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  1. 79fordgirl


    mmm sour patch kids.
  2. 79fordgirl


    That would be amazing!
  3. 79fordgirl


    Find an inversion table!!
  4. 79fordgirl


  5. 79fordgirl


    Being tazed isn't that bad.
  6. 79fordgirl


    Also make sure your feet have good support!! Be barefoot whenever possible. And check out different stretches for realigning stuff. Different yoga positions are great too.
  7. 79fordgirl


    Thanks! Glad he is having some good days and yay!!! grandbabies!
  8. 79fordgirl


    Any updates?
  9. 79fordgirl

    NEOW Express

    oh poop, just googled, wayyyyy out of my way. sorry. Unless someone wants to get it closer to I89, I can meet them.
  10. 79fordgirl

    NEOW Express

    I can google later but Saturday I'm heading from Canaan to Portsmouth area. Can it wait that long? Is that kinda on the way-ish?
  11. 79fordgirl


    Thanks boo. It was pouring yesterday night into late morning. The afternoon was humid but nice.
  12. 79fordgirl


    Daves horrible sleeping or lack there of, kept me awake. Tiredddd
  13. 79fordgirl

    Case of the Mondays...

    Good on ya!! I saved an injured Blue Heron today. VINS was already closed but they told us to keep him in a box somewhere dark and bring him in, in the morning. 15 hours from now?! I got on the fish and Game website, found a rehabilitater 25 minutes away and took him there. Hopefully good updates tomorrow. Also had a pretty good ride on the horse and put up more fencing.
  14. 79fordgirl

    HFB Roy!!!

    Happy birthday side slice.
  15. 79fordgirl

    Thrz of the day

    I went to the funeral of a man I knew for 9 minutes after the fatal accident we were involved in this winter. Go.