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  1. Smokers Corner

    I have a wood and a propane. Love the old school wood, much more time involved keeping temps up. Propane, set and forget basically. This one I love in the colder weather or don't have time to babysit.

    Went to Millinocket Friday night so my wife and oldest could do the Millinocket Marathon & Half. Boy ran the half, wife and her mom walked it. Boy did awesome, 147 out of nearly 1,000 half marathoners from all over. Came back last night, what a sukky ride home. Down to about 35 on interstate and could barely see where we were going. A few cars off the road. Slow and easy.
  3. rear brakes locking up

    Rust, leaky axle seal or wheel cylinder or a sticky parking brake cable.
  4. 2018 Jeep JL

    What I'm dreading is unibody and indipendant suspension. And eventually no removable top.
  5. 2018 Jeep JL

    Lift just the passenger side?
  6. HP sucks

    1. Shop somewhere else that sells quality printers, such as Staples. 2. Spend slightly more an $50. all I've ever had are HP printers. Never a problem.
  7. CJ Steelies

    15x6 from a 1978 cj.
  8. Tuesday

    Now what?
  9. Tuesday

    wood? Found the correct stock wheels for the Jeep, picked those up this morning. Gotta get the snow tires on the Fiat today. Thought I'd fire up the salamander/space heater. No go. Dug out the 'new' one I bought many years ago all fancy with thermostat, two speeds, etc... Wouldn't run either. Fan was froze up. After some blood dripped all over, she's up and running. I'll have to check out the other and see whats up with that one, fan spins on that. Probably the fricken mice out in the shed......
  10. 84cj build

    Trans swap has been on hold, have just about everything I need except time. With that said, I finally found a set of stock wheels like the ones that came on my CJ new. Strange thing is they are the same date code wheels and two of them have the same exact stock tires that my Jeep came with originally. Tires are cracked and not road worthy.
  11. 2018 Jeep JL

    I remember the YJ hate. A jeep with square headlights??!!?? I have a newspaper article I kept announcing the end of the CJ.
  12. 2018 Jeep JL

    I didn't type that, thats why it's in quotes. The point is that every new Jeep that comes out, everyone b!tches about it until the next new version comes out. Than the next newest is now a good Jeep and the new new ones are junk. Funnay and true. And yes, the 258 is a fantastic engine. I even considered going back to it.
  13. Crazy customer

    The weight of the new hitch and Pintle will max out the Mini. :lol:
  14. Remote start

    Yup. Have had cars come in after a few years with no starts.......