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    One of my horses turned 24 today!!!
  2. RPPOTD: Random Photo Post

    :barf: Unless you live with someone like Dave who will describe all of these things in great detail. haha No, no. There is no material. Just the air bubble.
  3. RPPOTD: Random Photo Post

    Is this when you fart sitting down and it creeps along your taint, around your balls and up the front?
  4. So school shootings

    We had an officer at school everyday. He'd stand outside during bus hours, roam the halls during the day, sit at different tables during lunch and talk to people. He had a small office and everyone was invited to come in and talk/hang out. Worked for us.
  5. Safety toe boots

    It depends on where you're wearing the shoes. If you don't want to hold a charge/static-wear ESD. It makes your feet the best path to ground. Don't want to become the path to ground when dealing with 4500V and up to 130amps like I am, wear EH. haha

    Unless it has been five years and there is still no progress, tell her to shut her blow hole. But honestly, how can a hobby or enjoyment have a time limit? That doesn't make sense.
  7. Safety toe boots

    o0o0o ESD, fancy! I am not allowed to wear ESD rated shoes because death or dismemberment.
  8. Wack Off Wenesday

    Howd you like Staceys voice? Oh god, it makes me dryer than the desert listening to her...
  9. Wack Off Wenesday

    Oh yeah, they'll blow all kinds of smoke up your bum. Who did your tours/demonstrations?
  10. Wack Off Wenesday

    Well, seeing as you stood me up Roy boy...how was your visit?
  11. Wack Off Wenesday

    Roy is being a skank and ignoring me....
  12. Wack Off Wenesday

    haha no, I'm going to pass on the truck. I'll buy something older, more hot roddy if I do pick something up. In for more sex!!! Sorry, nothing low cut today. My shirt is pink and gray stripes. I'm on the less than 50 amp side today. I might not be able to talk to you, they frown upon it when I try and talk to the public..
  13. Wack Off Wenesday

    Not true. Maybe true.
  14. Wack Off Wenesday

    I'll help! I think i have a date with Roy today. Dave and I had sex twice yesterday. Once when I got home and then again when we we went to bed. I'm assuming he has bought something realllllyyy expensive and it just trying to distract me. Haha