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  1. Cookin' with cast iron

    Puts hair on your chest.
  2. WED

    Well......... Busy day running around today. Oldest to X-country, groceries, dr appointment, back to pick up oldest, home to put groceries away, out to Cabelas with both boys, stop at the store for a couple things I forgot, home for a late lunch, back out with oldest to pick up his school laptop. Hear I am. Still have more to do, it will have to wait until tomorrow. Need Pea Gravel for the duck's run/kennel. All done in the Corvair with top down.
  3. Cookin' with cast iron

    Nice to see many using it. I usually do pasta and rice in a stainless pot, I do have one small CI pot.
  4. Anvils

    About 10 years ago. $2-3 a pound seems to be the going rate over the past few years unfortunately. Asking prices now are crazy. I could find other things to beat metal on if I needed another. I have a 135 pound anvil, used it a few weeks ago fabbing up some patch panels for a KIA. I paid $150 for mine about 7 years ago. There are deals out there, have to jump on them when you see them.
  5. dead Beat- over due bill

    We had to do this, it worked well. We paid the DJ for our wedding reception. He sent someone else who didn't have any wedding party names or any of the songs we requested. Totally F'd it up. A nice letter from an attorney got us most of our $$ back.
  6. Cookin' with cast iron

    I have a few pans, chicken fryer, muffin pan, bread pan, pizza pan, dutch oven, OLD bundt pan, and one of the kids favorites, waffle maker thats dated late 1800's. Not much for high end stuff, some Lodge and the waffle maker is Wagner.
  7. dead Beat- over due bill

    NEOW member customer payment insist appointment get together?
  8. Anyone have any cast iron cookware not being used?
  9. Anyone else cook with cast iron? Always looking if anyone has unwanted cookware. Love the older stuff.
  10. YJ Roll Cage windshield bars with bolts

    I know you have some coming, I also have a set, no bolts for the windshield tho.
  11. SAT

    Yes, I should have verified the sunroof leak myself and not taken the word of a stealership and insurance company. Replaced sunroof drains only to discover..... yup, still leaks. Found a major leak in the sunroofs framework. Tire the front corner of the headliner back down and seam sealed the bajeeges inside and out. No more leak. 5+ hours waisted.
  12. SAT

    Have sunroof drains to replace in an Audi Wagon. Shoot me now.
  13. Vortec engine swap ??

    5.7 and done. Good engine. 6.0 is good too, fuel mileage is worse tho.
  14. Threatening thursday

    Out for a morning coffee and cruise in the corvair with the top down. F everything g this morning. May stop at the gun shop. My thumb is still aching. Hit the nail the other day with a cutoff wheel. It cut right thru the nail to where I had one tiny drop of blood.
  15. Repairing insulation baffles

    This. i added a second layer and noticed much less melting/warm spots in winter.