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  1. 84cj


    Put some miles on the wrecker today, about 30ish. MB tractor called, my brush hog part FINALLY made it here from NH, so I took the wrecker, filled the tank, than took a ride into Windham. About 1.5 miles from the house, the manual clutch linkage fell apart.
  2. 84cj


    Keep your mouth shut until the deed is done.
  3. To pay 4k, put another 4k into it. I'd rather buy one running and ready to for $8,000.
  4. 84cj


    Crystal clear skies last night. Was out just watching the stars, couple shooting stars went by. Oldest had his camera out, got some nice shots, one of which with a "shooting star".
  5. 84cj

    1968 K20 (wrecker)

    Replaced all 4 wheel cylinders and master. Stops very well now. Putting the new pressure bleeder kit to use, very happy with it. Took the wrecker for a ride this evening. This thing no is geared LOW. 40/45 and she’s winding out pretty good.
  6. 84cj

    Day of the Thurz

    He will find out after work.
  7. 84cj

    Day of the Thurz

    Oldest having wisdom teeth out later this afternoon.
  8. 84cj

    Hump day

    Had to make a run down to cape Neddick ME this afternoon. Took the bike. Went down a side street off of rt1 and followed the coast line for a few miles. Gorgeous day on two wheels.
  9. 84cj


    MB Tractor recently bought out the local Kubota dealer. I ordered a new cross bar for my Woods brush hog over 2 weeks ago. I stopped in today to find out where it is. She called Woods, got tracking info. Only to find out that MB Tractor has all Woods parts shipped to their facility in NH before sending it here. Can't get ahold of anyone at MB in NH as they are all in training for the day. She did not seemed pleased with the way the new company is running things. Parts were always sent directly to the dealer, now they want to slow things down. They lost me for Woods parts.
  10. 84cj

    Monday Monday Monday

    Unless moving, hot on the bike with helmet and leather jacket. Bumpers assembled and back on the Fiat after work. Color is perfect.
  11. 84cj

    Monday Monday Monday

    I think I may take the ole motorcicle today.
  12. Get a GPS speedo and no wiring issues.
  13. 84cj

    Satisfying Saturday

    56 degrees. This is more like it, oldest has work, youngest has a pool party to go to this afternoon. Just wifey and I for a bit.
  14. 84cj

    Flippen Friday

    Wholly fricken wind! Trees are blowing all over the place. Humidity is gone, MUCH cooler.
  15. 84cj

    Flippen Friday

    Still humid. Coffee in hand.