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  1. 84cj

    Anyone here have or work at a body shop?

    I honestly don't have the time. Thank you. Crazy busy.
  2. 84cj

    Splitting Saturday.

    Picking up a wood splitter shortly, renting, to split up some dead trees I had to take down near the house.
  3. 84cj

    Phones and Plans

    With Verizon and have a paid for iPhone 6. Best coverage where we travel/live. Looked into the others like smart talk, etc, they don't cover where we go very well.
  4. 84cj

    Wanted: kids size ATV

    We had an Eagle ATV, Honda knock-off. Great little wheeler. Only issue I had with it some days was keeping enough gas in it.
  5. 84cj

    SUNDAY Funday

    Two large dead trees down and cut. Two more to go. One of them was much larger than my 16" bar. I'll hopefully get the other two down this week. Than find a splitter.
  6. 84cj

    SUNDAY Funday

    They are fun to drive. I really like the BRZ, wish they had more power. I've driven a couple and wasn't impressed power-wise.
  7. 84cj

    Anyone here have or work at a body shop?

    I've welded in many slip ons. In a lot of cases, these are simpler to weld in and I've also run into a few that were slightly thicker steel than original.
  8. 84cj

    Anyone here have or work at a body shop?

    If none are available, total fab from scratch. Not fun and very time consuming.
  9. 84cj

    1984 CJ7 Renegade

    :drool: if you have some extra seats, let me know. Don't need to be perfect. Jeep looks awesome! Thanks for saving it.
  10. 84cj


    Went to a Jeep and Mopar show today, lots of nice rigs. Only one YJ, two 7's (one being mine) and one 5. All kinds of JK's. Motor Booty Affair played, great music. Local radio station was there for a bit. Went up to say hi to one the guys who does a morning show, he comes right up and gives me a hug. After that I found a great tailgate for my boys Toyota pickup. While there I struck up a deal with the guy for a parts truck, $200. He needs to clean up around his leased shop and wants it gone.
  11. 84cj

    You Know What Day It Is

  12. 84cj

    You Know What Day It Is

    Breakfast, out to the garden for a couple potatoes and a fresh chicken egg. Back onto the boys truck.
  13. 84cj

    TUESDAY all over agian.

    Sorry to hear. My grandfather had it, treatment took care of it. He went many years without it coming back.
  14. 84cj

    TUESDAY all over agian.

    Wow. Finally!! Getting a good day in on the boys truck. Getting one bedside in primer. Started body work on the other. Only have the rest of the truck to go..... thankfully not much rust, fricken dents.
  15. 84cj

    1968 K20 (wrecker)

    If I brought anything else home......... Rebuilt the carb a couple days ago. Cleaned out the heater box/cowl as it was completely full of insulation from a mouse..... Drained and filled the HO72 rear end, found out it has 4.57 gears.