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  1. 2zdey

    Love my little BX. It’s a 2003, pre a lot of safety stuff and electronics. Keep up on the maintenance and don’t beat the snot out of it and it will treat you well.
  2. 84cj build

    AX15 Trans swap has begun! SM465 removed. Trying the smaller flywheel and 10.5 inch clutch. Installed the trans with adapter to the SMs bellhousing. Clocking ring/adapter from the AX to Dana 300. About all I have installed as of now, still a lot to do. Dropped driveshafts off to have them 'adjusted' accordingly.
  3. 2zdey

    Got the full refund on the chicks that we ordered and didn't make it. They also reimbursed shipping and the Merreks shots. On Sunday we went to a local place to pick up a few hot young chicks, came home with 7. That makes 9 new chickens......
  4. 2zdey

    Lil one off to school. Hit the gym. Showered. Guy showed up to pick up the sm465 with cash in hand. No dickering. Used the 'bota to load. Waiting on flywheel bolts. Apparently the 14inch flywheel uses different bolts than the 12 inch flywheel.... Going to set up the water catchment in a few minutes. Called, bolts should arrive in about 1/2 hour or so. Want to get the ax15 in so I can measure driveshafts.
  5. Mundee

    Headed back to work. Lunch, done!

    Sm465, Bellhousing, clutch and flywheel removed. Sm465 adapter input pressed out of the d300 housing and stock input in. 4.0 stripped down to scrap. borken transfer case and the internal slave Bellhousing removed from trans.
  7. WTB AX-5

  8. Snow Blower - SOLD

    That’s a good snowblower, had the bigger version. If I wasn’t so busy I’d come grab it.

    Oldest arrived at Santa Cruz yesterday, at the Darwin Research Center. Got some cool pics. Tortoise are huge.
  10. SUNDAY

    Just finished up install of a new battery in my phone. Need to finish pulling the trans out of the jeep.
  11. Fridgid Friday

    Started tearing the jeep apart, guy gave me a deposit on the sm465 and adapter. Got the driveshafts, skid and X-fer pulled. Hopefully get the trans pulled this weekend.
  12. Fridgid Friday

    Was spitting snow an hour ago. Now the orb is out. Global warming my frigid arse.
  13. NEOW Express

    If I can find a bed for my truck down that way.
  14. I should send this to the previous owner of our house. He had the top step at the BOTTOM of the deck joists. So the stairs did not meet the deck, almost under the deck. He than used two strips of 1x3 to attach the stairs at the top. I had wondered why they were so wiggly. The footings, 3 of them, 8 inches of cement above the ground, 6 inches below ground. Deck was not attached to the house. A few screws into the sunroom joists. When I pulled it down with the Jeep, I didn't have to give it any gas, let the clutch out and down she came.
  15. 3 of us go out for dinner. Wifey and youngest get a lava cake/ice cram for desert. They ask if I want some, no, I'll wait a bit and get an ice cram on the way home. Ok. Drive by our road on the way to the ice cram stand. 'You went by the road'. Yes, going to get an ice cram. Oh, you could have dropped us off. Ok, next road I'll drop you off at the house. Turn down the road, 'where are you going?'. To drop you off. 'I thought you wanted an ice cram?'. Pull in the driveway. Turn the car off. ' thought you were dropping us off?'. Getting an ice cram shouldn't be this much work. I'm staying home...... Thankfully this a not a common occupancy.