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  1. WTB Plasma cutter

    All of them!!
  2. WTB Plasma cutter

    hand torch? CPC? Machine torch?
  3. WTB Plasma cutter

    yessss.... but there are like 78 different configurations
  4. WTB Plasma cutter

    Thats the system configuration number.
  5. Random Video Of The Day

    hahaha no. This is typical behavior. Something short circuits their brains and they go nuts.
  6. Random Video Of The Day

    FIxed...I think
  7. Random Video Of The Day

    Haha yep. I linked them, they showed up and when I hit save, they were gone.
  8. WTB Plasma cutter

    Oooo! 088112?
  9. Random Video Of The Day

    Taking the old man for a run today! 20180523_165951 by Rachel Plumley, on Flickr
  10. Random Video Of The Day

    My race horses being race horses. Mine are the two laying down. The brown one (on the left) is 24 years old, the dark brown one is 9. Running by Rachel Plumley, on Flickr
  11. WTB Plasma cutter

  12. WTB Plasma cutter

    Couple hundred dollas, probably and I think your warranty is different.
  13. 1965 Jeep J2000

    I like it that "night time" blue.
  14. WTB Plasma cutter

    Yep. I probably tested that one too.