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  1. Wack Off Wenesday

    Warm weather = more yoga pants.

  3. Safety toe boots

    Not steel toe, although available, love my Sketchers. I’ve tried a few different boots/shoes over the years. Least amount of fatigue at the end of the day with the Sketchers. And they have outlasted most others I’ve worn.
  4. Tropical Tuesday

    Ate so much doo-dee this past weekend, my stomach hasn't been happy. Back on track. Gym this morning. Oldest got sick, just a head cold, minutes after walking into our room Friday at King Pine. Hopefully he's feeling better today, wants to work on his truck. I need a fuel pump for my truck, replaced it about 1.5 years ago. Going inline on the frame. Done.
  5. Manic Monday

    Wifey and oldest use the Neti pot. Thing grosses me out, never tried it. We have H&R do our taxes. I know we may pay a bit more, finding a trustworthy local small guy is difficult around here seems difficult. H&R stepped right up a few years ago when someone had used my personal info to file taxes under my name and SS. They did everything to straighten it out, no extra charge.
  6. New Fel-Pro OS30776R oil pan gasket for 3.5 or 3.9? Free. Pay for the ride.
  7. Wood stove tech

    Turn her volume off.
  8. Snowy Sunday

    Skiing was ok today, kids wanted to pack up and head home early. Snow was sticky. Hard going in the sun, hit a shady spot and start flying, get out of the shade and it was like the brakes were hit. Not to mention King Pine was packed. Guy there told me in the 6 years he's been there, he'd never seen it this busy.

    Stihl was doing that a few years back. Did it with my saw and leaf blower.

    Our annual weekend at King Pine.

    Skiing. And more skiing.
  12. K20 8 lug wheels or 16.5 tires.

    If I need them, I'll definitely take you up on that. Thanks!! Cape Neddick.
  13. K20 8 lug wheels or 16.5 tires.

    Really hoping to stick with steel wheels. I have a couple months before I pick it up. From the limited googling I've done the 285's may be too big, possibly rub on a stock truck. Thank you Grendel, Matt isn't too far from me either.
  14. K20 8 lug wheels or 16.5 tires.

    Thanks! I'm going to hold out and try to find some stock steelies. I'll keep the option open if I need.
  15. 1988 Toyota pickup parts.

    I did! Was going to call a place yesterday and completely forgot. I'll have to call today.