious to see if is going to try to talk me down or not. Still haven't put the thing on craigslist....and all the conversion vans on craigslist are in horrid shape and more money.
  9. BRING IT! Monday

    Yep, 5.4. Seemed better than the 5.7 in the van, and I thought that was decent for the job. I think the transmission/rear end ratio problem is the bigger factor here.
  10. BRING IT! Monday

    First weekend camping in the new RV was a success. No major issues. Found that the microwave turntable doesn't turn.....I swear it did when I checked it at the dealer. Haven't really investigated why. Toilet paper holder is a little too tight....breaks the toilet paper off if you try to unspool it. Going to have to fix that. Otherwise, a full weekend not plugged in. Had plenty of water, and plenty of black/grey water capacity. Battery power was good enough. Ran the generator maybe an hour or so all weekend. Ran the heat, and ran the A/C a bit. Bed was comfy. Very surprised by the power and transmission. Found myself having to check my speed to make sure I wouldn't get a ticket.
  11. Ice Cram Getter Wanted

    $6500. get the ice cram home before it melts.
  12. WedNesDay

    I'm on an s7 and it's starting to get to it's annoying part where it's not quite up to date with current stuff. The transition from S5 to s7 was very easy with the samsung smart app. Karl, do you have an sd card installed? See what apps you can move to the sd card, that will help.
  13. 1998 Camry Dome Light

    Did you mess with the dimmer switch. Seriously, not a jab at Fred.
  14. Munday

    Not really, but's the last weekend before the burke hillclimb. So knowing me and my free time, it will be a last minute scramble to get my car ready for the event.